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Nooooooo! Don't do it!


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A WANTED just appeared on our local(ish) freecycle group:


wanted: 35mm film cannisters (empty!)


I need approx 60 empty film cannisers (or equivilant) if anyone has

any floating about get in touch.




Bring it on!

Although the use of the word 'floating' could be a bit of a sore point at the moment.



Edit: fix the quote ...

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Or a cache with 60 film pots stuck together with the log in just one of them... :)


Zoomlens did one a bit like that... can't say which one that though as it might spoil it for others :D


There are quite few of those


no fun in the pouring rain and a lot of effort for a micro


Firstly, it's not a micro cache - it's a multi with two regular containers... I've done several like mine, and they all have different twists to them - I think (I would though, wouldn't I) that they are a good thing, provided you don't stick a micro in an ivy covered tree (I've done plenty of those and hated them all!)


I have also hidden a micro cache in the woods, but again it was slightly different and there were very good reasons for it. I've had no complaints either.

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