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  1. Interesting because everything seemed to be sealed, but perhaps that was just the TOPO bit. I would take issue with them if it is refurbished because that should have been made clear. I paid £499.99 (-30%) for a NEW unit, not a refurb. Even less impressed, alas.
  2. Yes very recently. I sent my 550t to them a week past Saturday and on receipt of it, they sent this out to me (with 30% discount for returning the 550t). It arrived on Thursday, I got out of the box on Friday and used it just this Saturday afternoon. Thanks for the heads-up re the language settings. I think it's time to contact Garmin...
  3. P.S. It came with everything set to Finnish! Took me an age to find the right place to change the language. My Suomi ain't what it could be! lol
  4. I wish I'd read this before purchasing my new 700 last week. I too had a 550t and its button broke which is why I upgraded to this as it didn't seem that I could get another 550t. I took the 700 for a test on Saturday and ended up doing most of the 5 caches on the iPhone/my old 400t (which I'd upgraded to the 550t years ago because it had conked out, only for it to revive after a factory reset). The 400t isn't that easy to read now, so whilst I have just switched the TOPO card into it for now, I don't want to use it indefinitely, but I was already edging towards disfavour to the 700 before the starting screen froze yesterday and refuses to do anything else. I was already finding it clunky; now I'm just annoyed. Any advice welcome (Garmin Express is fine, but I can't do anything with it at all).
  5. I had a bit of a problem on the go with my Oregon 550t today which meant I had to cache by phone. It turned out to be a bit of a challenge, and I ended up chatting online to Bethany in Kansas City, the Garmin Agent allocated to my call. Although I type quickly and Bethany was responding to me quickly, it took over an hour for us to track down the problem and I won't bore you with everything here. What I wanted to say was that it has been a long time since I last needed to liaise with Garmin, and as I said to her, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the standard of service was every bit as good as I'd experienced before, and heard about from others. Thank you Bethany, and keep up the good quality of personnel/service, Garmin. I told her I'd be posting here and she admitted to doing a bit of caching, so hopefully will see this.
  6. Of course, having just put in my post, it's now opening. *sigh* Thanks to myself! lol
  7. Anyone else having problems loading cache pages today? The map opens fine, and at the moment, I'm trying to look at a specific challenge list. I go in via a cache which works fine, as does going into the list of cache lists, but then the specific list won't load. When I return to the maps to open a page in a new tab, nothing opens, and nor does anything on my profile, yet the forum here seems to be unaffected. I've restarted the browser and the laptop twice, having cleared the history the second time. It all starts well again, then goes on to mass jam. Anything to report/assist please?
  8. Not all of us have this facility. I use a Mac. Does GSAK exist for Mac yet? It didn't used to.
  9. Now I know I'm an old fossil, but old fossils and developing fossils alike play this game and this old fossil recognises that she's not so happy with endless changes. OK, "endless" exaggerates a little, but for me the major changes which irk are the loss of the second map on each cache page (like everyone else, I have to zoom out to see where on earth the location is - especially on newly-published caches, or open up something like Googlemaps to see it all properly), and this new icon malarky). I've only read about 2/3rds of the first page of comments, but enough to tell me that I'm not alone in this. For me, there is something very bland about the new circles, where before the fun of the different shapes lay in the interest of finding a completely different type of cache. Now we're effectively just finding different coloured circles (yawn). I'm not colour-blind, so that doesn't affect me as such. However, I take exception to the thinking that barely anyone uses/understands the Premium member function. Should I be flattered that I'm in a perceived minority? I don't feel flattered, in part because I don't believe it anyway. The icons are too big on the map. I find it all very bland and rather boring. Shouldn't we be excited and interested by "improvements"? I'm not. Back to my Fossil Cave.
  10. Don't know. This is one of several problems which has happened to me in the last wee while. It was working fine last night and this morning, and now has gone again. There is a message there for me but despite signing out and in again, no joy.
  11. Thank you very much for alerting me to this - both the OP and to the two cachers who have been kind enough to PM me about it. I do read these forums but only sporadically, so could easily have missed it. I'm in the throes of e-mailing the OP and will get the cache back up and running as soon as possible. For those who haven't already been to find it, I highly recommend it, once available again (blowing the trumpet on behalf of OHB whose caches are well worth the effort). Thanks again, OA1 (She, not he! )
  12. Whilst it is lovely to see a post from Pigling, someone whose username I remember above most others in all the years since 2009 when I found his Squirrel Nutkin TB, I'm disappointed to see that that very TB is one which has failed to move for almost exactly 5 years. I remember taking photographs of him (SN) in my flat and enjoyed sending him on his way. Like Pigling, I've found some of my trackables just get "forgotten" (and that's being kind), which is highly disappointing. I've never resorted to making copies, although I suppose that's one way forward, even if for me it would represent second best - the original TB is what I intended to send out for EVERYONE to enjoy, not just those who "forgot" they had it... Funnily enough, I was thinking of Pigling last week when Allieballie and I returned to Cumbria for a day's caching. It was he who gave me useful instructions for driving up Hardknott Pass and I have never forgotten the preliminary words: "Taking courage in both hands...". Those words have echoed a fair bit over the years and we were very very close to Hardknott Pass last week. By coincidence, I picked up a TB which was exactly what he notes above - a copy. It has been moved on.
  13. OK - I looked, and never know how on earth everyone always finds all these previous links because I never seem to see them, but ignore this then.
  14. I've just read this article: My link What impact is that going to have on caching in Australia?
  15. Someone has kindly applied a large hammer to my head. Duh!
  16. Yuck. I would disable it, rather than merely put a note there. That way those who filter out disabled caches won't have it in their PQs and it can lie dormant until you can get along to maintain it.
  17. Well apparently it's all over Facebook, but not ALL of us use FB. I like puzzles, have read all the hints, have even had some hints from other puzzlers, but the penny refuses to drop. Anyone got a blooming big hammer?
  18. I'm not from your part of the world, but I just ran a PQ for all Multis and Mysteries (1000!) closest to that Trad you found, as it could just as easily be a Mystery as a Multi. The nearest Multi is a wee way away (GC259YA). However, there are 4 Mysteries which are all closer: GC29Y5T, GC4K6WY, GC10GR6 and GC573B4, although it could also be a Virtual, I suppose. That said, the info for the Multi looks like that might be your candidate. Good luck!
  19. Thank you - that's useful to know. Noncentric - good advice, but alas I have a Mac, so use Safari.
  20. My icons are showing on my home map, but when I put in another place, it's not moving to that location. Rebooted this morning and no joy; same again this evening.
  21. For my 5,000th cache, I found Unseen Heroes (GC1TWVB). It worked really well as a multi, so you might want to consider trying it in that format and hiding the cache itself somewhere close by but on land. You'll still need permissions and I don't know whether your wreck has enough about it to observe (although you could put in questions such as "How far is it from the wreck to the nearest point of land?"), but at least it then also doesn't have the same risk of being washed away by the tide.
  22. Congratulations. Fun way to propose. Glad she accepted too. (By the way, that picture at 0.53" is Ben Lomond, not the rather smaller Conic Hill!)
  23. It's happening again. Last night and today. How the hell am I supposed to plan my caching if I can't even see what the caches contain? :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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