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Another Challenge: 500,000

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Congratulations on 500,000! This is a tremendous accomplishment! I am very proud to be involved with Waymarking!!!

And thank you, Bryan, for all of your support and encouragement along the way!


I'm proud to have been a part of this great hobby, too. This is just a mile-stone on the way to bigger and greater things.


Might be interesting to have some stats on our first half-million ....

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Congratulations to all... even with 500,000 Waymarks there are still plenty of interesting locations without Waymarks, no need to slow down now.


Oh, I quite agree! I am slowing down only for other reasons - moving back to the U.S., then to another town -- and starting a new job that is taking a lot of time at the beginning and will keep me on the road quite a bit. Very excited about working with international exchange students again.


Thanks for being a guiding light along the way, Bruce!

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