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  1. I have been away... from the forums. Is this <snip> that I would know or is this a new <snip>?
  2. I agree completely with your comparison to basketball courts and playgrounds, the two categories that I can actually waymark during a pandemic with no travel. Soon I can add football fields to my travel-free collecting.
  3. Even if we excluded the playing grounds of elementary schools, would there not be football/soccer pitches and/or running tracks every few blocks of urban space?
  4. Over the years, the rest of us have been carefully following the ups and the downs of that bright idea. At the time...
  5. Bad guys always win, no? It might be time to find myself a nice quiet corner of the Waymarking sphere, if I continue at all. One can only take so much negative stuff. Having just lost my geoSchnauzer who was born the same week that I started to play outdoors with a GPSr, my attitude needs some adjusting.
  6. I have had enough. I realize that wayfrog is busy. Even so, if Individual 1 is not gone for good by the end of April, I will be gone for good from this forum. Because the new improved forum no longer works on my device of choice, leaving for good will be simple.
  7. Peer review is a nasty but necessary experience. At the least, you now know what to expect next time. It is difficult to not be emotional after the thrashing one takes in peer review. Look at it this way, you have now had the full Waymarking experience...almost.
  8. Even if management was brave enough to ban the individual from category officership, would that stop the individual from destroying this game?
  9. If I am against the existence of non-banking institutions like payday loans companies, would I be against this category?
  10. I failed to stay on track but I did steal an origin story. "This expression originated in the early 1700s. The idea behind is clear, alluding to a vehicle (at the time, a horse drawn carriage) whose wheels were stuck in the mud. Someone who is a stick in the mud doesn't want to try new things."
  11. My upvote was for the hopeful politics. As for the category, I'm not hopeful.
  12. wayfrog, thank you once again for your recent reviews which are supposed to be done by category officers.
  13. Groundspeak has chosen to leave us on our own. So be it.
  14. After so many many years of figuring out how to use the Waymarking web site, I am terrified thinking about someone changing things now.
  15. Whether I like it or not, the pop-up survey has started again, asking me questions that I previously answered.
  16. Manville Possum wrote comments for Kanata United Church Peace Pole - Kanata, Ontario on 2/8/2021 8:00:00 AM and posted the following comments: Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category: There are no log instructions listed for this category. Saw your PP on WM and hijacked it because I think I'm funny like you thread hijackers in the forums that disrespect new players because you don't have a iPhone or use apps.
  17. This no longer looks like a discussion of waymarkly. Thread hijacking is successful.
  18. For a couple of years now, I've been using a smartphone. It's my first. About the only function that I can count on it to NOT work is when making or answering a phone call.
  19. I've created a waymark every week for 514 weeks.
  20. Perhaps this is something I don't want to be getting. Isn't this just a glorified ad that my premium membership should prevent me from seeing?
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