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  1. There are usually events going on in London and these have no shortage of helpful souls who will show you the ropes. The only one I can see at the moment is a flash mob in November http://coord.info/GC3WY80, if you post a will attend and ask for help you might get a response. Andy
  2. Sorry Froz, I did your Witch Hill Loop yesterday but didn't read the cache pages before I went so didn't have a replacement cache in my bag Nice little loop BTW Andy
  3. Looks like they are still reasonably active, they logged into the site in September and logged a cache find in June.
  4. A birdie tells me the reviewers are now aware Many thanks
  5. All depends on how desperately you want that smiley Or how desperately you needed the loo
  6. I was doing a CM multi in Wickford when a helpful parishioner walked up the path and asked what I was doing. I explained I was looking for particular graves. She then insisted that I come in and search through the graveyard records in the office. It made the search much easier, although it probably wasn't what the CO had in mind when they set the cache. I didn't have the heart to tell the very kind lady that I was doing a 'treasure hunt'
  7. Sorry, I can't see Options when I start the macro, neither can I see whether it is the latest version of the database. I just click on macro when i am on the found caches database page then select FindStatGen from the list of macros. Sounds like you selected the box to run automatically, I'm not sure how you would force it to run afresh.
  8. OK, the my finds PQ has worked. When I run the macro, the first box I get has a dialog box for run date. Is this set to todays date? Have you checked the options as per The Bongtwashes's post?
  9. We need some more info to narrow down the problem. When you look at GSAK do the counts in the yellow box show the correct number of finds? When you run the macro, is the date set to today? When the macro finishes and opens a page in your web browser, does this page look OK or not?
  10. All of mine have run correctly.
  11. You little beauty :D :D Thanks very much!
  12. Wow, this is a name from the past, welcome back. I'm not aware of a list, hopefully Chris will be along shortly.
  13. I had a magnetic one which I bought at the Wales Mega. It has already fallen off and is lost :-(
  14. That's nothing, there are cachers who have found caches in 34 countries in one day
  15. The next stage feature uses one of the geocache slots. If you have filled your unit up with caches, the next stage feature will not work. Now I load 4950 caches leaving 50 slots free on my 550 for this and other impromptu GPX downloads and it works fine.
  16. Yay! Not bad for a guess ;-) Staying on the golf theme, who is the only Scotsman to have won the Masters?
  17. They're only really interested in introducing new features that work with their cache listing site. The last update added the feature of making the cache pages look like their website. Now we've got photos that are MUCH easier to transfer from their site. I think we can now forget about bug fixes unless it promotes the 'other' site
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