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I spy


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Hi Fish Eagle & Jors

Wow!! I'm getting "caught" quite often, but I'm not "there" when I'm spotted, so it must be something to do with never logging off the forums....?? The joys of clever Firefox!!

Anyway, I read our forum at least twice a day, and enjoy it thoroughly, so if I get "caught" when I'm not "there" that's also OK..... :laughing:

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Howdy Fish Eagle. Sorry not to get to you this week but we'll stay in touch. And my e-mail address changed.

Howdy Bouts - no hassle.


We're going to the KNP tomorrow again, so I'll give you a bel in the pm if we're going through WR, which I think we are....

But we got it wrong last week, so who knows.....?? :laughing:


Please PM me your new email addy so we can stay in touch.

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Good morning Cincol. How is the desert today?


Hi anlufu


Today is overcast - YES, overcast believe it or not!! Temperature at 06h00 was 39'C and the humidity could be cut with a knife! Although the temperature is starting to drop off now the humidity is rising - and will be like this until about mid-October when it should start to cool off enough that you can drive with the windows down, sun roof open and the A/C off AT NIGHT!! By November then the A/C can rest until about March/April when it starts warming up again!


Enjoy that George weather and never complain about it. :sad:


Have a great day



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