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  1. I can no longer view the graphs for the monthly visits/posts in the profile stats.
  2. It is so sad that those negative experiences in this game happen to many of us.
  3. Though I usually feel like the only one, I actually like the business categories. I also happen to love the bat box category. Weird or what. The odds of your Indian Restaurants category being approved are almost zero. But why not experience the process. It won't be fun but you will learn a great deal. The first step in the process is to start a relevant group. If you do start such a group, I will join that group. As you go through the process, remember to test your ideas here.
  4. The Bat House category proves that there are still interesting categories hiding out there. The Bat House category also proves that our peers are demanding quality, so demanding that it can feel like conflict among us. Bring it on. We must have ever greater demands for greater quality. Be it categories or waymarks: quality not quantity.
  5. "We are not interesting in all "coat of arms" - for example state/country coat of arms you can find on countless governmental and official building - so this kind of symbol is excluded from this category."
  6. Just last week, a national coat of arms was approved in that category. Even so, that doesn't make it right.
  7. Coat of Arms category? Alfonso VI of Portugal
  8. Waymarking.com will not accept any waymark visits. The submit button is not working.
  9. This new category is no longer the smallest category in Waymarking.
  10. There are some high quality waymarks in this new category.
  11. Thank you thank you thank you.
  12. I cannot remember how to fix this problem. My text continues beyond the right margin in the text box. See the following example. https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wm18EZE_48U606G_Merrickville_ON
  13. Ottawa has dozens of free splash pads. However, photography at swimming facilities is not allowed. Being a scruffy old man, taking photographs near playgrounds and splash pads draws too much negative attention.
  14. Reviewers will have to check every existing waymark to see if the sign or flag has already been waymarked?
  15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/50_Ways_to_Leave_Your_Lover
  16. It is unclear. Do 'I' have to be the person in the photograph performing the waymarkable action? Can I photograph some other person performing the waymarkable action?
  17. Five countries are already represented in the waymarks. Well done!
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