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  1. I see this thread started in April 2002. Did any patches get made and if so, where can someone get some?
  2. what if the event requires a boat to get to? Haven't done one of those yet, but would love to.
  3. Wow! No one has said a camera yet. An essential I have kicked myself for not bringing on occasion.
  4. Cool coin! Congrats to the recipients. Gotta love mystery coiners.
  5. I think the hearts would look great in a burgundy red translucent.
  6. Nice work! I love the simplicity of the design. Hope to see one travelling around Maine someday.
  7. In every secret society there is a subset of secret societies.
  8. We had: Turkey Mashed potatoes with gravy Stuffing Squash Green bean casserole (yuck) Peas Corn Bread Cranberry sauce Banana salad Chocolate cream pie Pecan pie Peanut butter pie Guests: me my wife my son my daughter my sister-in-law my dog
  9. I'm thankful for the removal of selective availability. Happy Turkey Day!
  10. Bangor, Maine Do the Stud Mill Road for the numbers, then the surrounding areas for hiking and regular size caches
  11. So, carrying around a big sign that says, "Don't look at me, I'm geocaching!" is a good thing or a bad thing?
  12. For me it all boils down to design & colors. I like to see a well thought out coin design. Shaped or round, trackable or not, does not matter to me. Since coins are such small surfaces, I think it is easy for some of the more intricate designs to appear too busy. I hope coin designers will continue to push the envelope and produce wonderfully creative coins.
  13. Definitely #2 because the yime shape will be easier to distinguish amongst all the other icons
  14. Sweet looking coin! Congrats to all recipients.
  15. Our first out of state cache was I finally hid a lame roadside micro GCMF28 in Massachusetts. And it was.
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