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  1. We know one locally who does that. Not knowing if the kids would even be interested when they're older, they use the TBs to record hides they were at. I'd bet that six logs on each hide had a little to do with it too. Have fun and cache safe. We also have gone with personal TBs, and for us it has worked out great! The girls got TB necklaces featuring northwest native art for Christmas a few years back, and I took the time to backlog which caches they'd been to up to that point. Now we just "dip" the bugs for whoever is along for a particular find. Our oldest did finally sign up for her own account, and loves signing her geocaching name to the physical logs but she almost never logs online (she does occasionally log on to see the miles/caches on her TB though).
  2. I try to take photos of any trackables we pick up that either fit with their mission or show where they are... this shot happened to take care of both and is one of my favorites.
  3. Well, if it HAS to be recent... here's a shot reppin' my beloved Seahawks for BlueFriday yesterday. But I much prefer family shots... the most recent of which, sadly, was three years ago (Daddy isn't a big fan of pictures and isn't terribly patient with me setting up the timer for group shots)
  4. Our littlest noonie (who's not so little anymore) walking Princess Zoe to the nearest cache. We took Zoe in after some neighbors (renters) abandoned her... she has turned into the BEST DOG EVER.
  5. We recently picked up some fun, trinkety items from the local thrift store to use as SWAG... a small engraved copper platter, two small brass candle holders, a cute cream pitcher, for around $1.99 each. The kids are getting older and moving beyond plastic toys, we're hoping these inexpensive items go over well. We once found a real, metal-and-rhinestone tiara in an ammo can in the woods... that joyous find prompted an internet search where we bought 5 more to put out for others to find.
  6. After almost dropping off of the geocaching planet for the last two years, my goal is to actually get out and cache a little more! No big lofty numbers goals, just every now and then will make me happier. We're off to a good start though, in the first 15 days of this year we've gone out twice and found three. Nothing like we used to do, but a huge increase over last year! And today I spent a rainy afternoon making sasquatch magnets to use for SWAG, and they're awesome (if I do say so myself). 2015 is going to be great.
  7. I just want to say a huge "thank you" to everyone who made this geotour happen... the kids and I have only done two so far, but we love learning more about our state's history and natural treasures... not to mention we love geocaching. We are really enjoying ourselves and look forward to some fun road-trips this summer. Thanks!
  8. Oh WOW! I wasn't sure if we'd signed up in time or not (the website didn't say), but today there was a strange bubble mailer in the box... opened it up and BEHOLD! The John Grisham coin... these are pretty nicely done, too! Yay!
  9. Last night we attended our first local event, and got to put some faces to several caching names we've seen over the last couple of years. And, I finally got to meet Sol Seeker, whose name I imediately recognised from the forums- what a sweetie! (Sol Seeker told me I need to post more, instead of lurking as I tend to do, so here I am). Then, two special night caches were published for the event, and we've never done a real night cache. So what does Momma do? I took our 8 year old out, past her bedtime, trapesing around unfamiliar woods, in the dark, WHILE SNOWING, with total strangers (who will forevermore be thought of as dear friends). Best night ever! When all was said and done we had logged 10 caches for the day, not many by forum standards, but a personal thecaswellfamily record. Yay! We'll be high on the whole experience for some time to come!
  10. I love this idea... I have seen it come up before and I don't understand why it hasn't been implemented, other than it would be too much work to do it right. Earthcaches are monitored by someone outside of Groundspeak, aren't they? What organization could we approach to do the monitoring of History caches? I realize not everyone would enjoy them, but then I don't think there is a single cache type that EVERYONE enjoys. Hmmmmmm...
  11. To see what kinds of weird hiding places people come up with, and what kinds of weird containers, and what kinds of weird stuff people think of to put IN to those containers... I love how different everybodies minds work! That and the beautiful places, interesting history, etc. etc. Getting out of the house and out of our routines. Momma Caswell
  12. Oh wow! Okay, I guess I'm about a week late to the game, but I just saw this and I think it's pretty cool. Mosty just because last spring after looking around for a new family car (one that would get decent mileage on long trips as well as stop and go mileage when caching) and we ended up with the GMC Terrain. I guess I'm just tickled that the makers of MY car advertised with MY hobby. Feeling special and wanted to share, that's all. Momma Caswell
  13. The Genie is magical and capable of all things, right? Then I would go back in time and do the Mission 9 APE before it was stolen. I really, REALLY wanted to do that cache. Did the replacement last summer and had a blast, but if I could do anything, that's still my pick.
  14. I tried doing that and just got some odd stares. Should have made it a Challenge! LOL! Oh thank-you, I needed that little bit of levity! Thanks for the smiles.
  15. As unpopular as it may be, this makes me sad. I wanted to kiss a frog. I thought long and hard about just which frog to kiss. Today on my way to my daughter's preschool, I pulled over at the Frog Pond grocery, set the timer on my camera, and made an idiot of myself next to a busy highway for 10 seconds in order to get JUST the photo I wanted. But by the time I got home, the challenge is gone. These challenges do not affect my stats page, and if someone cares enough about my numbers to click on my profile they will see just how many real CACHES we have found. *sigh* I wish people would just put their big girl panties on and grow up about the whole thing, it could've been some harmless fun.
  16. I just read that article online... hard to believe that someone would take a "shortcut" on something that was not an established road... and yet it seems to happen quite often. *sigh*
  17. Oh dear, at the risk of getting my head chewed off by one (or many) of the much respected regulars... I'm afraid I must speak up and disagree here. I recently adopted an AMAZINGLY well done cache in my area, complete with detailed instructions for replication (should it become necessary) including websites where various pieces can be obtained. I think it is VERY much worth adopting (obviously). Somehow I doubt that in my limited caching experience I would happen to have found one of the FEW, so there must be others that are worthy out there... mustn't there? The Thief of Children's Things for those who may be curious. Oh, and in answer to the OPs question... the OWNER contacted US. --Momma Caswell
  18. Oh yay! I was wondering how on earth I would figure out when this thing got up and running... thank you for posting in the forums. Have now added it to our "Someday..." bookmark list of caches we want to do. Hope to see it at the Going Ape... All Over Again event next month. --Momma Caswell
  19. When I'm searching GZ and haven't found it yet and the kids are hungry/tired/have-to-pee and start whining. If I do my Momma part right, if they are fed and rested and bladders are empty then they are happy and excited to be out caching with me. But nobody is perfect (least of all me) and if we are out in less than ideal kid-conditions, the resulting whining is DEFINATELY my lease favorite part. Of course, the fact that I really REALLY don't like to give up, and often keep searching even as I say "All right, we can go back...", and sometimes just outright try to ignore their complaints, that doesn't help much either. It has probably occured on less than 10% of our finds, but if I have to pick a least favorite part, its kid-whining, no matter how infrequent it occurs. Kid-whining SUCKS. --Momma Caswell
  20. There's an outdoor mod podge that works. It dries clear. Ooooooh, oooooooh, ooooooooh! I just found that stuff on Amazon... I think there is a project in our future! Thanks so much for this topic and the ideas and the great info! --Momma Caswell
  21. First thought, "Hmmmmmm, that IS kind of interesting." Second thought, "Oh dear, do I have to learn something new? I feel like after two years we are just getting the hang of THIS!" Third thought, "It DOES look intriguing..." The thing is... how would the app work in places with no cell phone signal? It seems like my favorite caches are WAY the heck out in no man's land... so this probably won't be for me. Unless GPSrs start being compatible, that is... and with only 720 players I just don't see that happening any time soon (I could be wrong). --Momma Caswell
  22. What GPSr Make and Model do you use? Garmin Etrex Legend HCx and Garmin Oregon 450 On a scale of 1 (terrible) to 10 (best) what would you rate your GPSr? Etrex Legend HCx: 7 Oregon 450: 9 What is the best feature of your GPSr you like best? Etrex Legend HCx: accuracy and how long the batteries last Oregon: paperless!!!, and waypoint averaging, and it just feels so good in my hand What is the worst thing about your GPSr? Etrex Legend HCx: not being paperless Oregon: batteries don't last as long And finally If you were to get a new GPSr, which one would you want next? I already got it: the Oregon 450!
  23. Oh, yay for the WSGA and Groundspeak! We were/are looking SO forward to this event, I'm so glad things are still happening. Thankyou Hydnsek for letting us know it's still a go! --Momma Caswell
  24. I, too, watch Iron Horse and noticed the DNF with great uneasiness. So other caches in the area are missing, too? What on earth is going on up there?
  25. We, too, are patiently/curiously/anxiously waiting to see what GS and the WSGA come up with... and regardless we plan to do Iron Horse when the tunnel reopens. The Tunnel of Light was really the only one of the triad I was all that interested in anyway... and I was REALLY looking forward to it. Even savng it for once the tunnel reopened. I figure that someday we'll hit the Original Stash plaque on our way through to see the in-laws, but I'm not particularly excited about it. If the triad still existed I might bother with the GS headquarters after I did the other two, but honestly, there are a lot of other places I would rather be than downtown in a city. Without a triad I doubt we will ever bother with the lillypad (but that's just me). I do hope that GS and the WSGA come up with something, 'cause having a goal like the triad is just so fun. It'll be interesting to see, anyway. - Momma Caswell
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