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Good morning, Anlufu, I wish I was in George. On my way back last night we had a massive hail storm. Luckily I missed it. The hail was scraping the chassis. I never seen so many hail. Some guys had to pull off and they were stuck next to the road. This morning it is bitter cold and the rain is not making it better. Not a good day for caching – I will be on my way soon to plant a cache near Standerton. Gerhard

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Hi there anlufu


Not too much happening here - far too hot to cache. This week has been averaging around 42'C with dust storms everyday! :o Not good caching weather at all. This weekend I will be doing some maintenance on a few of my caches that have been vandalized/muggled/worn out while I was in SA. :D


Have a great caching weekend



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I spy only myself and Geopintus. For a long weekend, it is very quiet.


Anlufu, we are planning to visit your caches soon. We are busy with the planning at present. Maybe I should plant a cache on the Cradock and George peak - this will keep the cachers fit. I know the mountain very well and my brother can keep an eye on it. If you have any caches up your sleeve, please remember that we will be there on Wednesday at the latest. :blink:


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