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  1. I'd find SOME way to mark the log (grass or leaves work great except in the winter, or a dirty stick). Doesn't have to be a "signature" or initials, just a unique mark. Or take a picture of the log (maybe next to your GPS receiver) to show that you actually did find the cache and retrieve the log. Then log it online, mentioning what you did. Most likely the next finder (unless it's one of those "TFTC" loggers) will mention your mark. In your case, go ahead and log it online.
  2. I've cached in rural areas where you could get seriously hurt (intentionally or accidentally) if you ignore "No Trespassing" signs. Some people in rural areas are VERY particular about who they allow on their land, especially after they've picked up the trash left by inconsiderate campers who have wandered over from public land. "I'm sorry, officer, I was just out back shooting at targets with my hunting rifle here. I had no idea that someone had illegally trespassed because he was behind those trees, and didn't even know I'd shot the fool until I went to pick up the target." Example: Last log of THIS CACHE. No "No Tresspassing" sign, but a definite property boundary (unfinished fence). I was FTF in the new location, and feel lucky to be alive. I won't cross "No Trespassing" signs unless the CO states explicit permission in the description and specifically mentions the signs.
  3. A friend of mine has a cache where you have to find him to get the info for the trackable, which also has the cache coordinates. I don't know if this would still be allowed, though, because I think the current rules require you to be able to obtain the coordinates without contacting the owner.
  4. I'd make at least a T1.5 if a non-physically fit adult couldn't retrieve it (wheelchair-bound, elderly, small child, etc.). Plus I'd maybe bump up the difficulty factor a bit, unless the hiding spot is obvious.l
  5. Big bummer that INATN is gone. I've only been caching on business trips lately (not very often). I logged in to see how many more caches to turn San Bernadino County, CA a different color (this county is bigger than lots of east-coast states, so it's a big chunk of the national map) only to discover the loss. I completely agree with the reasoning behind shutting it down. Family and paying the bills are both more important than anything related to geocaching, so kudos for getting your priorities together and having the guts to shut down the site in the face of angst. But speaking of angst, refusing to release the code because you claim it's bad programming is bogus. I personally wouldn't know PHP from PCP, but there are geocaching coders out there who could figure it out without breaking a sweat. Saying you won't release it because it's proprietary (it's mine and you can't touch it), or you want to keep it tight because you might come back in the unknown future, or you stole the code from somewhere else and don't want to get discovered would all be legitimate excuses that I'd believe. But refusing to help thousands of geocachers because you think you're a bad programmer? That's just not true, or else you need a big shot of self-confidence. But even if you just want to keep the code private because it's yours and you're not sharing, I really do thank you for sharing a portion of your skills with us for the time you did. And I'm truly happy for you that your life is too full and content to not have enough time to maintain this site.
  6. Don't feel bad, joemanfro... the concept is sound and is commonly implemented on many many sites, so why not here? The reason is that attributes, diff/ter ratings, and even "finds" are relatively arbitrary and are defined by the individual hider or finder. You might find a "wading" attribute in the sonoran desert, or an "available in winter" attribute in Florida. But the most critical reason is that people already use creative reasoning for finds, and all it does is increase a number. Some log finds if they're in the same parking lot as the LPC. Some people log finds on random caches. Give them a shiny new achievement badge, and the whining about lying loggers will reach ear-splitting levels.
  7. I normally ignore them, but I did look for one a few weeks ago that was supposed to be hidden on a piece of playground equipment. But it was a night-only cache and the playground was quite deserted. Too bad I couldn't find it... and I gave that frog a really good frisking.
  8. How appropriate. At that link, Youtube tells me "An error occurred, please try again later." It's an old ad for "Rock 'em sock 'em robots". I watched the video, but I'm still getting the 500 error, so it didn't work. Any more ideas?
  9. At 5:37 PDT I cannot access any cache pages. All return a 500 error. Others have reported the same problem in a different thread.
  10. Oops, just spotted THIS thread, which is probably the problem. So hopefuly back up and running within a few minutes. Or not.
  11. Yup. I finally have access to a computer and just sat down to cache up on several weeks of logging, but now I can't get to any cache pages. I'm currently in Ontario, CA, if that helps.
  12. That got it! I'd actually tried to go through Topo 8, except I'd tried directly exporting from Topo to the receiver. To get it to work I now: 1. Export sorted and filtered GPX file from GSAK 2. Run "fix" macro (is this needed now? I'll try not running it) 3. Drag & drop the GPX file into Topo 4. Export from Topo back to GPX 5. Copy to SD card (I guess I could export directly to SD card in step 4) Anyone know of any shortcuts from this? What about a macro that I can run from GSAK to avoid the Topo step?
  13. I have a PN-40 and recently (tonight) installed firmware 2.7. The promise of dozens of GPX files with geocaching information in all the parts of the country where I travel is simply tantalizing. But I can't get it to work. I've tried numerous methods, but the best result is this: I create GPX files in GSAK. I've tried running the "fix" macro and not running it. I copy the GPX files to the "gpx" directory on the SD card. I can now load any of the individual files. Unfortunately, when I load the waypoint file, all the geocaches have red pushpins. Is this the trade-off for multiple thousands of caches in the field, red push-pins? If so, it's not worth it. Does anyone know the process to get full geocache info into a readable GPX file on the SD card? If not, I'll go back to directly exporting from GSAK to the receiver. Thanks in advance!
  14. Yeah, who needs useless instructions like, "The park is only open until dark; you'll get arrested if caught there after hours," or, "don't park (location) or your vehicle will get towed!"
  15. I think the new white space is ugly less than attractive, and inefficient. When I'm at work with dual 19" LCDs I have no problem. But on a small laptop screen it's a pain because of all the scrolling; unfortunately, most of my geocaching-related browsing is on a small laptop screen at home. So it's not just an "ugly" issue, it's a functionality issue. Also, comparing the number of complainers in the forums to the total number of geocachers is a very dishonest use of statistics. The vast majority of geocachers do not post here in the international forums. Of all the geocachers I know in real life, NONE are regulars here, and few post here at all. Some do not participate in any forums anywhere, and some participate in the hundreds of local or regional forums.
  16. If it's beyond "No Trespassing" signs I do not proceed farther, then later I'll post a note. Otherwise, if I find the cache, I log a find.
  17. I recommend a Delorme PN-30 or PN-40 (only difference is the -40 has an internal compass and barometer). Much cheaper than the Garmins, and they come with much better maps. And they can do full info paperless caching.
  18. I personally use AutoCAD, but that's $$$$$$ engineering drafting software that I have at work. Delorme's Topo 8 will do it, but that's not cheap either unless you get it free with a PN-nn receiver (like my new PN-40). BUT, since you have a me-phone, you could try the Geocaching Toolkit.
  19. I agree with most other responders in that I combing geocaching with hiking, biking, camping, exploring, etc. But maybe your friend knows a power cacher or two... you know the type. Laptop in a stand on the passenger seat with an air card, GPS receiver in a windshield mount and plugged up to the laptop, never get farther than 100-200 feet from the vehicle when searching, etc. Also, while I've never seen a cacher wearing frog ears (frogs don't have external ears... do they?), I have been to an event where one cacher was wearing a beanie with a propeller. Another cacher had a travel bug dog tag tattoed on his back, with a valid tracking number. That's all off the top of my head, but I could go back through my pictures if you want more examples.
  20. People make this complaint after every major update. I've made it at least once after not being able to download PQs the night before a big trip. They always ignore the complaint. But here again, it's simple. Update is 100% checked out and ready to go? Instead of immediately shutting the site down, post a simple announcement to the "Announcement" thread to give people a few days to a weeks warning: "Major upgrade planned for next week. Site will be down for a few hours starting at 10:00am PST on nn/nn/nn." Lots of people subscribe to the Announcement thread and can adjust their schedules accordingly. Yes, people will complain, but not nearly as many people as complain when they shut the site down without warning, yet again.
  21. Just remember that anyone opening the cache will have wet hands/arms/bodies and will drip into the container even if it's removed from the water first. They they'll seal the moister in the container, where it will sit. The cache sounds like an awesome idea, but make sure you try and keep mildewy things away (paper, cloth, stuffed animal TBs, etc.). Get a good rite-in-the-rain notebook as a log.
  22. I'm getting the error now. First, I could see my private profile and cache pages. But clicking to view any specific log or any public profile from any cache page would immediately generate a 500 error. Go to a different cache page, same issue. Cache is fine, links from page get 500 error. Now, after coming here to read up on any problems, I can't get to any page at www.geocaching.com. Exactly how many people got GPS receivers from Santa? Edit: polskikrol's RESET link worked
  23. A few days without a find is nothing for a complex, remote, or difficult cache: The Unfoundlings.
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