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  1. Fire this week in Redmond, OR in any area where there are quite a few caches. Owners of caches near the airport may need to check their caches to make sure they are still there.
  2. 🤦🏼‍♀️I didn’t see the tiny dot/period on my phone until I saw yours enlarged on the screen. I tried it and it worked. Thanks for taking the time to help. Guess I need stronger contacts 😂
  3. I attached a photo. This is when I tried to follow the directions from the help center to add a waypoint. On my phone, I can only input numbers, not symbols, or at least I can’t figure out how
  4. I just restarted geocaching again and found some great ones in my area. I attempted two multis today, but whenever I tried to add the waypoint (following directions from the Help center) I was not able to save them, and they would revert back to the original or mark where I was. I am only able to write them as something like N 4417504 w 12108572 without the dots or spacing and don’t know if that is the issue or not. If I start on the main page and do a search for the coordinates, it takes me to the page for the multi not the final stage. any idea what I am doing wrong?
  5. Went after some kayak caches today, but we were with a class and did not plan for the tide. When we were 200 feet from GZ, (and ran out of water) the instructor got out of his kayak and sunk in mud up to his thighs. He then crawled through the mud to reach the cache for us. The rest of us took photos and stayed clean and dry in our kayaks .
  6. Just as an FYI, since you mentioned "letterboxes", the ones listed here are "letterbox hybrids", which are a type of geocache. There is a separate, similar game, called letterboxing where you follow clues to find the treasure (which is a stamp, usually hand-carved). You do not use a GPS, but might use a compass. You can google it to find the two main websites that host the clues. There are some of us that enjoy both hobbies.
  7. Mine will always fit . But, at some point, I may need to have an identity that is not so centered on my son (once he is out of the house), so we'll see.
  8. You will get a notification when someone finds the cache (assuming they actually found it and are not just sitting at home logging). Most people put the FTF (first to find) prize in the cache for the person to take when they find the cache.
  9. Yes! With the $10 app, you can do unlimited caches. I started with that and recently bought a GPSr since I was draining my battery on my phone with longer hikes.
  10. I have the same unit and find it to be fairly accurate. But, like others have said, it only gets you near the cache. You can highlight beginner caches on the listing pages. I did that with my mom last week. They were super easy for me and she was able to find them herself within 5 min and build her confidence. That should help you start learning how they might be hidden. It is definitely more fun when you can actually find some!
  11. Agree with those who recommend logging the trackable when they take it from the cache (within a day or so if possible). I found a cool one two months ago and emailed the owner to ask if it would be ok for me to hold it until Xmas so I could move it to a different city. They wrote back right away and thanked me. No negative emails on either end. I always note in my online log if trackables are not present in a cache when it indicates online that they should be there. I will not leave one there myself in that case since the cache appears to be less secure than I would like.
  12. I had issues trying to use IE to load caches for my mom (I am experienced enough to generally know what I am doing and she is a total newbie with a brand new Magellan GC for Xmas). Once I switched to Chrome, I had no further issues. I don't remember having to agree to any terms, but maybe I did a month ago when I first figured out how her GPSr worked before I gave it to her. Also, once we were using Chrome, just clicking "send to GPS" worked (although it does not include hint, description, etc). She is a basic member.
  13. I had issues trying to use IE to load caches for my mom (I am experienced enough to generally know what I am doing and she is a total newbie with a brand new Magellan GC for Xmas). Once I switched to Chrome, I had no further issues. I don't remember having to agree to any terms, but maybe I did a month ago when I first figured out how her GPSr worked before I gave it to her.
  14. I was once attacked by a wildcat in Rancho San Antonio Park. Appropriately enough it was on the Wildcat Loop. I was actually running, not geocaching, although I do geocache there and have a cache in that park. I expected it to run off as I came running pretty fast downhill at it, but instead it jumped me. I was in the right spot in my stride and just planted my leading foot squarely on its forehead and pushed it away. I didn't even get scratched. ^^^^above posted by The Rat...I am no good at quoting Um, are you sure that was you, and not your "alterego" Cliff LOL
  15. I would like to make a ton of progress on my local Open Space Preserves challenge-find the cache in each preserve and earn a special geocoin. Each one involves hiking and exploring new parks that I have not been to, so I am very excited. I just need to dedicate the time needed. There are about 20 different parks to complete the challenge.
  16. I see that your hamsters have p in them. Tip: If you squeeze it, the p will come out of your hamster. Funniest thing I read all day! Thanks Keystone :lol:
  17. I started letterboxing a few months ago and almost prefer it to geocaching, but I do both at the same time. If you haven't done it yet, check out atlasquest.com.
  18. Love this list ....#2 here, with a splash of #1.
  19. When I started, I wanted to find all that I could. Now, I tend to choose a place to go (for example a hiking trail) and find the caches on that trail. At that point, I don't mind if they are micro cuz I am there for the experience overall. I do tend to find more of the larger sized containers now, and have been picking up/moving TBs since I am finding them more. For today's hike, I researched all the caches that I will look for to see which ones I can drop the TBs into. Geocaching is not a numbers game for me, although I do enjoy nabbing a bunch in one day on a long trail.
  20. I started out with my son years ago and had a lot of fun together. We stopped when life interfered. Now he is not interested, but I am into it again and started my husband by buying him a travel bug to follow. We are heading out today to find some .
  21. Maybe if they find it, you can write a note on the page detailing your part? It does seem pretty cool and exciting to help, but logging the find does not seem like the best way (which I know you have already decided). But writing a note might be a nice way for you to participate.
  22. I recently read Cached Out (loved it! Hi The Rat!), and am almost done with another geocaching murder mystery. While hiking yesterday, I had to go off the main trail onto a side trail and started thinking about what might happen to me and how long it might be before I was found...made it back safely, phew! Might be time to start reading fluffy novels instead (edit for typo)
  23. Please don't! I just found a letterbox stamp (hand carved) in a geocache as swag. It had gone missing in 2010, likely due to a geocacher finding a letterbox and being confused. Luckily, I recently started letterboxing and knew what it was. With a bit of detective work, the stamp is being reunited with the carver .
  24. I used the paid app ($10) for a few months before becoming a PM. I became a PM primarily to access some members only caches. I would rec. starting with the app and adding the membership later.
  25. Thanks. I will check the Delorme forums. The learning curve seems to be higher than I expected But I will keep at it. Thanks again.
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