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Anyone object to this?


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I really like puzzle caches; for me its mostly solving the puzzles, though finding the cache to prove it is good as well.


However, while there are thousands of puzzle caches, most I'll never be able to get to physically, living as I do in New Zealand. This doesn't stop me solving them, though.


I've been logging a note against the solved caches saying "Solved your puzzle, TFTP but I doubt I'll be able to get close enough to search for it". Noone has complained so far... however, would anyone here object to this if it were your puzzle cache?


I just solved a couple that this thread pointed me at and now I'm wondering if posting these notes would be regarded as bad form, or something.


Or maybe I'm just being too worried about nothing. The CO can always delete the log if they object, after all.


I'd hate to inadvertently cause offense by doing this, so please let me know your thoughts on the matter, if any.

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As long as your note doesn't lead to the use of the logs for discussion or in any way provides a hint to solving it I think it's a pretty good idea. For some of the especially difficult mystery caches posting "Solved It" notes seems to be the rule rather than the exception. The only drawback is that posting a "I solved it" note can lead to requests by other caches for help solving it.

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As owner of a few puzzle caches, I'd have no objection either. If you did get requests from others for your solutions, I'd hope that you'd refer the askers to the CO. I always give hints when asked for help on my puzzles. (I have one puzzle that if you'd solve the puzzle and claim a find, I would write your name in the log for you.)

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I've posted a SOLVED note on a bunch of new puzzles. Mostly harder ones that have NOT had a FTF yet. I see it as 'vetting' the puzzle for the CO and the local seekers. I never would give out either solutions or hints in that situation. I agree with the 'have you contacted the owner' message. I did once make a 'team effort' on a difficult puzzle that was full of less than clear points of logic.

That one was corrected and then solved as well by my team partner. I view that as different situation though. I did NOT log a find since I haven't gone to find the cache. I did leave a solved note though.

The act of VETTING puzzles either before or after publication has proved valuable to CO's as well. I think of one that several of us here solved for coordinates quickly, others not so quickly, but reading the logs, no one was finding it. I noticed that the 'correct' coordinates were NOT correct at all, but were in fact over 200 km off the real ones due to a typo. That was quickly fixed. One has to remember that vetting involves not just the solution, but an examination of the whole thing for flaws.


Doug 7rxc

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I've never thought of doing that. I keep meaning to tackle some puzzles at home, and I really thought these would be the type of caches our family would enjoy doing most, but we don't seem to get around to it. Hadn't even thought of looking at ones in other countries just for the fun of the puzzle! :)

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I own several puzzles, and love seeing those types of notes. Let's me know someone is appreciating my work..especially on some of my harder ones that don't get solved too often.


As long as they don't give anything away about the solution or how to solve it.


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Do what makes you happy!! My husband and I have two puzzles. I enjoy watching the coordinate checker - that tells me that people are working on it. LEAVE A NOTE!!


I'd personally love to hear you're expressions of how it went! The cache hides themselves are easy finds. The fun part is seeing people work on your puzzle!

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