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  1. Hi there Unfortunately I'm now too busy to do much geocaching at all, and am having real trouble finding the time to maintain my caches. Instead of annoying people with unmaintained caches I thought it best to get rid of them. I'm going to archive any that aren't adopted, so please, if you would like to adopt any of mine, let me know. They are all around Birmingham, two sidetracked caches in the city centre, and various other dotted around. Many Thanks Paul (ZoomLens)
  2. No taken in the last month, but when I found the cache at Elgol on the Isle of Skye back in May, I took this.
  3. Ok Nearest Cache and extra points for telling me the name of the reef.
  4. Shameless advertising..... The nearest proper caches are both mine, being Turnover, Corporate Cruelty and Sutton Parking. The place is Sutton Park in Sutton Coldfield, but you're talking about GC1YVMT The only reason I recognised it is that I love that clump of trees.
  5. Well it's Castel Deudraeth - a very nice restaurant and hotel near Portmeirion.
  6. my creativity has left me - happy to hand over to someone else.
  7. my creativity has left me - happy to hand over to someone else.
  8. Fly/Drive #12 - FORE!! - GCXWVJ Right near Vancouver
  9. Sorry to take a while to reply to this - I forgot I'd responded with an answer.
  10. There has been an update to the application which should fix this problem....
  11. I don't think it is Groundspeak HQ, but Fisher Plaza where they keep all their servers...
  12. I really wouldn't send RAW files as they are precisely that, RAW information from the camera sensor. It isn't any higher resolution than a jpg, it just isn't compressed. A saved full size jpeg of a RAW image will be the same resolution as a RAW file, but probably half the size or smaller. Also, if you send a RAW file, you have no control over how the software at the other end interprets the file. Much better to send jpegs all round.
  13. Well there's a vineyard there and perhaps some kind of port, but I can't find it. I've checked most of the coast of California - perhaps it's Australia?
  14. Sadly I know this one because of the transport system - I saw something on the discovery about it. It's Boston, MA - so the cache must be Fort Point Cable Crossing
  15. Well it doesn't seem like anyone is as sad as me - I'll give the ding to Talkytoaster and offer up the principle name - Scheimpflug...
  16. Not sure of the name of the principle but many medium format cameras still offer a lens tilt function to enable the ability to keep an adjustable Depth of Field by using the tilt feature. This is not the same as aperture settings which also effect DoF and plane of focus. Seem to recall that this technique was used as a way to deal with perspective issues on ariel photos, out of the camera at first, as a specific tool used by the military (and later added to cameras). So, I suspect that a military person either developed it or re-discovered it. If it is the former, then it is probably named after him, otherwise it will almost certainly have the name of the original discoverer(s). A lot of the early work on cameras and optics were carried out by both British scientists and also German, Austrian and French ones too. Yes, I'm a keen photographer too ;-) Right, several things here - this principle doesn't apply for fixed bodied cameras unless a tiltable lens is used at which point it does. A mini ding has to go to talkytoaster and rutson combined because it was used originally to work out perspective problems for aerial photographs used to calculate artillery trajectories. Still waiting for the name of the principle though....
  17. Right. Well it won't surprise you to know that I'm a photographer by trade, so here's a photography quiz question for you: What is the name of the principle that says that an image will be in focus if the subject plane, lens plane and film plane all intersect at the same point? A bonus point for knowing who invented the principle and what he devised it for.
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