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Caching with your valentine

Sol seaker

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I've told this story here before, so forgive me if it's getting tiresome: I went caching with my Valentine, on Valentine's Day, and proposed to her in a geocache. http://coord.info/GC214K8




My husband dislikes geocaching and my son hates it, so my usual caching partner is the dog. We were able to sneak out for a cache this morning after the guys left for work and school. Two things I've learned after many years of wedded bliss is that you and your sweetie don't need to share all the same interests, and it's important to allow each other the freedom to pursue their own interests. "You'd rather read than geocache? Fine, I'll be home in two hours and we'll go see a movie."

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Fortunately, my husband likes to geocache. Unfortunately, my kids don't. So geocaching with the whole family usually involves a certain amount of cajoling, threats, and bribery. :lol: We found a few on Saturday, and the kids actually sorta had a good time. Hopefully my hubby will take a day off work soon so we can go caching while the kids are in school. We can hike a lot further that way!

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Hey... what's with all the look-alike avatars today, anyway? I'm getting confused. :unsure:


They don't all look alike.


Mine has a BLUE arrow. Clearly superior.


Yes, I see that. Its blue and pretty, like the bow.


I should have been caching today. I had the day off, and it has been amazing springlike weather here (50 yesterday, 40 today). I did get out for some yesterday, but did chores today instead.

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Hey... what's with all the look-alike avatars today, anyway? I'm getting confused. :unsure:


I thought this was "shoot your local cupid" day.


Was I mistaken?



Yeah, I should have gone out caching today.

It was supposed to be another high wind day, but looks like just rain afterall.

And we do cache in that quite a bit in these parts.

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He's not as into it as I am, but my Valentine does cache with us now and then. Today, for Valentine's Day, we just hid a new cache "Heart of the Forest"... it hasn't been approved yet (and may not be today) but I am excited about it just the same. And yes, the container is a cammo'd heart. My sweetie knows I love this WAY better than flowers and chocolate!

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We actually never cache on our own. We make a point of making sure that this is something we do to spend time together, and use it as a solid excuse for "us" time. That being said, we went out and cached today, as our little happy valentine's to each other. We attempted (and failed like crazy) to locate the first part of a 5/5 puzzle cache, then decided to collect some lonely travel bugs for a Meet & Greet event on Saturday. We tend to use Geocaching get-togethers as an excuse for "Date Night".

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My Valentine doesn't often go caching with me - just not her intrest, but thats OK, because craft shops aren't mine. If I'm lucky there will be a cache nearby to kill off some of the time. Our kids will come with me sometimes, and that is how I can manage to get out for a day of caching. It takes some planning and thought on my part to keep them interested, but sometimes I manage.


Nice avatars everyone!

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