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Cointest--How many ornaments are on our trees?


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Well, at least one person so far has an exact guess for one of the cointests. Just 3 and a 1/2 hours left to go!


Thanks for all of the compliments! It took me about 2 hours to put the ornaments on the artificial tree (thewhite lights are prelit--we added the blue lights that took about 45 minutes). The lights on the real tree took about an hour, and hte ornaments took most of the afternoon/evening. Plus--it took two hours to get it into the stand...DON'T ask! ;)

For those admiring the coins that don't already have them, the nickel versions are still for sale on coin tracking, we still have the BN, LE and XLE (silver with our special coloring and only 15 made of each) for trade.

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Congratulations Winners!


The total number of ornaments:


Tree #1: 351


Tree #2: 180


Total: 531



Tree #1: 362--Hobo2


Tree #2: 180--ArrowOne


Total: 521--Alcas


Hobo2 and ArrowOne you've won a nickel GEOsmirk.


Alcas, you've won your choice of either the pink/purple BN LE GEOsmirk or the blue/green BN LE GEOsmirk!


Please email us with your addresses so we can get the coins in the mail!

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Congrats to the winners. Thanks for the cointest. We just finished decorating our tree today. I don't even want to guess how many Santas are on that tree (whole tree is done in only Santa ornaments). Neither of my girls wanted to count....lol Now to get the rest of the house decorated.


Merry Christmas everyone!



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