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  1. Hi, I live in Middlesbrough and would be happy to meet up as i'm often in Stockton for different things and meet up if you wish. Search for me on geocaching.com and send me a message.
  2. Check out the Yorkshire Geocaching website for a discussion on Whitespace & also the Werewolf cache in the Cache Specific Chat section.
  3. The specs list wireless capability (WLAN ) and two USB ports which I assume the etrex 10 uses to connect to computers. The only potential issue I can envisage is driver issues with the android OS. Hope fully someone who has experience of android can answer that issue.
  4. Thanks Chief301. I came to the forum to find out if adding waypoints was possible as I've been reluctant to do multi's before. Now I know how easy it is I can go for a few local premium multi caches.
  5. I have done the same with a cache I adopted. But I don't see the point with a genuine hide.
  6. I would guess the only real difference would be the transmission distance of the lidl units. Probably wont be quite as good as the motoralas but unless you're going to the countryside and going to be a few kilometres apart it shouldn't be too much of an issue. Pmr radios are great for when you are at your out of town retail centres as well.
  7. I would be up for this. I have been meaning to do this walk for a few years now and need an reason to train / make my excuses.
  8. Thanks, rutson. Just tried importing my finds from gsak to mm. no probs at all. interesting icons as well. Thanks again
  9. bearhugger - i hug like a bear. 1972 - the PSI i can squeeze to!!!
  10. Can some one please give me some clues on how to solve GC1P6ZX , I'm not wanting someone to give me the answer but clue on how to solve. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. The first time i was going for a cache just before the 10 year event i was attending. As we were walking up to gz there was someone quite obviously looking for something and the second time a guy was 'standing guard' while his wife was searching. I think he panicked a first but then saw the etrex round my neck.
  12. As far as i understand, (maybe completely wrong but sure someone will correc me), gpx files can contain a lo more information. I think Easygps sends information to your gps as a loc file which contains less information so if you go down the gpx into easygps into gpsr there may be less information. Personally i would recommend using GSAK instead of easygps. Takes a bit more learnig but worth it.
  13. I have a Garmin Venture HC and data cable. When i send a cache to my gpsr i also copy and paste the GC number, title, clue and any other information i think is relevant into a word processor (i have Word, Wordpad, notepad and openoffice writer). I have a 10 cache hike planned for Saturday and all 10 caches info is on 1 and a bit sides of A4. Just need to turn the sheet over when printing. And as for usb cables, try Amazon. The usb drivers are easy to find and download online. Garmin Usb driver download
  14. Thanks for the help folks, being new to the game i'd rather do things right if i can rather than muck things up for everyone else. Some interesting ideas for ink replacement though, the only prob with using blood is it could be used for DNA profiling if you end up being a suspected terrorist wandering around picking up hidden messages!
  15. If i find a cache then realise I dont have a pen to sign the logbook, does this count as a found cache or do I need to return to the cache and sign the log?
  16. I live in Middlesbrough which used to be part of the county of cleveland. This county has now been disolved and there are now four unitary authourities of middlesbrough, redcar & cleveland, stockton-on-tees, and hartlepool. Technically i suppose i dont live in a county but i consider my self to live in north yorkshire, which i understand middlesbrough was a part of before some one thought up the county of cleveland. i'm sure there are people in other parts of the uk who are in a similar situation. where does the question of county leave us?
  17. I live in England, UK, and the price of petrol is £1.03 a litre which roughly works out at $8 a gallon in USA money if my guess is correct. Fortunately there are a lot of caches reasonably close to where i live and plenty of opportunity to hide caches.
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