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  1. How's this for cache maintenance! "#20 This was the fastest that I've found a cach, but it was soaking wet. Luckely it was a warm day so I took it for a drive in the warm car. The heat did its work and after about 2hours it was bone dry." http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...d4-76d37291cd4f
  2. iPajero is the father, with iNokia and iHilux the sons. I know iHilux for a few years now through 4x4ing websites and have met before at 4x4 events. No relation between Amasoeksoek and Ravenmeistre.....we just all stay in PE and try to beat each other to the FTF's around here Amasoeksoek and Karldup are brothers AFAIK. Husband from Ravenmeistre and wife from Basson-Meistre are brother and sister. Ravenmeistre I've known since before caching and they got me into it. They stay in the same neighbourhood as I on the edge of PE. From my family.....I think my brother in law has registered, but I he hasn't cached yet....will get him into it when I visit Bloem again.
  3. The event has been loaded, please add your names on the listing. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...45-4d2adbbe1b09
  4. I can do the caching bit on 9th, but not the braai afterwards, already got something on that evening.
  5. Can those interested please suggest some possible dates. I'm probably busy every Saturday between now and end of August, except 19th July.....eish! On 2nd August I'm only busy that evening, so that's my first suggestion.
  6. I've got all the caches in and around Swellendam on my list for December when I'm on holiday in Witsand, but it sounds like I'll be missing out on the Boskloof FTF.....go for it!
  7. I find it very amusing how obsessed people get with FTF's.......I actually didn't know it was anything important until someone complained that I was cheating people out of FTF's In our area, people would go to extreme lengths to get the FTF on a cache, but then no-one bothers to find it for weeks or months, as if to say that it's FTF or nothing. I also go for FTF's on easy caches, purely because I've found everything within 100km of my house that isn't difficult to get to, and every new cache gets me excited to see where it will take me.
  8. Great Wazat, that's one of my caches. You did it exactly the way I intended.....get off the plane, switch on the GPS/phone and there's a cache right there to welcome you to the friendly city
  9. Hey, that spot looks fimiliar! Is that in there by my "Riverbed" cache?
  10. As I told you, I just knew that date was bothering me, and I was reminded last night that I have a hunting trip that weekend to a friend's farm in Jansenville.....but it might still move, will have to see.
  11. My next vehicle will have personalised plates: ZANTUS - EC Zantus, is also my user name on a few 4x4ing forums, and part of my company's name, so a lot of people will recognise is. At least when you get to a cache site and see ZANTUS - EC, you'll know there's a fellow geocacher nearby
  12. Thanks, sound like a good way to go about replacing other people's caches.....by getting the owner's permission.
  13. What about finding the empty container or remains of the cache, replacing it and then logging it as a find? I've seen a few old hands do that.
  14. Zantus


    Congrats to my friends Ravenmeistre on their 100th find last week.
  15. Here's one of my "Cache Mobiles"....the other, is a '06 VeloCiti Besides the big wheels, it also has a bit of punch in the form of a V8 engine under the bonnet, to get to the caches at a rapid rate Due to the fuel price, I tend to do most of my caching in the golf.....12km/l is a lot better than 4km/l
  16. Sorry, a 4wd softroader should be able to do it, but I 2wd X-Trail, I seriously doubt you'll make it.
  17. Hi All I know this is not geocaching related, but we all use GPS's and thought I'll tell you about it, because I'd like to see some fellow geocachers there! I am not taking part, as I help set up the route, but I get NO financial gain out of the competition and I don't want this to be seen as a commercial post.....if you guys don't agree, I won't mind if the thread gets deleted. 4x4Megaworld PE is hosting their 3rd anual GPS challenge on 19&20 April 2008. The event starts at their shop on the Saturday morning and ends late afternoon at Heroncliffe in the Baviaans. The contestants will camp at Heroncliffe and then do 2 small events the Sunday morning, before the prize giving at about 11am. Entries are already open and costs R490 per team of 2 people....additional costs for kids and other passengers. There is a total of R38 000 in prizes to be won. The route we're taking you along is also a once in a lifetime oppurtunity. After weeks of negotiations we got permission to use roads through farms never used by the public before, and will probably never become available to the public again. Contact Megaworld PE for more info.
  18. Great work so far Andy, it was nice to see 2 caches go live within minutes! Next time, you can hopefully spend a bit more time in PE, enough time to meet up for a drink or 2
  19. Watch out Freestate, I'm coming your way in mid-May. My sister and her husband stays there and I'm getting them into caching. We will find the few that are there together, and they are already making a list of places to place new caches. Bloem is so rich with history, it deserves a lot more caches than there are at the moment.
  20. As Ravenmeistre mentioned, I left PE at 3:30 on Thursday. By the time I had breakfast in Grahamstown, I already found 6 caches. Moved on to Hoggsback and in pouring rain upped the count to 11 for the day. Found another 3 on Friday, 2 on Saturday and 2 yesterday. A great weekend of caching, although I would have liked to have found even more.
  21. Just thought I'd share this mail I got from Erik. Hi Zantus, Thanks for your e-mail. Keep in mind that the game is not a competitive one, and so don't take any of those complaints too seriously. I don't think anyone is going to throw you out of anything, but I suppose some might say "it's not quite cricket". To your second question first, you really can't publish a cache under two accounts. I guess you could create a third account as combined one, but that's about it. As to your question about FTF, what some people do in those circumstances is log the second page of the log book, so as to leave the first page for the person who is first to find it after it's published. It would be sort of silly to go out and hunt for something when you already know where it is, so I wouldn't worry about re-logging a find on a cache you were a part to hiding, or deleting your log and going out to visit the cache again. I guess if a cache were hidden on 1 January, and you originally logged it that day and are getting some grief from someone who found it 2 January you could go back and delete your online log and relog it with a date of 3 January, or some other later date. Hope that helps, but always keep in mind that it's only a game, and not a competitive game. All the best, erik
  22. Yes, look out for the Ravenmeistre's black colt, or my big green hilux with huge tyres and a very loud V8 engine......but usually I just go in my little Velociti
  23. I would have posted earlier, if I knew about this thread. Ravenmeistre only found it this morning and sent the link to me, and I felt I had to set record staight and be honest.....I just don't like upsetting people. Ravenmeistre and I met today and went through all our cache placements. We found 2 caches that we need to correct, the one is the cache mentioned earlier in this thread and the other is a cache about 500m from my house. We did the same thing on another 3 caches, but those were fortunately never published and will never be published. There are other caches that might look suspicious, but we promise you, they are completely legit. On most of them the placement and found date isn't the same. We actually haven't really geocached together since early Feb, so everything after that we did without the other knowing. Even when we visit places away from PE, we don't drive together and still hide caches from each other, which we go and get later once they are published. We are both fortunate to be self employed, and we both have the obsession to find each other's caches as soon as possible, more than caches placed by other people, so we will often go look for a cache on a week day, when everyone else has to worry about work. So, sorry, it's going to happen, we will FTF each other's caches repeatedly, but for both of us, it's not about being first, but just about going to the place the other one's cache is taking us and enjoying the search. BTW, amma-Soek-Soek, do you drive a discovery? Ravenmeistre said the other day they saw a disco at my Kouga cache the day you claimed your first FTF there. The people looked at them while the were searching for the cache. They were in a black Colt clubcab with lots of mods.
  24. Good day all I am one of the "geo-buddies" under discussion here and would like to take this opportunity to explain what we did and to appologise. When Ravenmeistre and I started the geocaching we were extremely excited. What was mentioned here, did unfortunately happen, due to lack of knowledge and etiquette, and we intend to fix the problem. What also happened on 1 or 2 caches is that we sent it to the other person to go check if the cache is do-able before we loaded it, but we later realised that is also wrong. Since we realised what we did might be frowned upon, we actually haven't geocached together and there are many of the FTF's of each other's caches that are genuine. We both constantly watch for caches in our area, and as soon as we see a new one, we try and get it as soon as possible. With each other's caches it's even worse as we both want to prove to each other how quick we can find the other one's caches. There was even a case where I saw 5 new caches by Ravenmeistre go live at 2am in the morning and by 5am I was already on my way to go get them, so it might look like we did it on those as well, but I promise you, we didn't. Due to this drive to find each other's caches we have started our own geocaching game between just the 2 of us, to add a bit more fun to all of it. We now know we are wrong and we are extremely sorry about it. We will not do it again and once we have found out how, we will fix the problem on the caches we did like this. We both really enjoy geocaching and don't want to have fellow geocachers upset with us. Thank You Zantus
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