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newbie dumb question

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Typically, you should sign the log book.




What are the rules in Geocaching?

1. If you take something from the cache, leave something of equal or greater value.

2. Write about your find in the cache logbook.

3. Log your experience at www.geocaching.com.


Note that there are other "creative" ways to sign the log book if you find that you don't have a pen.


Dirt, grass, blood, etc. can be used. :blink:

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Just make your mark anyway you can. A camera helps - you and the cache.


If that just isn't possible, zip the cache owner a quick email explaining the situation and giving some details that makes it obvious you found the cache. Most will be pretty cool about it.


Or go back later with a pen and sign the log.

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Thanks for the help folks, being new to the game i'd rather do things right if i can rather than muck things up for everyone else. Some interesting ideas for ink replacement though, the only prob with using blood is it could be used for DNA profiling if you end up being a suspected terrorist wandering around picking up hidden messages! :blink:

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Sign and date log is a requirement if you are to get credit for finding my caches, as should be for all Cache Owners....or you could stay home and log caches from your couch....You found the forum, so why not find a cache with a pen...I have 3 pens on a lanyard that is part of my caching equipment. There is no excuse for not have a pen/pencil at the cache site. Stay safe.

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If i find a cache then realise I dont have a pen to sign the logbook, does this count as a found cache or do I need to return to the cache and sign the log?

would someone please explain GPX files to me and why cant I download a whole page of caches into my GPS at one t ime??as you can tell. im very new here

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A cache owner is within their rights to delete any online log that doesn't have a corresponding "signature" in the cache physical log.


Aside from that there is no law that specifically states a cache owner MUST delete a log from someone who didn't physically sign the log.


The term "sign" is vague. You could leave a written signature behind or find some way to "sign" the log. You could send a message to the cache owner sayng that the brown streak that looks like mud is your signature. I'm sure there are dozens of ways to "mark" a log that is not destructive.


The only thing that appears written in stone is that a cache owner can not delete your online log if you did, indeed, sign the physical log.

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I've been seeing this a bit lately. People logging finds on this site with remarks like, "no pen, but I found it" I even saw this one a cache that had four DNF's, then a note from the owner saying it was missing and it would be replaced and then a person a week later logging a find, meanwhile the cache is still under maintenance.


Also seeing a few of the, second time finding this, didn't sign this time. How are people logging two or more finds per cache. Oh well, integrity people...

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The only thing that appears written in stone is that a cache owner can not delete your online log if you did, indeed, sign the physical log.


I beg to differ. I would and have deleted 'found' logs if they are spoilers :( , regardless of whether I believe the person has found the cache or not. Usually we give them the option of editing the log first, or re-logging if we have already deleted it. I would also delete a found log if it used inappropriate language :D or similar.




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