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  1. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend as I am out of holiday days, I need to keep my remaining days back for an attempt on the west coast of Jura later in the year.
  2. I only use direction up on my car satnav when going long distance (on holiday or such like) if I am out caching always north up as I find it easier to relate to where I am heading next.
  3. Cache available to premium members only is an attrubute that is set by the cache owner when ther list the cache. It is only about who can view the cache not about the merits of the cache itself.
  4. An interesting location yet again and a place I have been to a few times. exactly what altitude were you planning?
  5. I just dump a PQ to GPS, iPhone and car satnav once a month. After that I just head to a nice looking area for a walk that has some caches and hunt for any I pass.
  6. GC2B48H Blue Barn Box, this one was set by Town102 (our local radio station and from the CO's e-mail address they work there. They don't seem to be a very frequent visitor to the site however.
  7. I had been considering a hike to wherever on mainland UK is the furthest from roads (just to say I have been there). Maybe I will change my plans as I worked in Cornwall for a few years and met my wife there and we spent our honeymoon on Scilly.
  8. I will be in Southern China (based in Huizhou) from mid Feb until mid March 2012, which includes 29th Feb, a day I feel I must go caching. I see there are caches in Shenzhen and in Guangzhou which are both areas I can/will travel to. Anyone planning anything in the area for Feb 29th leap year?
  9. Looking forward to hearing how the walk/hike went and some approximate timings. I might give it a go on boxing day as my wife has to work, subject to weather and finding a way of getting back at the end.
  10. I still hunt for a few of the more remote caches by map and compass. The basic method is mark on an OS map where the cache is then to get to a nearby identifiable point on map/ground (bend in path, stream crosses path, path enters woods Etc) and read off distance and bearing from that point to the cache. You then count paces or measure timings (Naismiths rule) to work out when you are there. I used this to find my first 50 caches quite successfully although did not find offsets and multi's so easy. I still practise the technique as it is useful to be able to navigate by map and compass when I go hiking in the mountains. For offsets, multi's Etc you need to convert from degrees of Lat/Lon into distance which can be approximated but a conversion factor will only work accurately over a small area if you moved miles away you would need a revised conversion factor (I think so anyway). Maybe Gillywig and Grahame will be along to explain it all better that I can?
  11. I found my firdst 50 with OS map and compass plus cache description and clue, then a friend gave me a GPS. My sister Gillywig has found 2079 without a GPS and must be an expert at counting paces by now.
  12. Hi Mobcacher, thanks for the info, I will give that a go. The 2 gpx files of closest to home unfound caches (and child waypoints) arrived in my e-mail in box as a zip file (from pq generator) the good thing for me was that droppingthe zip file into GSAK and then exporting gpx file gave me a file I could copy to my Nuvi and each cache type got a different icon suggested parking even got a P. When I edit the waypoints transferred to the Nuvi after the software upgrade they all have the correct symbols I want the Nuvi just does not display them. Does the POI loader allow different icons for different cache types?
  13. Hi Mobcacher, I have not been using a macro, I have been exporting gpx file from GSAK and copying it to my Nuvi1300 and up until sugrading the software I always got geocache symbols on the Nivi map, I now only get black dots. If I go into the GC waypoint on the Nuvi and edit the waypoint, the symbol shows as correct IE a treasurechest, I can change it to something else but the map does not change. From this it seems the problem is the firmware upgrade on the Nuvi but I cant find a way back to the previous version
  14. I am running V5.4 on my Nuvi but still cant get anything other that the small black square rather than my chosen icons when using GHSAK to export .gpx file.
  15. I just updated my Nuvi 1300 and now have the problem of all geocaches appearing as small black dots rather than the symbols I used to get. I use GSAK and export .GPX file which has always worked for me until the software upgrade. Has anyone found a fix?
  16. A few recently placed cache trails has encouraged me to do more caching lately after a fall in my finds rate. All of the trails I have done have taken me out into the countryside and given nice views, how could I resist? Another favourite type of cache would be something remote where I have to hike all day (or longer) to find one or two caches (GCX0AW, GCX7K6 on West caoast of Jura highly recommended). I find there is room in my caching life for both.
  17. I will be driving up Saturday night (from Ipswich, Suffolk) having a relaxing day's caching on Sunday then on the ferry to Eigg Monday morning. Anyone else heading up from east Anglia?
  18. Closest 0.093 miles and farthest 5894 miles,, so at our latitude in the UK what is the farthest it could be? I guess living on the equator would give the largest possible distance?
  19. If it was heat rash then I think I should have it, it was 30 degrees C and 85% humidity at the weekend where I am working right now (China) I managed 1 Earthcache (GC205H5)before heading for somewhere with aircon. I have at times ended up with a rash after hunting around in undergrowth but never managed to pin it down to a specific plant.
  20. I am strangely drawn to remote caches which have not been discovered for some time, most recently I hiked 25 miles to find GCX0AW and GCX7K6 on the remote west coast of Jura (Scotland)
  21. Peanut tracker bars and a bag of mixed nuts and raisins and if it is going to be a long day then a Ginsters Cornish pasty. All backed up by good old water
  22. Hi all, I am planning to hike this route in June this year to fit inbetween the event caches set by Simply Paul. Has anyone tackled this trail including all the caches along it? I am thinking I would park at the Glenclova end hike to the Breamar end and then back which would allow me to pick any missed caches and to cover other caches in the area around Glenclova as theer is an obvious loop to complete at that end. A nights wild camping sems to be in order somewhere along the route but any experience on timings including the caches would be appreciated.
  23. I will be 50 this year and will be celebrating with a year of memorable caching trips.
  24. Hi Simply Paul, is the schedule of events you proposed back in December final? I would like to lock down my plans and book holiday from work to fit in around the events.
  25. Looking forward to seeing more of the events listed so I can firm up my plans and confirm with work which week I will be taking off. I keep looking at my rucksack Etc and thinking maybe something bigger is in order to accomodate some overnight hikes inbetween the events.
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