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Memories of your 1st Cache....

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Whether you have found 10 caches or 37,000 caches.....what was your memory of your 1st cache? Did you find it the 1st time of looking? Was it easy? Was the joy of finding it the best you have had to date?


July 18th 2007 about 7.30pm on a hot Wednesday evening, we discovered a small cache by an old tree, it took us well over an hour to find the cache and we had walked all over this small parkland in North West Stoke.....half of us didn't expect to find it, and using a hand held gps for the first time was a very unique experience. Took probably a couple of hours including preparation to prepare and locate it....but despite all the mishaps, we found something in it that would go on to become our favourite sport.....


My First Cache

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Started Feb 6th 2007 lunchtime , near southsea seafront on

the promenade and as I was signing the log a cop car pulled up

near the GZ , I still haven't been able to sort this stealth thing

out. :anibad:


Now up to 807#, and love the old challenges and hopefully

many more new ones

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Our first cache was at a local park. The gps arrow said THAT way, so THAT's the way we went, straight through the woods, the awful thorns, bushwacking with the little kids. It was horrible. We got to the cache and saw a path about 20 feet away. That's when we realized that the direct route according to the gps is NOT necessarily the best way to get to the cache. It was an important lesson learned!

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My first was Leave it to Beaver I found it with friends who were already experienced cachers. They let me hold the GPSr (and I kept trying to follow the arrow directly; they would occasionally suggest we follow the path a bit longer!). When we got to GZ, they let me find, it, but it was a fairly easy find, and they kind of led me too it. Still, I remember it well, it will be exactly 1 year on March 14th.



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I tried to find my first cache without a GPSr, by just using OS maps. This approach failed miserably, so I bought a GPSr and confidently set off. It was only when I got to the area where the cache was that I found that it didn't appear on the screen. It was only then that I realised that I needed to enter the co-ords before I set off! :anibad:

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I found my first 50 Caches without a GPS and all were memorable for the work that went into them with OS maps Etc. My very first one took some time as I recall but worth it for the look of joy on my daughters face when we found the "treasure" and like many since took me to places I would not otherwise have gone. After 50 finds one of my non caching friends took pity on me and gave me his spare GPS. My sister Gillywig on the other hand is made of sterner stuff and has found 202 caches without a GPS.

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My first ever cache was Gone but not forgotten 8 defiance Halt on the 6th February 2009.


It looked like an easy cache, and wasn't too far from where I lived at the time. I just put to co-ordinates in my Tom Tom, and having already looked at the map, I knew roughly where I should be looking. I didn't have an arrow GPS back then, and my first 50 or so were done via the Tom Tom with knowing roughly where I should be going, and waiting for the numbers to line up. I had heard of geocaching the previous weekend, when I was visiting friends and thought it sounded like fun, so went to check the site out once I returned, and found there were plenty near home, and the rest is history as they say, and I'm now just over 200 finds, been to a few events, released some travel bugs, and planning to place a cache soon, all in the space of just over a year.

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I've only been geocaching since January this year and my first find was literally 5 minutes walk from my home - part of a Fire Station series here in Essex. I was sooooo excited. I felt like a spy trying to dodge the muggles to retrieve the cache (an urban micro) and replace it without being spotted.


After signing that first log I was hooked more than I'd ever imagined and although I'm now up to the dizzying heights of 14 finds, some of which have been remarkable, that first one is still dear to me. I always look out for it whenever I walk by it on my way into town and it still makes my smile just knowing that I know it's there and hundreds of other people don't...

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My first cache was also not far away from me, found without a gps (as was the next approx 20) and where I picked up my first geocoin. I'm highly addicted and don't have enough free time for caching to my liking! Geocaching is one of my main reasons for learning to drive, so hopefully soon I can explore further to my hearts content.

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My first Cache was GC115CT - Submarine Pens II on the 5.3.07 (almost 3 yrs ago). This is a Cache in the middle of the New Forest and has now been archived (pity really). Anyway the story: I live in Germany (have been for the last 30 yrs) and the rest of my family in the New Forest. Whilst out on a walk in the forest my brother told me the story about the Pens being built during the war as targets for bomb testing so we walked there. On arriving he went off somewhere looking around. When asked what he was doing he said he was looking for a Cache, OK, whats that? He explained, well I said, Im standing next to what looks like a fox hole, it turned out it wasnt. That was my first find, and I have been at it ever since.


Thanks for posting this Topic, brought back memories.

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My First Cache was an easy find, made easier by meeting 2 Cachers just signing the Log... They left us to fill in our log entry and then left with a strange problem, I have a cache in hand HOW DO I HIDE IT?


It was a local cache where I frequently used to walk the dogs with my X wife. Well it seems I continued caching and the Wife became the X.


I do not think the 2 where that linked but maybe it should become a warning to others...

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I remember my first cache very well. It was "Dilapidated Des Res" by Nobby. It was a new cache, about 3 or 4 miles from home, placed on 13th October, 2002. I'd ordered my first GPSr, an eTrex Legend, and was waiting for it to arrive. It finally turned up on Friday 18th Oct, 2002 and still nobody had found the cache so I was up early on Saturday morning, rushed out, found the cache.... yippeeee.... and was first to find by by an hour or so.

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Our first find was on a walk with friends, they said fancy coming for a walk and we said ok. but why?

They said to find a box! Why? Because its fun.

So on the 2nd march 2008 we set off on our first adventure.

If i had only known then what i know now, i would probably have said no :laughing:

2 years on with nearly 1100 finds and 56 hides Later.

I would not call this a hobby :laughing: just an obsession :laughing:

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I got into Geocaching in a rather unusual way.

I was erecting a tipi behind a local pub in the summer of 2005 and one of the other campers offered a hand. Afterwards he was playing with what looked like a yellow mobile and I asked what it was. He explained the basics of the sport to me and that he was down in Wiltshire from Yorkshire and had just been hunting caches nearby. It sounded interesting but had to be placed on the back burner for a while as life was rather manic making tipis in those summers.

My Xmas pressie to me from me was a Garmin, which I still use now and on 28th Jan 2006 I went out and found my first cache Warminster Pleasure Grounds, which was less than a mile from where I lived then. I still have fond mamories of that one and am glad it's still out there and live.

Since then I've found lots more by the same placer and have met Gowenhouse many times.

One irony is that just recently he has done one of my caches.



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My first find was on Christmas Day 2008, was in Germany at the time visiting a friend and we went for a quick before dinner walk, I had try to find a multi cache a few days before had no luck. I narrowed down the rough area for my 1st cache easily, but the actually find without any previoius experience was quiet difficult. The second of the day was easier, as it was from the same CO so had a similar hiding place.

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My very first was with my brother about 5 yrs ago then no more until at a Guiding Centenary party a fellow Guider mentioned she was Caching on the way home...... memories of the fun me and eldest Daughter had flooded back and realising i had gps on my new phone decided to start a new family hobby.....

Looked on Geocaching.com and discovered 16 within a mile of my house.


3 days it took me to work out how to use the phone and off we went....Motorway mayhem M6 toll: Toll view 12


Then found out phone was only accurate to 15m and nearly gave up was sat on barrier at side of road and daughter said "whats that under your bum mom".... our first cache..... the twins (3 at time) loved finding treasure and 6 months later we are about to do our 100th and first 5/5 :laughing:Cut Down Cache

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Although we're based in the UK, our first cache find was actually in Canada. It was in a 'town' (in the loosest sense) called Stewart, BC and the cache is called Any Questions? GC1F7PJ.


As caches go, this is probably one of the easiest you could ever hope to find - large container, obvious hiding place. But as newbies, we were diving into every tree which our arrow pointed to. Add to the mix darkness (of course we decided to do this at night) and the fact that we have no GPSr - just a netbook with a GPS dongle - and this hunt lasted a little longer than expected.


We were hooked though, and throughout our roadtrip continued to find another 26 caches (pretty much the only caches you could get on our route!) We're now steadily making our way towards 100 finds - perhaps we'll make that milestone one for abroad too!!

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My first ever cache find was GC1773G (Bedfont Lakes - Motte).

What makes it memorable is that it was on my birthday, the car was in the garage being mended, it was hoofing down with rain and I got searched by Mr Plod for acting suspiciously in the bushes!! :laughing: !

What a way to kick off a hobby! :laughing:

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