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  1. Perfect. I did this after a long road trip around the country. My TB still visits every cache I do and adds to my map.
  2. I'd do it more along the lines of the radio station "games". Ninth caller wins. Do one as a FTF. Next one as a second to find and so on..........
  3. Did you go find the cache they trashed and replace it after watching them? See the bolded bit. And? He had enough time to see and count the number of muggles and watch them walk over to the cache and throw it away.
  4. This seems to be a problematic mindset among some geocachers. They feel that being sneaky doesn't matter as long as they find the g.c. and sign the log. What. The. Hell. I was driving to work the other day and saw a couple unabashedly lift up a lightpole skirt to grab a cache that was surrounded by muggles just leaving a restaurant. As the couple left all seven of the muggles walked over to get the cache, look at it, then throw it away like trash! All due to someone not being stealthy. I even looked at the people wh ohad done this on that cache's log later that evening and noticed a habit of them making a point about the people watching them find the cache's. No wonder so many get muggled (well that and bad hides/rehides). Did you go find the cache they trashed and replace it after watching them?
  5. If I did not find it in the cache inventory to grab it from, I would have waited a few days for the holder to log it.
  6. Thanks Folks. I'll look at these...
  7. I have lunch with one on a pretty regular basis but I've never had one approach me while out hunting. The best approach when it happens is a simple explanation of what you are doing.
  8. What do you folks that use the Ipod Touch 4g use for a case? I've got one of the skins for mine but think I'd rather have some kind of hard case for it... Any suggestions?
  9. I'm always looking and saying to myself, "Myself, that would be a neat spot for a cache, or that's a lame spot, I bet there's a cache there", and then I must verify that. I have not yet found one, but when I do, _if_ I'm able to sign the log, I'll claim the find.
  10. Before I saw that second line, my imagination ran wild for a while, and I suddenly lost my appetite... +2 I started to call my dogs in and check them for micros!
  11. The explanation is quite simple: ticks don't jump from trees. It doesn't matter how much you're in the woods, as long as you stick to wide enough trails, you're perfectly safe. The biggest danger is from bushwhacking and tall grass. SSS is worthless and makes you smell like a french hooker. Ticks also like rotting logs, so don't set your pack or butt on them when you find the cache. Worthless on ticks. Works great for noseeums and skeeters. On edit, I see where you can get a SSS with Picaridin now. Might be good for ticks too. And on second edit, you say "French Hooker" like it's a bad thing..
  12. I like it. Had a restaurant here by that name many years ago. One of my favorites.
  13. And if what Deuce says doesn't get a response, return them for your money back and tell them why.
  14. Amazing. I'm proud of your brother for serving and I'm sorry for your loss. I have found and moved one of the fallen hero coins and it was an honor to do so.
  15. Doesn't really smell like an ALR to me either. I'd like to do it....
  16. I don't like micro's or nano's either, but nobody can MAKE me put my hand in anything. I'd have just passed this one by.....
  17. I leave one in any cache that's large enough. I probably would not do this if it were PT's though.
  18. I thought Geocaching consisted of this... Easy Steps to Geocaching Register for a free Basic Membership. Click "Hide & Seek a Cache." Enter your postal code and click "search." Choose any geocache from the list and click on its name. Enter the coordinates of the geocache into your GPS Device. Use your GPS device to assist you in finding the hidden geocache. Sign the logbook and return the geocache to its original location. Share your geocaching stories and photos online.
  19. Did a 100 mile run to another town this morning and ran a cache along a route PQ. A large portion of the caches were in or very near front yards of homes. I hate those type caches.
  20. I have the geosphere app on my touch. I add my pocket queries to it everytime I run one. Like Mplichfamily says, premium membership and pocket queries are the way to do this.
  21. First stared in 03 under a different user name for about a year. Then restarted in 08.
  22. Grizzly, the better caches around here are the ones you have to work at to get to. I suspect that's the case in most places. I'm making use of the the twit filters more and more these days. I'm also not very motivated to start placing any hides. It seems that trashing hides is becoming more common these days...
  23. I really like the looks of their new Remora Gear Slinger bag. Would like to see one up close and personal though before I committed funds to one.
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