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  1. Why not make your own? Plenty of window cling inkjet film on Ebay.. Ebay Inkjet clingy film! PAUL.
  2. Congrats to me for my 500th find last weekend, during a wander on Brighton Pier while taking a break from the 2011 London to Brighton Land Rover Rally. :lol: :lol:
  3. Slightly off topic, but THIS may be of interest... PAUL.
  4. Just for giggles, I tried to register my 3 year old 60Csx and my 2 1/2 year old Nuvi 250W.. I now have an extra 4 months in total! And as a bonus, I get a free full European map update for the Nuvi too! :D :D :D
  5. Just for giggles, I tried to register my 3 year old 60Csx and my 2 1/2 year old Nuvi 250W.. I now have an extra 4 months in total! :D :D :D
  6. Which browser are you using? For some reason it works better with Firefox than IE. I am using IE; my husband tried on his Apple too using Safari. None of them worked. I may be asking the obvious, but are you logged into Geocaching.com when you try to get the 30 day freebie? This caught me out, as I was using my work pc, which was set NOT to log me on automatically, unlike my home pc. As soon as I logged in, connected my 2 Garmin gpsr's, all was good to go. I think the plugin is useable only by the browser that installed it, so if you have FF and IE, you'll need to install it on both!
  7. IT WORKS!! :D :D Just registered my 18 month old Colorado 300 and shiny new 62ST.. Got an additional 2 months on my membership... :D
  8. Err.. Not quite true.. I have a HTC Desire (Android).. Fantastic smartfone, good GPS, plenty of geocaching apps and the list goes on and on.. My GPS collection includes a 60CSX, Colorado 300, and now a nice shiny brand new 62ST.. I'd much rather have a rugged, weather resistant GPS for outdoor activities, than use a delicate smartfone, and I am sure I am not alone in thinking this. Oh well, enough of this, Happy New Year 2011 to everyone! :D :D PAUL.
  9. I called Garmin UK today for a similar problem.. If I load multiple GPX files (Pocket Queries) then all but the last one fails to get indexed, and at the last count, 1300 caches were not being listed. The chaps at Garmin were quite helpful, but didn't know how to fix it. I asked how to get the GPX files read from the SD card, as putting them in the usual \Garmin\GPX folder didn't work.. Again, the Garmin chaps had no idea.. They tried copying the files to the usual places on the Sd card, no joy, one even asked me to email in 10megs of files so he could check them! The same files that work on my Colorado 300 and 60Csx.. Anyway, after much fettling and playing (all on works time!!), I got it working.. Garmin technical went home at 14:30, and I was eager to play! First delete everything in the 62's onboard "Garmin\GPX folder" Second, create a "Garmin\GPX" folder on the SD card. In this folder, you need to create a folder called "Current". Third, upload your GPX files to the "Garmin\GPX" folder on the SD card.. I've no idea why it works when you have the "Current" folder on the SD card, but if I delete it, then the problem comes back... WEIRD!!!! Sorry if this has been posted before, but the GC forum search I used today was worse than useless at returning relevant info! Happy new year for 2011, Paul.
  10. I tried to get a free 30 days with my shiny new 62ST, but nowt, zilch, nada, fek all! Paul.
  11. Not exactly tobogganning, but I did manage 60.2mph on SnowBlades last skiing holiday! Scared the bejeezus out of me, but was so much fun, I had to go and give it another crack.. Only managed 59.8mph on the second go!!
  12. What really narks me is finding bags of dog sh1t near the cache.. Why can't the owners take them to the nearest bin? Rant over!! Happy xmas, new year, Easter, birthday!!
  13. I know a pub in Titsey Hill, lovely fire place and once Woppy's stomping ground. Anyway Im happy that the bug is out of there- Pratts Bottom has tearful memories of getting lost just off the M25. I thank you and anytime i can help in our area then I will I salute you How about here......
  14. Or even British cachers!! Don't worry it's an easy mistake to make as many people think that the United Kingdom only consists of the one country!! Well, technically, Wales is a principality... (stands back and awaits the flak!!!)
  15. One set of caches I did ages ago was in central London.. I knew it would be muggle central.. So I had a patch made up saying "Radiation Leak Survey".. I velcro'd it to my ex plod hi-viz bullet proof vest (very heavy, looks like a radiation proof garment), and WOW, people soon buggered off when they read what was on my back! And completely off topic, if I wear said vest under my coat on the way to work, I am guaranteed to get a seat on the tube!
  16. Don't forget that kids are great "urban camo"... They really do make it easy to hunt for caches.... Well, as long as you make them hunt in the most public and muggle obvious places!
  17. My first ever cache find was GC1773G (Bedfont Lakes - Motte). What makes it memorable is that it was on my birthday, the car was in the garage being mended, it was hoofing down with rain and I got searched by Mr Plod for acting suspiciously in the bushes!! ! What a way to kick off a hobby!
  18. The 60CSx is a great bit of kit.. I have one and a Colorado, and in my opinion, the 60CSx is a better GPS, but lacks the bells and whistles of the Colorado. I know Handtec do a load of NOH (white box) kit, and I am sure you would be getting a bargain.. Just check you get a proper manufacturers warranty first. Then if it goes tits up, you will get the usual great customer service that Garmin have shown in the past.
  19. Hi vizibility green vest, clipboard and a hard hat = Amazing urban camo!!
  20. Surely Captain Jack Sparrow has an accurate treasure map, and as for his compass, well, if Garmin or one of the others could just replicate that, then I would be at the front of the queueueue to buy one! Cheers for the latest updates Martin...
  21. Is it... Whose your favourite plumber? Mine's Christopher. My fave plumber is ME!
  22. go for it !! and any chance of selling the gps ???? It's in the post!
  23. I have a basic Magellan GPS320 that you can have for postage..... It's been sitting on top of my wardrobe for longer than I can remember! No maps, just a basic GPS... It's boxed, has a serial / car power lead, manual and all the bits.... Not quite a 60CSX, but it works.... Holler if you want it.. Paul.
  24. do a google for this : _IO Cable_PL-2303HX_Drivers_Generic_PL2303_XP2KME98Driver_Setup.zip Works with the 3 different USB adaptors i have used, and all on Win XP, Vista and Win7.. If you cant find it with Google, drop ma a PM, and I'll email it to you..
  25. Just made two night caches and used the above - hi-vis approach and then stuck them to trees with no nails - works a treat. Cut the strips into 10mm and 25mm squares with a Stanley. Put a blob of no nails on the tree then press the square (reflective side out) into it. Will work on metal posts, seats, bridges, gates, sheep and cachers with no problem Last week, I blagged some freebie A6 samples of 3M reflective sheet. Enough to make loads of firetacks.. I laminated a few bits, and these "firetags" can be hung from branches, barbed wire fences etc with a bit of string or a cable tie.. The company I used was "William Smith"....
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