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  1. I have two valentines in my life one is about 5' 8" the other about 3' 5". The taller one is not out-doorsy, so me & my shorter valentine go off Geocaching. Now that it isn't dark when I get home form work, we may go get special valentines day cache tonight :-D
  2. It is missing the little handle, that might be why others have said it is hard to open...the handle would make it easier to pull the one side down...
  3. yep! That's it....never saw one before. Now that I have, I can more confidently go back and open it with a little force...thanks Gof!
  4. We found a fairly new cache on Saturday. The container was something I had never seen before, but looked manufactured not home made. It is a micro...a small stainless steel cylinder with what looks like screw tops on both ends, but they are connected with 2 rods on opposite sides of the cylinder. One end was a magnet. If I had any idea how to open this, I would have got a tool out and used a little force, but I was worried, since I wasn't certain I didn't want to break it. I wrote to the Cache owner, but he hasn't written back yet, so I thought I'd bring it to the forum. (and no we did not log it as a find...I did post a note telling the story though...) Can anyone tell me what kind of container it is so I can look it up? Wish I had snapped a photo of it.
  5. I should have said may caching partner is My 6yr old son... I usually only cache with him and our dog (I have picked up a few micros at lunch time at work without him, more fun with him though :-)and I never place a cache without him. To me stealth is most important if you think the cache might get stolen by the muggles in the area. Other than that, when someone comes around, we often just explain what geocaching is.
  6. I have an HF ASD 6yr old son...even if he decides to try to be stealthful...he can't be...picture trying to geocache with a little Sheldon Cooper...
  7. I never noticed before either and it seems 10 quote blocks and a "doh!" are the limit ....
  8. on that note.... :blink: :blink: :laughing: edited for experiment... 20 max
  9. Exactly! I could (not) care less about the color. My #1 hope is that it takes care of the performance issues that we've all struggled with for years. If it does, then I am content. I like the colored quotations. Hmmm.... I wonder what the quote limit is now... teeheehee!! Gee, Knowschad... that is a Very Good Question!I bet ten.At 6 so far.7 maybe?This makes eight. Just trying to help... 10
  10. Uh oh! look at the other threads, some of the old quote nests are broken...like in the donut thread.
  11. Exactly! I could (not) care less about the color. My #1 hope is that it takes care of the performance issues that we've all struggled with for years. If it does, then I am content. I like the colored quotations. Hmmm.... I wonder what the quote limit is now... teeheehee!! Gee, Knowschad... that is a Very Good Question! I bet ten. At 6 so far. 7 maybe?
  12. AHA! "click here to show filter options" at the bottom of the forum thread list.... OK...I'm good!
  13. Found the advance search...that dark grey gear beside the search...doh! Still searching for the second question above.... (LOVE the speed!)
  14. ok, I wanted to check out searching. How do you search so the results give posts and not forums...where is the advance search. Also, in this new format how do you get the OT to be longer than 2 pages....where do you change the date range?
  15. the look and feel will take some getting used to...haven't formed an opinion yet. As long as functionality is improved, that is what is important. (I do like the way the colors change in the nested quotes :-)
  16. I have no idea if anyone really answered your question, but I think DinoProphet got the semantics down, and the gist of it is that the "many of us" means geocachers who don't like micros.
  17. We did a puzzle cache and when we got to the small lock-n-lock that was the final cache there were no trade items (at least it was clean, no trash either). We left a decent fireman action figure for the next kid that comes along. Three months later (last week) we were teaching some friends about geocaching and were in that park so we showed them that cache. Only about 5 people had logged since us, but there was nothing in the cache other than the log. At least it is still clean. But it IS sad when people take the items and don't replace them.
  18. I like any size cache. But my partner (son) only really likes them if they have toys (though he has laughed at some of the more interesting micros we have found.
  19. Thanks ChokeCherry, I just remembered that I have some African beads I bought once to make something...then never made it. I think I'll start carrying them around.
  20. My son wants something from ever cache (well, everyone that has swag in it..), even if we find a micro that someone dropped a little rubber snake into - he wants it. This means I have to carry little stuff around with me too, to replace micro swag that my son wants.
  21. cute! I was a little slow catching on there... Lol I still don't see it - share please! (the profile link goes to your own profile...who ever clicks on it...it goes to the clickers profile)
  22. My home coordinates are in a business park somewhat near my house...figured that was pretty safe :-D
  23. I was in "indian Guides" through the YMCA for about 4 years. I wouldn't join Brownies/Girl Scouts because in my day they HAD to wear skirts...yuk! But My 6 year old son ( who is my Geocaching partner) will be joining cub scouts this fall and I am more excited about it than he is :-D
  24. I can't afford a handheld AND a vehicle and my husband wanted a vehicle GPSr that talks to you...so we got a Nuvi 855. Here are some of the things I have learned using it: 1. make sure you take your display OFF of 3D view...makes it slow and inaccurate. 2. change settings to off-road, and pedestrian. 3. sometimes if I change to off-road/pedestrian after having used it as a vehicle GPSr, I have to turn it off and on again to get it to go off road and catch up with us. We have hiked with it, climbed rocks with it, it had a few short falls, nothing major, and it has survived so far...but we only have 72 find...we will see how it does after 200 or 1000 :-D The battery on ours only last 4 hrs, so it probably wouldn't be good for a camping trip, though I do have a solar charger...but to us it takes a lot of planning.... To Clint1019: once I took the map off of 3D mode it became very accurate, before that we were having trouble finding 1 difficulty hides, especial on hills. Hope this helps.
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