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I spy


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Haaa haaa, good sight there Carbon Hunter.


I spy Tricky Vicky & Mickey and Neville Bailey.


Hey Neville thanks for the hike up Zwartskop..... Killer hike in the heat of the day. But got it in the end. I first went off into the trees on the right. There is an old stone wall there, a bit overgrown with trees and shrubs. Wonder when that was built? Probably from the early days maybe round the turn of the century.

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Hi there Colin


Yebo - we have electricity AND water here in the desert - and plenty of it as well. :) The abundance of electricity and water is quite amazing in fact. Our electricity is generated by natural gas - of which we have more than enough! :huh: and our water comes from the sea - desalinated. Our highways are lit up with massive street lights for their entire length, irrespective of the distance - quite wasteful IMHO. The country looks quite spectacular from the air at night.


My son-in-law tells me that my 3,5kVa generator that I am storing in his garage comes in pretty handy in SA! :D


Have a great lightless day and I hope that the laptop battery was fully charged! :D



PS - hope to find a few of those WC caches in May when I am there again. :lol:

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