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  1. Well, "scat" didn't sound funny enough to me. oh you meant turd u can't say that
  2. Well, "scat" didn't sound funny enough to me. oh you meant turd
  3. Sounds like a great idea. If we bring chili, can it have beans? It can but don't refer to it as "chili"--Call it something else--pork and beans or tomato soup with meat and chili peppers and beans, or cowboy stew or something like that. No, we're not Chili Snobs, we just are arseholes.
  4. Talking ABOUT THE OCB GOT us THINKING ABOUT A CHILI PICNIC IN THE PARK, NOW THAT IT'S GETTING COOLER. Think we'll make an event for John Chestnut. No, there'll be NOBEANS in our chili...
  5. Course ,in a Jeep you just unzip a window and crawl in...
  6. When we contacted Jeep about a spare key for the Wrangler, it was like three hundred Georges--we're not THAT stupid--so we opted for one of those limited chip deals for thirty bucks from the locksmiths that will unlock the doors manually and start and run the car, but nothing else (no remote functions)--but that's all you REALLY need, right? Cache On!! WE DID try just having a duplicate metal key cut and it unlocked the doors and started the engine (to defeat the alarm), but the engine cuts off so you can't drive---good if you lock your keys in the vehicle, I guess)
  7. This weekend will be the first Fall weekend in Paradise--highs won't even get into the eighties--time to get those woods caches without all the blood and sweat and sweltering heat...
  8. INTERESTING concept. But 670.1 miles is a little out of our caching zone...
  9. Well, tell us about it or provide a link!-- 24 hours in a day...24 beers in a Dos Equis case....coincidence?
  10. Let's not forget to also thank Algore, who invented the internet and made all this possible...
  11. If you have ever done cemetery caches, you might be familiar with the fact that "cemetery" is one of the most often mis-spelled words in our language. People like to spell it with an"A" as in "cemetary". We have seen it spelled that way on plenty of cemetery signs. That said, check this out:
  12. Yeah, dehydration has never really worked for us as a weight loss method, either! Cache On.
  13. Do you guys realize how freakin' HOT it is out there???
  14. HERE is another ISQ in danger of archival....near Roanoke. ANOTHER AND THIS ONE
  15. There are a number of ISQ's in imminent danger of archival. Anybody who can help out, Please do so... KOSKIUSKO ALLEN WHITLEY ADAMS KOSCIUSKO ALLEN
  16. No offense, but are you people ALL lawyers???
  17. We eat and hang out. There are several good caches to find in the park, also caches along the sidewalk bounding the park which are good for bicycles. We look out for deers and Gators.. There are two events in the park on that day.
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