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  1. That's all true, but it has nothing to do with those barefoot paths. Barefoot paths are not about walking barefoot, that would be too simple (and weird or boring or both). They are about many different sensations for your feet. Dozens of different surfaces, that do exist in nature as well, but usually not so close together. Every few meters or so they change the surface. Sand, large pebbles, wood, small stones, clay, wood chips and so on. This also means they are not so easy to maintain.
  2. It has always been like this and I am not sure about the reasons for it, but I think the original idea was to protect the officers from harsh reactions. And there were some waymarkers in the past who took it very personal. On the other hand, I have always signed my denials and never had any especially unpleasant experiences.
  3. Nice redesign of the site! Also the country lists are great.
  4. Certainly not, but global officer inactivity measurements would catch them, unfortunately. On the other hand, I noticed more than once that wayfrogs clean-up actions occasionely also involve categories that would not need them. So, this list is neither a perfect benchmark.
  5. Inactivity is not always real inactivity. I am aware of a few niche categories, where all officers are totally "inactive" and not interested in Waymarking at all, but are really into the topic of the category. They never log in, but when a new waymark is submitted, it is evaluated within minutes.
  6. The thought of adding the category to the waymark came, when I was more than half through the list of categories. So I added the category to the remaining ones in the correction run. Unfortunatly these are currently waymarks of only 345 categories, so I have to check about 11100 waymarks without a category by another program to assign the category. Development of that program will be done in the next few days. Another currently open topic is the removal from the correction list if the waymark was corrected i.e. by the category officers. This removal will be useful when making a full import of the category - so this may take some time until it is developed. Meanwhile you may have a look at the page https://wm.familie-frohne.net/open_regionwm.php where the 345 already processed categories are listed. I hope, you may find this page helpful. I just finished correcting the missing regions in all categories where I have direct edit rights. I didn't count, but I estimate the list is about 400 entries smaller when you do the next adjustment. So, only about 15% of the complete list, but better than nothing.
  7. These are borderline cases maybe worth some deeper research. But as far as I can see at the moment, both objects have never been part of a larger structure (although the probably were intended to be), so they qualify in my opinion. However, I am not an officer in this category. Just sharing my thoughts.
  8. The denial was correct, but not the reason (or at least poorly worded). In my opinion, size does not matter, but a structure is the complete thing. A part of a building does not count.
  9. There are many waymarks on borders. In two categories: Border Crossings and Tripoints and Multipoints this is even a requirement. It can also happen to mountain summits. I would just pick one of the available options, all are sort of correct and it is much better than to have entries without a region. I personally use the more obvious option if there is one (e.g. an easy ascent from region A and cliff towards region B). If there is no difference in this respect, I take the one where I have less waymarks (in that category or in total).
  10. If you could add the category to the list, officers with edit rights (most do have, but there are alternative setups, about five categories where I am an officer do not allow me these changes) could easily correct some of them without having to go through the standard procedure.
  11. Well, that is a good sign, actually. Signs of History is a catch-all category that excludes signs that already have their geographically limited category. The phrase you cited is from the reverse exclusion list. Ontario Provincial Plaques only allows sites that are in the database. So, with an entry it would be excluded from Signs of History, but now it isn't. There remains the question if that stone is "plaque enough" to qualify. I would give it a try. A fourth denial does not hurt more than the third one.
  12. I did not like the inclusion of Kneipp pools into the Spas category, because they are completely different to all the other accepted venues (Just this e.g., they are not a venue). But it has happened and I have to live with it. Barefoot walks and Self-Guided Trails are in a very similar relation, although a tiny bit closer. The first do not need any guidance, self or not, because they are short and almost all I know have start and end in a visible range. And they are too short for "trails". I know about half a dozen of them within maybe 10 kilometers from home. They all are permanent and well maintained. Their lengths vary between about 30 and maybe 200 meters, but more often on the short end. 30 meters are not a trail (Although I know an official 50-meters trail in the Alps: it a straight line towards an spectacular panorama. It is called the Zen Trail and officially supposed to take about an hour. But this is a very singular occurrence and kind of tongue in cheek - or Zen - whatever you prefer).
  13. I like some decent amount of crossposting, especially across departments, but I hardly ever do it between two closely related categories (sometimes, it depends). There are thousands of ways to play this game. I have mine and you have yours, and I have absolutely no problem when someone's goal is to constantly beat their own crossposting record. It's fun and it does not hurt anybody. I admit it is a mess. But Waymarking as such is a mess, a lovely anarchic chaos. Ironically, whenever some crossposting despising officers try to limit this in their category, they usually just increase the chaos. That said, there are some cases where exclusions from a category make sense and should be observed. These are the categories that would completely contain another - usually older - category. A 100% overlap is no overlap anymore. The second case are catch-all categories, created to fill the gaps between a group of similar categories, where those gaps are many but each too small to justify a category of their own.
  14. Most regions were added long after the begin of Waymarking. When I started in 2009, only about ten countries had regions, and also they had almost all older waymarks without a region. This has changed quite a bit, but most of these regions were added later by local waymarkers who were interested in correct data in their immediate surroundings. This has happened in several waves, and no officer ever had any issue with that and will not have in the future. Emailing the owners will hardly have any effect, because they either have way too many waymarks to reasonably consider doing the changes, or they have not been active anymore for many years.
  15. Except that you don't require multiple signs, this is almost a duplicate of the Direction and Distance Arrows category. Certainly not different enough to get my support.
  16. And I am 5th in the country list. The four ahead of me are exactly the ones, I had been thinking about. I have little chances to travel at the moment, but I will try my best to move on with the numbers in my tiny home zone. Fortunately, I have about ten regions in three countries within in an hour from home.
  17. Wow! This is more than I expected. Now, I have a new goal. Join the 2k first-in-a-region Club! How many member does it have, currently? I can only think about five or six.
  18. This is really great! I had thought about doing something like this for a long time, but I always feared the massive effort. Thanks a lot! When I check my user name in your database, I currently find 811 region entries, while of the 547 first-in-a-country I know of, only 390 have been identified yet; so it looks like I can hope for an end result in the four digit area. Cool!
  19. Maybe it is not the same problem, but I see this quite often. It is a refresh issue. The list of regions is loaded in the background after the page is initialized and this does not always work quick enough. Usually it helps to change the country to another one, wait a second and then change back to the correct one. Then the list appears.
  20. You did not provide many details, so I might be wrong, but my first impression was that you fell into a "translation trap". An aviary is not a place "where birds are", an aviary is a place where bird cages are. Maybe Galician has the same term for both, but this is not relevant for the category. If I am right, you are looking for Birdwatching Locations. This category exists.
  21. We discussed this a while ago... But hoping for new features is not really a realistic point of view, currently.
  22. You got it wrong. This was not "Pi Day", this was "Pi Approximation Day". Under these circumstances it is totally fine to finish it approximately the same. It is even better, following the spirit of the event.
  23. Well, some of the waymarks you visited show "never" as last visited date on the search page. This is a hint that you may have used the new waymarkly app for iOs. This app seems to do something with the database that is not consistent with what the web site does. I got rid of my last iPhone six years ago, so I have no experience at all and am just telling you what I heard from iOs users, but your observations may be another side effect of the app.
  24. Your research has some merits, but it completely misses the important point. The categories that concetrate on a single central list are from countries that do have a complete central list. Italy does not qualify for that club yet. It has a central list, that is true, but this list looks like being in a horribly poor condition. At least two regions are completely missing and I have no idea about the quality of the rest. This list is in (early) progress, and some fine day it may be complete, we don't know when this will be, if ever. On the other hand, some of the regions have well maintained resources, that are currently not in the central database. I am an officer and founding member of two other national heritage categories. I am very sure, your strategy is a blatant mistake.
  25. Thank you for that first proposal! Unfortunately, it's still very confusing. Maybe I know what you want, maybe not. Medieval town gates are fine, aren't they? What about aerial lifts crossing a road? Maybe not. But if there is a metal net stretched across the road between them to prevent the passengers from throwing things onto the road, would that one qualify? Cloth lines? Ever been to Naples? They're really wow there, but still...
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