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Cointest--How many ornaments are on our trees?


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We're very excited about the way our Christmas trees turned out! Take a look at the pictures and then guess how many ornaments we put on each of the trees, as well as the total number of ornaments on both trees. (Yes, we kept track as we were hanging them!)


The cointests:

1. How many ornaments are on our traditional tree? This tree is 7 1/2 feet tall and is decorated on all sides.

2. How many ornaments are on the artifical tree? All of the ornaments on this tree are Hallmark or Carlton ornaments. This tree is 7 feet tall is is not decorated on the back, which is in the corner.

3. How many total ornaments did we put on the two trees combined?


* Tie breaker: How many total lights are on the two trees combined?


The prizes:

1. The winner of cointest #1 and #2 (the individual tree totals) will win a lindsychris nickel GEOsmirk.

2. The winner of cointest #3 (total number of ornaments) will win a LE black nickel lindsychris GEOsmirk--your choice of the pink/purple coin or the blue/green coin. Only 35 were made of each and they were never sold.



The rules:

  • The cointest ends tomorrow at 9 pm EST. (This is 6:00 pm board time)
  • Each person gets only one guess for each of the three cointests. Posts that are edited will be disqualified!
  • The winner for each cointest will be the guess that is closest to the total number of ornaments. In the event of a tie, we will use the tie breaker question.
    • We reserve the right to edit/add rules at any time during the cointest.

    Now, to the trees...


    Traditional Tree (Cointest #1)




    Artificial Tree (Cointest #2)



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