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  1. You could look on http://www.geocachetrails.com/
  2. I have a Tomtom via only got it a couple of weeks ago and you can load the tomtomgsak poi to it. You just do it via a webpage.
  3. It would only be like a chirp cache. Some people can do and others that dont have a chirp enabled gps carnt.
  4. I contacted then a couple of weeks ago. I got an email back almost straight away saying to send it back, but they wanted a cheque for £30
  5. If the log was full maybe they signed it on another page. I was out caching when I met 2 other cachers. When i got to the cache they had signed 4 names when there were only 2 of them present. I got to the other half of the series and found the other part of the team. They were doing a series and had left one car half way round and had then started at both ends that way they each only had to visit 1 half of the caches to get there name one the log book.
  6. I would love to be in their change management meetings!
  7. Yes they were. I have around 40 coins and but didnt manage to get any of the blacks set. I wouldn't pay that much for 1!! I was offered £35 for my Dark side of the cache coin.
  8. I'll be at work. No time for caching!!
  9. I agree with the Hornet about giffgaff. £10 gets you 250 mins, unlimited texts and unlimited data.
  10. Yes. Need a new one as Ive miss placed mine.
  11. Theres only been 3 so far. Harrogate, Weston super mere and Scotland. 2011 will be in Wales.
  12. Ive still a P&T chip somewhere and ive got one of their coins. It was the first one I collected.
  13. I agree with Hazel. I will be going to Piratemania but probably not to the SE mega. I went to the first mega but not to any of the others or though I may try and make Wales.
  14. I used to use a similar setup, just a different ipaq. I used GPSdash on it. That was able to open a gpx file and then showed the way with a compass.
  15. My sister and partner have a cache by their back gate. The own a b&b so dont mind people knocking on the door for a chat or a coffee. It even says to knock on the webpage
  16. Have you got PMs turned on? My Controls Board Settings Disable your personal messenger? If you disable your personal messenger, you will not be able to make or receive personal messages. Might be worth a look
  17. Well done. How many were done with aching toes!!! http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=254355
  18. We have paths near to us called Greenways. I was going to set out a few caches called Grope around Greenway. These would have been nanos to fit the titles. I have never had the time to do these....yet
  19. Weatherspoons do as well. Lots of fons sites around as well.
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