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  1. I have noticed that I am the only one of three officers in thrift store category that has logged on since 2016. I will want to promote some more officers but it requires a 66% vote. What is my next step?
  2. I asked that this be sent to a group vote. The reply I got was "No vote needed because it will only stagnate because of inactive officers." Since when are we to be denied a group vote because the officers have issues? Next step is to escalate to TPTB. At least that's how we addressed these things in the past.
  3. "In order to qualify as a waymark, a site must identify the specific laureate and include a clear reference to his/her status as a Nobel laureate. The connection must be clear." I read the AND as applying to the waymark and not the Memorial. In order to qualify as a waymark, (a site must identify the specific laureate) and include a clear reference to his/her status as a Nobel Laureate. The connection must be clear, If the intent was that the site memorial must include a reference to the prize itself, it would have been written In order to qualify as a waymark, a site must identify the specific laureate and the site must include a clear reference to his/her status as a Nobel Laureate.. The connection must be clear. Supporting this would be the fact that a huge percentage of waymarkers and approvers also interpreted the sentence that way for many years, before it was randomly interpreted differently. especially when combined with the mission statement below : description/mission statement:Nobel Laureates are recognized internationally as men, women, teams, and organizations who have made exceptional contributions to society. Here we find memorials and other sites honoring them and their work.
  4. This is what the mission of the category is listed as: founder: silverquill date created: 8/7/2007 no. of members: 15 description/mission statement: Nobel Laureates are recognized internationally as men, women, teams, and organizations who have made exceptional contributions to society. Here we find memorials and other sites honoring them and their work.
  5. I understand that sometimes standards get degraded, and a thorough look back and purge is one option. It's not my personal favorite, as I'd be more inclined to label [legacy} of [GF] for grandfathered, so the waymark couldn't be cited as a standard. I appreciate the suggestions for updating the waymark for resubmission. I'm keen to go that route. As far as I can tell, the memorial was made before he received the Nobel Prize. This is why the monument only mentions the Dr. and his work. So this is why I ask if a memorial to a Nobel Laureate before he attained that honor is acceptable. He is the Nobel Laureate, and the memorial is to him, so even if he weren't a Nobel Laureate when it was created when he attained that status, the memorial is then a memorial to a Nobel Laureate. Interestingly, the wikipedia article on the Dr. no longer mentions this memorial, but I am now finding numerous other references More interesting mentions of the monument: http://www.istrianet.org/istria/illustri/non-istrian/koch/brioni-malaria.htm http://www.np-brijuni.hr/en/cultural_and_historic_heritage/sites_worth_seeing https://www.wellbeskandi.se/story-brijuni-islands/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2121595/
  6. The nobel category approver has gone through and worked hard and spent a lot of time to clean up the category. I have a simple yes or no question, I can't seem to get answered by the approver. I have a memorial to a Nobel Lauriet that was created before the prize was awarded. Will it ever be valid for the category? It was recently reevaluated but couldn't tell From the explanation if I needed to do more work, or if it will never be valid. Yes or no please? http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMF6BM_PHYSIOLOGY_MEDICINE_Dr_Robert_Koch_1905_Brijuni_Croatia
  7. I would go with Places of Geological Significance. i put things here that might go into a earthcache on geocaching.
  8. Use the edit functionality and edit the title to say [Legacy] in front, and add a comment to the bottom of description. just because it is no longer there doesn't make the historical information less valuable.
  9. Non-specific and multi war memorials is the right place. http://www.Waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=31dfd108-4b51-499f-96b7-ea8b5147c4bf
  10. I just had a 4+ year old waymark with multiple visits retro declined in another category. http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMA5NY_Castle_artesain_well_Ljubljana_Slovenia . It annoys the heck out of me. I'm thinking we need to elevate this issue of a person coming in years later and declining previously approved waymarks to groudspeak and TPTB. I know that in Geocaching, CO's were specifically told not to delete logs under certain scenarios, though the exact details escape me at this moment.
  11. The purpose of the uncategorized waymarks category was so that we could collaborate on waymarks. Often, a person doesn't have enough information to complete a waymark, or they just don't enjoy doing the research to flesh out their photos. They submit it to the uncategorized waymarks category to indicate that they wish to work together on a waymark. If you don't wish to collaborate, don't put your waymark there. I definitely remember getting a message when I hit submit to uncategorized that my waymark was available for anyone to complete. I have worked with other waymarkers, and we have put out waymarks for each other to finish, and in those instances we put a little message at the top to please not finish it. I think if you were putting up a waymark for yourself so you could make two or more waymarks from one set of photos, and you put a note at the top saying you would prefer others not use it, people would honor your wishes. I don't think we have any mind readers in this group. Though I do try my hardest.
  12. Count me in on the "had my waymark in this category" deleted. On the GC.com side, if people complain about their log being deleted, Groundspeak will undelete. In this case I think that a class action amongst all concerned would be in order. Even the "featured" waymark in this category wouldn't qualify unter the criteria we were deleted on.
  13. This looked like it would interest some of our waymarkers! http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wikipedia_Summer_of_Monuments "Wikipedia Summer of Monuments is a campaign to improve coverage of U.S. historic sites on Wikipedia. We want to encourage more people and groups to get involved with Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. There are many different ways you can participate. Part of "Summer of Monuments" is a contest to see who can take the best picture of a Nationally Registered Historic Place. There are prizes for the best pictures! The best individual photographers will win cash prizes of $500, $300, and $150. Institutions can also donate their photos; the best institutional collection contributed will win a prize of $1,000! The deadline is September 30 at 11:59 PM EDT."
  14. I have a 5 hour layover in Frankfort tomorrow 6:30 AM to 11:30 AM if anyone is near the airport Ping me!
  15. You must also remember that paraphrasing someone else s work without giving them credit is a form plagiarism. In general, unless I'm an expert on whatever subject I am writing about, I cite my source. If I have any concerns that the source matierial shouldn't be quoted ver batum I will paraphrase and include a like to the original.
  16. I agree, I am a reviewer on some of these cats and I always have to go back and look to see if war memeorials that are part of multi war memorials are acceptable for that category. Personally, though it seems like duplication, I feel Memorials that are part of Multi-war memorial should always be allowed for their specific war also. The reason for this is that there are actually people out there doing research on specific war memorials. If the guy that really cares about Viet Nam memorials has to go through each multi war to see if Viet Nam is mentioned it reduces the value of our site and out work.
  17. I got a waymark review for this waymark http://www.Waymarking.com/cat/waymark_edit_review.aspx?f=1&guid=8fa820c6-e1f0-41e0-b352-4b3a26f8cc72 they are saying the proper city is Lake Buena Vista and not Kissime. When I go to map view the closest city is Celebration. Does anyone here know for sure what is the correct city?
  18. Could it have been a mile marker on a long gone road? If you see something that looks like a remnant, try walking a km either way and see if you can find another.
  19. The thing that is good about having multiple people to approve in a category is that you have backup when you are unavailable. But the curse of having multiple people is that we each think the other is working on the queue while we are working on our tans. Personally, I am happy to prioritize something if I am requested. With my gmail account, I sometimes find that things get stacked by subject line and it doesn't jump out at me that I have submissions.
  20. You think that's bad? I submitted one on December 7th, over 5 months ago! I kept forgetting to bring it up here until you posted. I have one waiting for over six months now. No officer has logged in since last year! I’m going for the record for longest time to approve from submission. Does anyone know what the record for waiting is? In my data dabbling, I realized that with some effort, I could survey the Officer List for each category and identify categories with “inactive” officers or even those with just one active officer. Not that I’m volunteering, just imagining... BTW, I’ve added two new columns, that I found interesting, to the Largest Category List . One column shows the date of the first waymark approved in the category, which tells you when the category came into existence. The second new column is the date of the most recently approved waymarked. This can give you some insight into which categories are either 1.) not responsive in their approvals or 2.) just not receiving any new waymarks to publish. My next thought is to use these two dates to compute an average number of waymarks approved per year for each category. It’s feasible and maybe interesting. I don't think your dates are relative. I believe the date on the waymark is the day I originally created it, and not the day I submit it. So, when I get back from a trip, and I make placeholders for the waymarks I intended to create, and then don't come back and finish them for a long long time, it skews the data.
  21. Another is called the "German Memorial" http://blogtrotta.blogspot.com/2009/08/rural-iceland.html "It commemorates a German fishing boat that was wrecked off the beach and was erected by the fishing company to thank the Icelanders who had risked their lives to save crew members"
  22. Another I just translated and can't think of a place for, It is a field of white crosses, and the memorial says Crosses commemorate people who have died in accidents in South Iceland road between Reykjavík and Selfoss. It was a really interesting spot to stop, and the verbiage was only in Icelandic so I didn't realize that it might be difficult to find a category for
  23. Its a memorial to Rural Postmen. Can't go in occupational memorials because it doesn't have a statue of a mailman. I don't think commercial commemorations because it doesn't have an anniversary involved. http://www.Waymarking.com/wm/add_finalize.aspx?f=1&guid=1472a9f4-b77f-4c31-8231-1032e3042286 http://www.Waymarking.com/wm/add_finalize.aspx?f=1&guid=1472a9f4-b77f-4c31-8231-1032e3042286&wft=2&uid=f215fda0-1756-49bc-85a4-df9ad9dff350&st=126
  24. My idea for a virtual event: There is a game that is broadcast in Bars and Restaurants called Buzztime People all play trivia against each other. I believe you can also play from your home. https://www.buzztime.com/play At the end of the game, it shows your scores on the screen. My idea was we would each make our logon WAY-your GC.com name, and play at the same time. At the end of the game, take a picture of the screen with your score, or do a screen capture of your PC or smartphone. Maybe we could have some sort of a chatroom open at the same time?
  25. I've been out and about and spotted some new Michigan Centennial Farms which I will be happy to put out at uncategorized if someone needs the icon. email be at annebethmi@gmail.com
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