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Does anybody ever help with the objectives/goals of a Geocoin Traveler?


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I have created objectives or goals for my travel bugs and geocoins, but rarely do I see anybody try to meet them or upload pictures. I do the same; I log it in, take it (if I don't just "discover it"), and move it on. Sometimes when I go on trips, I will find a bunch to take with me to give it mileage before dropping them.


There seems to be tons of TB's and fewer Geocoins. Have you ever really seen these trackables meet their goals or even come close to any of its objectives? hmmm...

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I see them meet their goals all the time. Sure, sometimes people pay no attention to the goals, but more often than not people do. It really helps if a goal sheet is attached to the bug so people know right then and there if they can help it, versus it only being on the computer.

Sometimes it takes years to meet a goal, other times just a few months.

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Not very oten but last week Lindsychris had a coin that did. Its goal was to come to me and when I got it then its goal was to get back to them. They grabbed it back last week!


I have moved TBs and coins closer to their goals too. Most just seem to travel randomly

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I have a different perspective in that I do not look to see trackables that are in a cache I simply download the listings into the GPS and go sometimes a week or two before going. I am learning about the trackables and leaving most of them in the cache now, unless there is a mission tag with it attached to it. Without that I have no clue and figure it is best to just leave it.

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Side note. The first coin I ever bought to release was a 2005 USA geocoin. I activated it in October of 2005, with the goal to just travel cache to cache. Dropped it in a box that we hid for an informational class at the local college. Picked up three days later, and dropped in a cache a few miles away. It came up missing immediately, after two drops and 3.8 miles. I changed the goal to return to me, but it never did. I decided to send out a new metal copy I made in September of 2007, and wouldnt ya know? A day later, someone logs a discover on the coin and says they have it. They picked it up over 2 years ago, and just now getting to it. Woot!


Long story short, it took me 8 more months to get the coin physically back from them, which they just plopped in the mailbox one day out of the blue. But it made the goal ;)


I decided I was gonna take that little beauty far away from the Ohio badlands and drop it in a nice safe place in California, with the goal to travel again. I did, 5 days later, and well, guess what? It was gone again within 2 weeks, without being picked up by anyone. It's now missing again, with a new goal to come back to me, again, please B)


So you see, goals can be met sometimes, but it may take years to realize them.



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It helps if the coin has a note with it stating the mission, then I can decide if I can help or not if I find it in a cache. I was able to complete the mission for two travellers which was very satisfying, and helped several along the way and posted photos as requested. I think it is sad to see a coin page with a mission statement and a request for photos that has thousands of miles clocked up and not one photo posted, but at least they are travelling - unlike several of my 'missing' coins ;)

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We gave our TBs goals, but after sending them out I realized I just wanted to see where they went, and it doesn't matter where they go as long as they keep moving. Even if they just spend a lot of time at events I know they're out there having fun in places I'll never get to see, meeting people I'll never get to know. The only thing that annoys me a bit is that very few people take pictures, even though all our trackables' pages ask for photos. If we pick up a TB or coin that asks for pictures, we usually manage to post one or two before releasing it again. Getting a cool picture or finding a way to help a coin or TB meet its goal is almost as much fun as finding a cache! So when we release our new coins (assuming I ever finish admiring them) I'll still give them goals because other cachers might like the fun of helping them meet those goals, even though I don't really care if they do or not.

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See my travel bug TBF152 with over 16,000 miles and it's first goal completed successfully with the help of some great geocachers. It's now on its second goal, but having a little difficulty getting there.


That number is the TB reference number, not the tracking number. You will not be able to make a "vitual log" for it.



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Oh yeah!!!


I have taken many a Travel Bug and Geocoins on some really great missions.

I have taken them all across the USA even.


Just check out my travelers list especially the early TB and Coins.



Lucky Horshoe

This one brings back some great memories when we first got the Geo*girls.


Bearly Legal


Felix the Cat #2

Got to travel from the Start of the Sante Fe Trail for the kids.


Just to name a few.

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I've had several meet their goals, and helped a few along the way, too. Last week I was very pleased to receive a log from someone who brought my Run for the Roses geocoin to Saratoga, N.Y. and posted many photos. It's always great when people post photos:




Lately, I've been activating coins without goals, just to see them travel, and they've had some interesting journeys. My piggy bank geocoin made it rather quickly to the New York Stock Exchange, and is now in circulation in France which is cool.


My Prague geocoin has jumped the pond and made it pretty close.


And my Geohana geocoin made it to Hawaii fairly quickly:




Yes, coins and TBs get lost, muggled, "stolen" and mysteriously disappear, but seeing the few that do make it to their goals, and watching them travel, is what is fun to me, and why I still activate and place real coins in caches.


As someone told me at a recent event, "It's almost no fun if a coin makes it to its goal in one hop; it's the journey that's fun." I agree.

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I/we try our hardest to help along any trackables that we find to meet their goals. However, if there's something we know that we definitely (100%) can't help then we leave it in the cache for the next person to find, who hopefully can.


One such instance that comes to mind was a TB that we found in the Lake District that wanted to visit all of the "Wainwright Fells", so there would have been no point in us taking it and bringing it back up to Scotland. We just "discovered" that one, which I feel is good to do - lets the owner know that it's still in the cache... and left it for the next person to find and hopefully help it achieve it's mission.


That's very rare though because I really enjoying being a part of any TB or coin's journey.


Ali :angry:

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It happens, it seems to take forever sometimes. My first really successful traveler has never even come close to it's original goal (now edited over due to is abysmal failure - lol) of staying in the Northeast corner of PA. Within weeks it had traveled extensively along the east coast before heading to Hawaii, back to the west coast and then extensively up and down the west coast. Other coins have met with fantastic success in regards to their goals. I do tend to find that people remember to load their pictures to their logs for the caches (even including coin pics) but forget to log the pictures to the coins themselves. I often have to go into the cache logs to find pictures of my travelers visiting far away places. :D

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We have taken some to meet their goal. We just released some and they have goals, but just seeing them move and not disappear would be the best thing to see.


We got one last night that wants to go to Kentucky. The poor thing started in Ohio and has remained in Ohio for over a year. We are going to see what we can do to get it closer.

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I only have 1 coin traveling. I won it from Steel City Babes as a prize in a cointest she held the first week of March. The goal of the coin is to travel from her (in North Carolina) to me (in Florida) so I can retrieve it from a cache. She tagged the coin with its mission before sending it on its way. It has only been picked up by 1 person and they moved it NORTH to Virginia and it has been sitting there ever since. :ph34r:

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