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Drsolly makes it 15000 finds

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I know they're out of fashion, but I think it's right to acknowledge the good doctor hit 15,000 yesterday, on GC25TKM Ardingly to Lindfield #6 - Amazingly this is only 11 months since he reached 10k; an average hit-rate of around 15 caches per day, every day, or one every 96 minutes, day in day out, 24/7!


Perhaps a micro on a long walk wasn't landmark material, but it was a great day out in perfect caching weather (so long as you had enough water and a hat- and we did) and as such, memorable. A very impressive achievement; please join in with some 'well dones':


:)Well done on your 15, :):D;) finds Alan! :)

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one every 96 minutes, day in day out, 24/7!


Getting out of bed to find a cache to keep up those "every 96 minutes" isn't easy, I can tell you; getting ladysolly up to accompany me is even tougher. But those caches won't find themselves, you know, and someone has to do it.

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Well done.

But is there any chance you can go out and find a job to give the rest of us a chance :ph34r:

It must be starting to be a struggle to find some you haven't done!

Keep it up though


Uh - I already have a job, I run a small internet company. Fortunately, the computers do nearly all the work.


No problem finding new caches to do - there's 18,000 not done within 150 km of home.

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