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  1. I have a TB that was placed in a cache that was never published. I figured it must be owned by the chacher who has my TB so it would eventually be published and then someone would find and move the TB but it has been in this cache and the cache has remained unpublished for 6 months now. Because it has never been published I can't see where it is or visit the cache to retrieve the TB. I have sent an email to the cacher and hope for good news. k
  2. thanks so much, I started wondering if two could be from the same city, that was tricky. k
  3. I will give it a go: 1. Vaduz - GCQ1QE 2. Copenhagen - GCR5F6 3. Prague - GC6F37 4. West Amesbury - GC1ANET 5. Lucerne - GC203EY 6. Limberg - GCZYQRE 7. Voralberg - GC12A1P 8. London - GC26JK5 9. Michelmersh - GC200C9 10. Petersborough - GC1DD46 Good luck to everyone and thanks for the cointest. k
  4. 1 + 7 = 8 thanks for the cointest, k
  5. congrats to you both and thanks for the cointest! I think it will be a gold coin with a white 3 tier cake, on one side with an ammo can on top and the bride and groom on the back with a GPSr.
  6. love that coin; I have a pond in my back yard but a heron ate all my koi
  7. make half of them with pictures of live cats and half with pictures of dead cats then you just don't know until you look at the back of the coin if the cat will be alive or dead.
  8. My link Hope I did the link correclty, first time. k
  9. May I have Number 11 please? Thanks for the cointest and good luck to everyone! k
  10. Next guess 40 caches and 1.5 difficulty. thanks for the cointest! k
  11. I will guess 39 caches and 1.5 difficulty. thanks for the cointest! k
  12. Two parrots sitting on a perch…the first one says to the other “can you smell fish?”
  13. what do you call a fish with no eyes? a fsh
  14. I'm going to guess July 30th 2011, I didn't see it chosen and figure they will have to work overtime to clear the backlog. thanks for the cointest.
  15. A salmon is swimming upstream, bumps his nose, "dam".
  16. Two goldfish are in a tank, one says to the other, "do you know how to drive this thing?"
  17. "It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in large buckets, soaking unprotected log books — except at 528 feet intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the cache lined streets, rattling ammo cans, and fiercely agitating the lamp post covers that struggled to hide their micros in the darkness. But alas, a single coin survives the devastation and finds its way home to me."
  18. I have been on a diet for several months, eating only celery, cabbage soup, and grapefruit as I prepare to attend my high school reunion because I want to look my best. Last night I was dreaming, as has been the norm of late, about the event I have looked forward to for so long. All my old friends were there; we drank some fine wine and ate splendid appetizers in every shape and size. There were breads and crackers of many colors and flavors topped with brightly colored spreads, intricate designs of stacked meats and cheese, as well as sparkling transparent jellies and jams. It was a wonderful dream, but when I awoke, all my geocoins were gone.
  19. I'm very sad to hear this. had plans to do the trifecta this summer after the tunnel reopened and now won't have the chance. If people know who has done this, as was posted in another thread, how come nobody is telling the story and trying to do something about it.
  20. I want to know what the story behind this is and if someone knows who has the cache what steps are being taken if any to recover it.
  21. I just started dipping a new coin that a received from a contest because I don't want to risk losing it by placing it in a cache and I want to track my miles. So do you think any of the following is wrong: 1. I didn't have the coin on me when I was at a cache although I do carry it sometimes as a good luck charm. 2. I was thinking of logging it as visiting past caches that I have found without physicaly going back to them so I can record all the miles. 3. I will never actually place it in a cache. I have a TB that someone picked up and dipped in several caches in mexico and I thought that was cool seeing where he had been. The only thing was he brought it back with him and I was hoping he would leave it in mexico.
  22. "Close that geo-whatever website and get back to work!" - My Boss
  23. that's almost funny that you accuse sniggle of pushing his non-religion BS; I have never had anyone come to my door and get in my face telling me "YOU ARE NOT A SINNER", "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HELL", or "KEEP YOUR MONEY, MY CHURCH DOESN'T WANT IT!" I have also never found anything in a cache that said, "believe whatever you want, we respect you for being you".
  24. I was looking at my trackables and the miles traveled and thought of what I think is a good contest: The Adopted Miles Cointest. The rules would be: everyone guesses the distance a coin would travel between 10 of my past cache finds. After all of the entries have been made, I would activate a new coin, randomly select 10 caches by picking numbers and dip the coin in each cache to add up the miles travelled. the person with the guess nearest the number of miles would be sent an adoption notice and the coin would be sent to them or released to gather more miles as it found it's way to it's new owner.
  25. Here is another idea but it may have been done; have everyone nominate someone else on the forum to win the cointest, not themselves. Have them give the reason they should win and then give both the nominee and the nominator a coin.
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