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Just wondering, what is everyone's cacher mobile. Do you tackle it by foot or have a great big 4x4. Post your pics. The more outrageous the road/trail to vechicle ratio the better. I have a little Corsa Lite that I seem to drive where it definitely shouldn't go. :laughing: I allways refer to it as my 4x4.

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Wazat I have two cacher mobiles: 99% of my caches was done with a Golf V, and we have done Stairway to Heaven GCV9TM using the Golf V all the way up the mountain. The bakkie is only for places where I know the little one will not go.


:laughing: P.S. don’t tell as my next service is due on the maintenance plan. :D

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Hi All


Cannot fathom out how to post a picture. Easier - check out the following caches to see the photos by clicking on the "images"!


GC17840 ; GC1795X ; GC14R7H [the white one is mine the black one is Martin's]


My cachemobile is a Mitsubishi Nativa GLS 4x4 3,0 V6 [the Pajero's 1st cousin here]

Matin has the Chevrolet Trailblaser LT 4x4 4,0 V6


Believe me, if you wanna cache here these are what you need! BTW, our petro; is 80c per litre!! :laughing:


Happy caching

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Naa, you only need a Opel Astra, found some of the caches that were hidden with Land Rovers over the weekend at the Magoebaskloof Event. (It was fantastic, going back to find the unfounded ones soon.)


Obviously I had to complain about the mud-tracks and the high "middelmannetjies" the 4x4 vehicles create! :laughing:

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Sorry to dissapoint you Vespax, it was Photoshopped.


The Children at the school one day would not believe me that my car is related to lightning McQueen, so I had to bring them photographic evidence. Now, according to the kids, I've got the coolest car in the school and whenever we take them on outings, the whole class tries to cram on the backseat to ride in Lighting McKing! :blink:

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Hey guys


My little cache mobile is a 1.9d Citroen Belingo Panel van think postman pat van courtesy of pixi photos, plus fuel card hey hey. so i drive around with 2 gps on my dashboard i had to get a nuvi 660 as it was easier than trying to get maps for my 60cs. so as i drive i can see a cache pop up and make a detour to it, although winter its a little hard as it's dark when i leave for work and home, but we make a plan as you know. I'll pop a pic as soon as i can probably the weekend. Have fun out there guys and when you coming to visit us. We seeing Rhino and Hedgehog soon.

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Mez and I go Geocaching in a '77 VW Beetle (with a few modifications) that has yet to be defeated by any terrain. Admittedly we haven't really pushed her over rocky ground, but she is very much at home on sand. She even towed a Hilux out of trouble once. You can see a pic of her as my avatar.


- XV Pilot

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my cache mobile on the beach, i got stuck but managed to get free as i knew how to get out, we are luck here to still be able to drive on the beach, almost any beach that has access to the beach. I do know that Citroen make a Berlingo 4x4 now how do i convince my company that i need one.88b4c385-26dd-49d3-8aee-94c612462b03.jpg

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Here's one of my "Cache Mobiles"....the other, is a '06 VeloCiti


Besides the big wheels, it also has a bit of punch in the form of a V8 engine under the bonnet, to get to the caches at a rapid rate :sad:


Due to the fuel price, I tend to do most of my caching in the golf.....12km/l is a lot better than 4km/l :D



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Have you tried the VW on the route to the Platberg cache yet



Is that the road up to PLatberg? Is it like that all the way? They don't want to let me go up with thw Corsa.... Maybe I must take some photos along and show then the road up to the Love Rock cache or better still Memel escarpment once I get some pics of that road. Platberg looks like a walk in the park all cemented and everything. Geeez. :)

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dadgum.... They have CITO events maybe we should have a new type called RR Events.... Road Reconstruction Events to get cars like 77 Beetles up them roads... Actually the beetle might make it anyway. back in the 70's the roads were probably just as bad....

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Hmmm...will have to come back and post pics. For now, I will list what I use to get to the caches.

1. Legs of course, gotta walk to most of the ones I do

2. 1999 Dodge Dakota 4x4with roof lights (for those night caches). Tend not to take the truck much anymore, gas prices and all, but there are some that I still need to do that I have to use the truck

3. My new 1989 Mazda MX6 LX. Just got this car, cant wait to go caching in it.

4. 2006 Yamaha Kodiak 450 4x4. Only use this when checking on 4 of my caches or if I happen to be riding in an area where there are caches that can be accessed by ATV.

5. Brand new Mongoose Moutnain bike. Great for the rails-to-trails caches and those long easy hike caches. Even have an ammo can on the luggage rack to store swsag.

All of them are a travel bug seeing as I got one of those magnet-TBs.

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Hey Anlufu


Now this is a small world, for sure I will look you up when next in M/bay, I sailed from there in '96 I think it was and plan to return. (My boet lives in Dana Bay)


Now it looks like I'm trying to rescue your Buuuuuug.....



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