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  1. I logged some waymarks today after a long time. Thereby I noticed: No matter which date I enter, afterwards my log is always with today's date. I can change this via "edit log". But it is quite annoying, because I actually always log later but would like to have the actual visit date. (That the date in the statistics is wrong, we know...) Is that with you too, or is the problem with me? Cheers, Michael
  2. Then you have to plan a visit to the Isle of Man. Then you can also visit some of our waymarks - just noticed it's country no. 2 on our "post list" ? I wouldn't have thought that...
  3. It is now working with the setting "Only necessary cookies". Danke!
  4. Here the same issue since this morning, any idea? The new dashboard -> Drafts does not load, the old version works. Tested with Firefox 83.0 (64-bit) and Microsoft Edge version 87.0.664.57 (64-bit)
  5. Thank you, very interesting. Could we make a new category out of this? I would be in!
  6. Since about an hour there seems to be a problem again (and no, it's not our ISP )
  7. I remember, that I saw this one in Norway last summer (its the Høre Stavkyrkje, one of the famous stave curches):
  8. Yes, I know - an found out, that I'm already member...
  9. Still does not work. It would be helpful to know why a WM was rejected (20:30 UTC+2:00)
  10. Thanks, sounds good. I'll try it when back from hour holidays
  11. Or something like that (no, not a munzee ):
  12. Our spam-message is from Mcgee3338
  13. While reading about the new category "UNESCO Biosphere Reserve", I've stumbled about this this. The Global Geoparks Network is supported by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Many national Geoparks and other local Geoparks projects also exist which are not included in the Global Geoparks Network -> here What do you think about a category "Global Geoparks Network" ?
  14. Can't log in now The communication object, System.ServiceModel.ChannelFactory`1[Tucson.Common.AccountService.IAccountService], cannot be used for communication because it is in the Faulted state.
  15. Presently there are 498999 waymarks worldwide, listed in 1069 user-created categories
  16. On your Waymarking profile page you'll find Waymark Searches -> Waymarks I've Visited. Click on it and you see your finds. On bottom of this page click check/uncheck all and Premium Member Downloads -> download.GPX Lite File. You'll have to to this for every 30 WM found (only 30 were displayed on one site). In GSAK you have to edit these entries, these new rows are "not found" the found date is missing... Hope that helps Michael
  17. it is also my choice and it's also available for Linux
  18. I've seen such frames at the Lake Constance with an old photograph beside the hole, they were called "Zeitfenster" (may be translated like "time frame"). But others I've seen are only rusty plates, standing alone. You are asking about a good name: What about "Windows in the wild"
  19. Since they do not fit into this category: Places of Geologic Significance, what about a new one: Places of Palaeontological Significance ?
  20. There is a group called "Vinyl Junkies" that hos only one member currently and does not manage a category yet. It was me I had been thinking about this new category. The idea came to me in the last holiday, as we had seen a record store with many interesting used records (yes I use these black round things). But this would be a "commercial category", they are not welcome here ...
  21. I like them too, its always impressive when you step out in to a cloister with its change of light and shadow from a dark and cool church. There is a category "Abbeys, Convents and Monasteries", maybe cloisters fit into. They are often "connecting" a church with the Monastery, some are just "behind" a church surrounded by residential and working quarters - but i'm no historican nor catholic
  22. In Germany we have Unser Dorf hat Zukunft (till 1997 known as Unser Dorf soll schöner werden). In France and Italy are similar awards: le concours des villes et villages fleuris and i borghi più belli d'Italia, there is also an European competition of the European Association for Rural Development and Village Renewal
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