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  1. I have noticed over a few months now, that I do not get all my emails from GC.com. When someone writes a log for my caches, most of the time I get the mail, but there is always the odd one out that does not get to my mail account. At first I tought people were skipping some caches, but when I checked the website, they logged something for all of them. I have a reliable mail provider (mac.com) and there is nothing in my spam folder. Where are those missing mail? Is there others with this problem?
  2. is that a frilly hankie? No. Ironing over frills will create wrinkles on the surface of the beautiful, new, pristine laminated label. MrsB Is there a brand better then others in damp conditions? I have seen many when caching that were split when the cache was damp.
  3. I need to buy good boots, suitable for wet conditions and comfortable for short walks (5 - 10 miles). As I am heavy and destroyed many pairs of lesser quality boots, I would like to find qualified people to give me the right advice. Is there a specialist shop in the Brighton / Portsmouth area?
  4. While publicity and public recognition might help us when it is time to ask permission to setup caches, there is the little boy inside me who likes to keep it secret []. Just talking about it (and inviting friends for a trial run) seems to work well to get people interested to geocaching.
  5. I am not sure why the UKcachers leaders felt a need to represent the UK caching community, I do not know their motives or the background history. It would be useful if they expressed the reasons for creating a new organisation. Regardless, I think it is a bad idea to have two national representations. It will be confusing for MLOs and government bodies to relate to the UK caching community. If we do not set common standards and representation, this will make it more difficult to be accepted by the general public. We will be the ones loosing out when there are complaints about the activity.
  6. I had to give a lengthy explanation to my daughter, when she saw a condom in one of the caches we found. I hope to never find something like that, I will never hear the end of it. Thanks for cleaning this cache and for a good laugh ... I suggest you replace them with Beanos
  7. Some doctors recommend an apple a day to stay healthy, others 15 caches Bravo, this in an impressive achievement !
  8. If a series is approved, but released one at the time, are the unpublished caches "protected" if someone else tries to set some up in the same location?
  9. Welcome I am also new. Is the lifetime warranty from Tupperware still valid for a muggled cache :DD
  10. Don't understand that at all. After "pausing", and moving again, why can't you follow the arrow? Well, I can ... but my children find it difficult. The arrow can take some time to catch up and on approach, it regularly loose accuracy. Is there a child friendly model, with electronic compass?
  11. Absolutely! Montreal Canadiens fan ... only after Quebec's Nordiques were sold to the Americans. I do miss ice hockey, to watch only, as I never managed to stay upright on my skates
  12. I noticed that my kids are keen on looking at the arrow. Our problem is that we bought a Dakota 10 ... when we stop they get confused as there is no electronic compass. Is there a cheap one that have an electronic compass to send them at the right place when we pause?
  13. Greetings, We are newish to geocaching and totally hooked to it We are four in our team (46, 41, 9 and 4 years old). I am a French Canadian exiled in the UK, so forgive my badly written posts if you read one. Geocaching is doing miracles to our family life and poor fitness level. While I am the cache setter, my wife and kids are the true cache finders. I love talking about caching, so between the GAGB, SEcaching and here, I hope to learn and share a few things
  14. Around Worthing, West Sussex, most of the old and nice ones have a micro. There are still some of less character left, but I am more interested by the ones bringing life into the community. I asked permission from the church warden of St-Matthews, if I can put a cache on their grounds to give cachers a place to reflect ... they have very comfy benches I am awaiting an answer ...
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