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  1. Umm...hopefully not in that order.
  2. hmmm....maybe bears would stop going after you if you stopped carrying fish around. Makes for smelly pockets anyway. And I agree with Isonzo - hamsters are better because they can run. Throw a fish at a bear and it just falls on the ground. You just gotta hope and pray the hamster runs in the opposite direction that you are.
  3. This sounds really cool. I would definitely be up for it.
  4. Congrats! Your first find is the first of many milestones in this addictive game!
  5. That's great! We had to bushwack through briars and brush to get to our first find, and almost gave up because our gps was a little bit off. It was an ammo can that was well stocked, so it was a really fun first find. The harder you have to work for them, the more satisfying the find is.
  6. "Ask not what the trackable can do for you, but what you can do for the trackable." hehee.....I know, it was corny. But I look at it this way - finding travel bugs is fun, I agree. But we are supposed to be the vessels that facilitate the movement of the bugs; they are not for our personal entertainment, even if we do experience joy from finding them. If someone else gets to the TB before I do, great - the point is to get it moving and it doesn't matter who does it. Not to me, anyway.
  7. Thank you, Castle, but I wasn't offended by your comments. I have no problem with a difference of opinion.
  8. I have found that rubbermaid and/or similar containers warp when exposed to water and changes in temperature. That's why after using them a few times from the dishwasher to the fridge to the microwave, eventually the covers just won't seal anymore. The same thing happens outside in the elements. Cachers may be putting the lid on securely and the warped shape of the lid can slowly pry a corner loose after they've already walked away.
  9. They make bitter apple spray to encourage dogs to stay off the furniture in your home, but I'm not sure how any kind of oil or spray will hold up under the elements outdoors. Maybe you could hot glue pieces of bark, branches or leaves around the outside of the cache instead of using loose pieces that can be carried away?
  10. Thanks for all the feedback. I will do what I can to avoid problems - wear a mask, bring my own replacement log, etc. but I didn't think it would hurt to bring it to the attention of cache owners that a damp log is more than just a nuisance. Those without allergy problems may have never thought anything about it and I happen to be one that likes to be informed on how I can make this a more enjoyable experience for others. Just because I make a request on behalf of myself and others with the same problem that some consideration be made if possible doesn't mean I've chosen the wrong hobby or that I'm not willing to work hard or put up with inconveniences for it. I currently have so many scratches and bruises from geocaching I've lost count, and I took pictures of the big, long bloody scrape I got up my leg from the vicious desert thorns in AZ b/c I was proud of my "battle wound." I haven't placed a cache yet, but I plan to take responsibility for it and keep it as dry, clean and well-stocked as possible. If I find that to be impossible, then I will be happy to come back and apologize. In the meantime, if people can complain that soggy logs suck just because they're a pain, then I feel I have the right to complain that soggy logs suck because they make me physically ill. But it's nice to know that some of you can always be counted on for a sarcastic and degrading comment in response to a perfectly innocent post. I'm sure this gives newbies much confidence to ask their questions in a safe and helpful environment. -K
  11. If someone reports that your log is damp please, please, PLEASE make an effort to replace it as soon as possible. Some seem to describe damp logs as nothing more than an annoyance, but for some of us with severe mold/mildew allergies it can be downright dangerous. If the log book doesn't have an opportunity to dry out soon after getting wet, it's going to begin to grow mold and/or mildew. Those spores, when inhaled by a cacher with hypersensitivity to this particular allergen, can cause really bad reactions. After a couple of musty smelling logs and resultant sinusitis and severe headaches, I'm wondering if I'm going to be forced to take a DNF on a damp log I can't sign. I don't need this going to my lungs.
  12. We have done a couple in a local theme called "Countdown to 40" where someone placed a new cache each week, I think, to countdown to his wife's 40th birthday. The birthday recently came and went but it's still fun going after the caches and it was fun seeing them gradually build over several weeks. - K Oh, NM - after reading some of the other answers I didn't realize we were talking about themed items in the cache itself, not cache hunts with a theme. My bad.
  13. I can't remember where, but I did either read about or saw a video about someone caching and finding a beautiful box - they were surprised that a cache would be hidden in such an elaborate container, until they opened it and discovered that it was actually an urn placed in honor of a beloved pet, not a cache. The cache was nearby, and the CO probably had no idea of the existence of the urn. It's really no different than visiting someone's grave. And unless it said otherwise, it could have been animal remains, if that makes it any less creepy to you.
  14. Thank you for this thread. Just reading this, I finally "get" the whole letterbox thing. Until now, it seemed interesting but I couldn't quite grasp the concept. I didn't realize that each letter-boxer has their own personal logbook in which they "collect" the different stamps, just like I used to collect different stickers. And since that's the case, I would imagine a commercially mass-produced stamp would be rather disappointing. So, what's a good size for a stamp? What kind of log books do you all use? Or does that vary from person to person? Are there specific letterboxing logbooks or do you make your own? I like this idea!
  15. No, I was about to attempt one of them and then saw the DNF history (it's a 1/1) so I started looking into it further to see if it was possible that it was just a difficult find. Then I noticed a similar trend with the other caches hidden by the same members. When I asked about "reporting" the cacher, I didn't mean to report them as in get them in trouble or anything. I was just asking if there was a way to have something like this looked into since the CO don't seem to be responding to any requests for maintenance or multiple DNFs on a 1/1. Guess I was just enthusiastic to help weed out defunct hides, help my fellow cachers out who may be wasting their time searching for non-existent caches, and improve the game for everyone in my area. Newbie over-exuberance I guess. -K
  16. Thanks, everyone. I will try to contact the CO and see how that goes.
  17. There are 6 active hides by a local cacher that seems to have gone AWOL. They signed up last July, hid 8 caches (but have no found caches on their profile at all) and haven't logged on to GC.com since last November. 5 of their 6 active hides have multiple DNFs and are causing a lot of frustration for people trying to find caches that probably disappeared long ago. Is there any way to report this to someone? GC1JDQN GC1FH59 GC1FH55 GC1FH53 GC1E418 GC1E412 TIA -K
  18. I've seen some "signatures" on logs that are actually stamps or stickers. I kinda like that idea. I'm assuming this is also acceptable? Of course, if you forgot your pen, you probably forgot your stamp, too.....
  19. lmao!!!! ok i could not help but laugh at the responses. i have been on one horrible trip to canadia, and you cant make me go back!!!!! as far as the gps goes, i believe that you have to addjust from waas to waas eh. and if a local shop owner wants to show you around her crystal shop with your two youngsters in tow, -caps- run run run -end caps-. i like the crown royal they make though. -d of the hudsonfam.
  20. Didn't anyone tell you that's the newbie initiation? Extra stickers and big spiders were added just for you. hehee...yeah, marking your waypoint on the way in is the best way to go. Sorry you didn't even find the cache after all that, but it's ok! The more experience you get the easier it becomes to spot the cache. Welcome to geocaching!
  21. The "there are people in wheelchairs" response was scheduled for post #35 in the scheduled weekly lame lpc thread. You're just a wee bit early. My apologies! I'm still kinda new here and haven't quite got the schedule down. I think I had "lame cache locations" and "lame cache swag" confused. Will try harder next time! -K
  22. As my best friend and I often say (as she battles colon cancer) - Cancer Sucks!!! However, as much as it sucks, it doesn't have to take away the things you enjoy. You'll know when you're ready to get out there again. Wear safety glasses to protect your natural eye and your prosthetic. Hunt with a friend until you get a feel for how "differently" things look to you with only one eye. But there's no reason for you to have to give it up. Cancer sucks, but being alive is pretty awesome.
  23. 2 points to ponder: 1. Think of the people who are in wheelchairs or need scooters to get around that want to enjoy this activity, too. LPCs are a great find for them - they can't exactly take their chairs and go bushwhacking through briars. Every cache serves a purpose for someone, but if this particular type doesn't serve a purpose for you, simply avoid them. 2. Want to find a way to appreciate those LPCs and Phone-a-Friends more? Try doing a streak. I see the most consecutive days you've gone so far is 8. Try for 50 or a 100 day streak. Then when it's nearing the end of day 44 and you realize you haven't found a cache yet and you're going to blow your streak, a nice and easy LPC will look quite inviting.
  24. Welcome and all the best to you! It's great of you to include your little brother and take him with you - it's a really good way for family to spend quality time together. I hope your mom gets into it more, too. And the photo postcards are a fantastic idea - I would love to find something like that in a cache. But as was already suggested, make sure it's packaged carefully so it's air and water tight.
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