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  1. We actually got into geocaching as a way to spend more time together, and we set up a joint account. We always cache together, but it's a lot easier when you live with your caching partner...
  2. Anyone have a suggestion on a decent backup app to accomplish this? I totally understand that actually caching with a kindle fire is an impossibility, but it could be immensely handy if you have to look at the cache description in the field, and i would be SO much easier than trying to battle my tiny smartphone screen.
  3. We were out geocaching the other day, and had a multi planned to start after we found a nearby letterbox. We had followed the directions to a sign the letterbox was near, and it told us to look northerly at a stump. Not having a physical compass on us, we relied to the one built in to our GPS. Turns out it wasn't calibrated properly, so our 15 paces north to a stump turned into 15 paces southeast to a different stump. Looking around, Kesara discovered the second stage of the 3 stage multi we were planning for later. A small (literal) puzzle later, we had the coords for the final, without officially starting the multi to begin with. We eventually found the letterbox, thankfully, but the real prize was stumbling upon that second stage when the first had eluded us before.
  4. Could you give us a bit more info on the cache, a link to the cache page, possibly? New swag is my first suggestion, but may not be applicable if it's a micro... Maybe putting a little more punch into the cache description. I'm more likely to go after a cache if it has a catchy name or particularly interesting description. Our 1st cache, "Itty Bitty Ditty", sounded more interesting than our 34th, "Ms. Linda's Cache #3". Hmm. I think I may make an event cache out of this "How to Make a Better Cache". Think anyone would attend?
  5. Forgive a moment of "Noobliness", but, WAAS? Somehow I'm unfamiliar with that term...
  6. Get with some other local cachers in the area, and maybe talk with your local reviewer to put some caches in a local park, maybe where you're having the party? Try to have them published the day of. May be easier to have other cachers put up new ones if you're willing to provide the caches...
  7. We're already premium members, and have been for a while now. Kesara got a Shiny new Delorme pn-60 with our tax return, and it comes with a 30 PM trial for geocaching.com. We're wondering if we can use it on our account and put an extra month between us and renewing, or if we would have to wait until next september to use it, or if we flat out couldn't use it at all. If we can't, that's cool. We have a few events coming up, and could probably find a very deserving recipient.
  8. There's a cache near us that was moved a decent distance form the original location. The CO actually put a note in the cache listing encouraging old finders to relook and log another find. I'd have no problem on this kind of a situation, but would feel like I'm cheating otherwise....
  9. Personally, the idea of a Geocave would be awesome. We have a cache near here that involves diving into something similar to a storm drain (long since out of service), but technically making the building or enclosure the container? I like. Maybe have folks sign a poster or something? Very resource intensive, but you'd have the coolest cache in town
  10. And the Blue Bayou is now sitting in the Driveway! About a week earlier than expected, too!
  11. We've only found a small handful of large caches. There is a particular sense of glee when the wife asks me "What size are we going after next", and I can say anything besides micro. It seems the bigger the container, the more excited we get about it. We don't care much for the swag, we just like finding cool containers. We kinda look at it like it's an archaeological dig. Pottery shards (i.e. Micros) are allright to find, bt every now and again, you want to find a big Golden Monkey Head, so to speak....
  12. 'My Equipment' has had a special name since I was 9 or 10. Not sharing. Classy...
  13. We got into caching as a way to spend time together, so we never cache separately. As far as other cachers, we've only gone as a large group once, but look to do it more often. Well, once, Kesara brought her best friend along, but she was a muggle then, so we're not sure it counts... It was her first few finds, so that was pretty cool to experience from the other side of things...
  14. Wow. Very, very cool idea. A shame we're a few states away, or we would already be on the trail, not so much for the prize(Which is cool), but more so for the challenge. Unfortunately, we won't be participating, but we're rooting on anyone that is willing and able to go for it!
  15. Okay, we've decided. We're calling it "The Blue Bayou". Of course, I hope she realizes that when we get lost and forget to set it as a waypoint, I'm spending the entire hike back singing o/`I'm going back someday, come what may, to Blue Bayou o/` Hope for her sake her duct tape is still in her caching bag...
  16. My Droid is called Glitch. At the same time, it's a reference to one of my favorite shows as a kid and a terribly fitting title. Nicer than what some of you seem to be calling your gear. So far we're kinda liking the idea of calling it the "Cacheacabra". See, Kesara somehow seemed to be unaware of the fact that she was saying "I Do" to a big ol' nerd. Anytime I see a vehicle with a pair of tow hooks, I get the urge to call it a "Chupathingy"
  17. Our navigation GPSr is named Mona. It always seems to be moaning at us that we're going the wrong way, so "Mona" just works. This new one looks to have GPS capabilities built in, so the current temptation is something akin to either K.I.T.T. or H.A.L., depending on how useful it actually ends up being..... Somehow, though, I don't think "Smurfmobile" will fly with the Missus.....
  18. A Jeep is not a car!!! Point taken. My bad.
  19. We're looking to invest in a shiny new cache-mobile, and we know we're putting a travel bug window cling for it. That got us to thinking; "What are we gonna name the TB? For that matter, what are we gonna name the car?" What we're looking at is this: Just got us wondering on the names folks give to their cache-mobiles. Anyone care to share? For that matter, does anyone name their other equipment? A goofy nickname for your GPSr, perhaps?
  20. Both of us come from Military families, Kesara's dad being Navy, then Navy Civillian, and My dad being career Air Force. I myself served in the Air force as a Civil Engineer, specifically in the Emergency Management field. Remember the guy that hit you with tear gas to prove that your gas masks worked? I was that guy.
  21. With our area being so big on historical sites, we're at no loss of cool places to place Virtuals. With it being one of our favorite spots, we'll probably be putting one up at Surrender Field in Yorktown, VA. Kinda cool living so close to the place the Revolutionary War ended. There are still some well-maintained Virtuals in Colonial Williamsburg, otherwise that would be our first choice
  22. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one doing chainmaille... I do bracelets and need to make some more after I order more rings. But this is what I started with and I change it up with different weaves every now and then.
  23. There was a big meet and greet in Gloucester, Virginia today. We made it out to it, and made the event our 200th cache. There was a drawing and everything. I won a geocoin, and the better half won a soda bottle preform to make a cache out of. We even made snickerdoodles!
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