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Get well soon Mustang Joni!

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Here's the latest update from Hedge Hopper:


What was originally thought to be pneumonia didn't react to antibiotics, so yesterday they did a lung biopsy. Results should be back in a day or two. As of now she's in decent condition and is aware of the community's beautiful outpouring of kindness.


Thanks geocachers! :D

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Mustang Joni, I am sadden to read the forums for the first time in about a week, I am so sorry to hear you have been in the hospital. I would like to wish you a Get Well Soon, from across the Miles and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you will recover from being sick very soon.




Valarie of sweetlife

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Long time geocoin maven and all around great person Mustang Joni has been in the hospital since this last Sunday. She will be there for at least a couple more days unfortunately. B) Please keep her in your prayers.


I think she has access to the Internet and might even see this thread.


Get well soon Joni!! :mad:

Joni Get well soon but if you need anything give us a call see you soon

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Wow, what a nice thread. I'd been able to keep up with a few sites, but logging in hear was a problem, because Craig and I share this laptop. But I think I have it now. Of course if this post says Hedge Hopper....


I was really touched to read this thread. I have just been overwhelmed with support from so many of you. Please know, that my love goes back to each and every one of you.


The medical stuff is just a stubborn case of pnuemonia, with an underlying "stubborn" infection. I think they have it, and are talking about releasing me today or tomorrow. I think there are concerns about me taking over.....LOL


If the medical crew starts to look like the above posted pictures, I'm coming back to stay!


Thanks everybody!

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.. I think they have it, and are talking about releasing me today or tomorrow. I think there are concerns about me taking over.....LOL..


yay! about the releasing part, not necessarily about the taking over part. although that could be fun. you must be quite "something" in the hospital. hmmmm, are you the patient from heck? :mad:


take it easy for a few minutes after you get out!



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Great to read that you're feeling better.....and getting back home soon! I hate hospitals, was once told that I'd only be in for 10 days, and ended up being in there for 13 WEEKS... since then I've had "White Coat Phobia". So it's wonderful to read that you're going home! <_<

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