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Dog poop


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Hey, does anybody out there know how to make the fake geocache dog poop? :laughing:


Yeah, go buy 2 fake dog poop items for like 5.00.

Last ones I purchased were 2.54 each online.

Fill the bottom with Caulk with the container inside. Takes a few days to dry, but works very well.

Expanding foam doesn't work - tried that.

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Buy a fake dog and cram food into it. Whatever comes out the other end is fake dog poop.

Wouldn't that make it Real Fake dog poop? Should be using fake food.

All I got was a mess; and a mad wife for having to clean up the dining room table.


I tried to bake some real poop, the house stank for a week - and I had to buy a new oven on principal she said.


I hope she lets me come home soon... I miss my bed.

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I had one years ago, that I made out of store bought fake poop in 2006. It kept getting chewed up by rodents. I finally took some aluminum foil, about 6"x24" and put some sand the entire 24" lengnth. Then wrapped it up in a 24" long tube and coiled it up in the proper configuration. Painted it and it actually turned out very good. It even had some weight to it, which thouroghly disgusted many cachers. I just sat it on top of a flat round container in semi-thick grassland type area (think thats why I had rodents, but didn't want leaves covering it). Paint kept washing off, I'm sure I didn't primer it correctly. Didn't feel like maintaining it anymore and heard there weret a ton of them, although I've never seen another, so I archived it. The name was "It happens"

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Of course, the questiona rise why anyone would want to be so tasteless and disgusting as to create a fake dog poop cache????

I have a few scat caches. I use spent ammo brass and epoxy, add some hair and spray paint it brown. Place it on a large flat rock to mimic Fox or Coyote scat. Also you can form it a little different and paint it drab olive and add some white-out to mimic goose droppings. These caches are great for Parks in high muggle areas. I'm a hunter, and I really know my scat. :)

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You could always bake a real one, hollow it out to insert the container, shellac it and tell people it is fake.


Baking is not required if you harvest it at the right time. (Having once had a kennel of 26 Huskies, I know my poop). Too fresh and it's too mushy to work with. Too old (sunbaked) and it's too hard/brittle. You want it firm and still malleable so you can insert your micro container in it. Marine Varnish works better than shellac, the more coats the better. The idea of gluing some roughage on it, hair or bits of bone, is a good idea, to give it that "wild" look. :)

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While I can laugh a little at the touch of evil that goes into a poop hide, some of us cache with ckildren and do we really want to encourage them to poke at waste?


"Ooh! Daddy, I think I see it and... ewwwww!"


LOL. Just sayin.. not all kids may use a stick first.


Then teach them to use a stick. Problem solved.

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