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  1. Cape Town Cachers ... My GPS was stolen about a week back and I'll be out of Geocaching circulation until I've replaced it ... Needless to say ... I miss my favourite toy!! Happy caching!
  2. Cape_Guy


    Thank you all ... As I said ... Eventually!! Happy caching!
  3. Cape_Guy


    Thank you Tom ... Eventually!! Happy caching!
  4. Cape_Guy


    Cape Trio has silently past through 50 AND placed their 1st cache! Congratulations guys!!
  5. Congrats to Redglobe on the FTF! To the rest of the Tonteldoos Cache owners ... Thank you guys it was a great team to work with! Happy caching!
  6. Good luck for the FTF today!! Happy Hunting!!
  7. Urban Hunters ... Give us a link to the listing please ... Happy caching!
  8. I have a Garmin Nuvi 710. I use a British English female voice ... She gives me directions wherever I want to go through my car audio system ... My Nuvi's name? ... LUCY ... Why? I sometimes ignore her directions and I don't always take directions from women! Happy hunting!
  9. I found a HTML editor that's easy to use and installs on your "Right Click" menu ... It's called "Write Area" and a Firefox add on ... works brilliant ... Done all my Cache listings with it! Download from here ...
  10. I did not read the whole thread in detail but got the general arguments from both sides. My suggestion to make any sort of inroad would be to agree: That caches only to be placed in rest camps Only certain types of containers to be used Agree what is "out of bounds" within camps Some sort of agreement on the density/number of caches All caches to be placed to be registered with the KNP authorities Process to be followed on removal of geolitter and deregistering of such caches Some sort of "probation period" ... followup/monthly/quarterly meetings to monitor And yes ... the average number of visits per cache ... The % of cachers who stayed over in the camps and the number who entered as day visitors ... International caching visitors with same sort of stats ... etc ... So Gerhard ... You are on the right track with your stats ...
  11. Thx CapeDoc ... Now if only I can find a script to do the same for reporting a new Cache listing. I can help myself with not too complicated HTML but if you don’t use it often it’s a schlep looking up the coding you want to use ...
  12. My TONTELDOOS XV - Travel Bug http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1483832 is not not doing well in TD XV where I've left it ... Guess it's because no cachers from other provinces found it yet ... Is TD XV going to be the deciding qualifier for the final cache ... Hie hie ... Happy hunting!!
  13. Congrats I&J ... It looks good!! Happy hunting!!
  14. I just love micros and in fact prefer them no matter where they are placed. I seldom trade but will help a trackable if I can contribute to its mission. I do think both have their place ... We need regulars for the travellers! Happy Hunting!
  15. tomtwogates ... Went to your TB page ... You sure are unlucky with your trackables: Klompie - Last Log - 5/19/2007 - in the hands of - harrisale Penguin Peter - Last Log - 3/18/2008 - in the hands of - kai05 Two Ocean Snoopy - Last Log - 11/7/2007 - in the hands of - Unknown That is 3 lost out of 4!! The same applies to your coins ... Seems like you lost 2 out of 4. A total of 5 trackables out of 8 ... very high lost ratio!!
  16. Cape_Guy

    I spy

    +Cape_Guy, +gerhardoosMPsa, +Team Ginger, +geocacher_coza ... Hmmm ... Looks like a TD forum! Happy Hunting!!
  17. Big NO NO by most in the geocaching community I'd say ... What is the use? It's about logging a find ... by logging it you say: I conquered this one! It's the same as not logging a FTF when you are present when another cacher hides a cache ... OK to log a find ... You leave space for the FTF cacher in the logbook and note in your online log that you do not claim a FTF ... !! Happy hunting!
  18. Hier is myne ... TONTELDOOS XV - Travel Bug http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1483832 Hy sit hier onder en wag ... As julle Vaalies my TD besoek ... vat hom saam ... Groete!
  19. Cape_Guy


    Congrats battlerat and pussycat on your 600 ... You guys are as busy as bees!! Happy Hunting!
  20. When I move or drop a TB or a coin I note it in the logbook. I very seldom trade other items and when I do I record as well. For me it is very important to especially log TB and coin movements in order to "audit" for missing coins and tomtwogates' missing coin comes to mind ... I would note a missing coin online and in the logbook and notify the Coin/TB owner ... Logging TB & Coin movements is important to "keep track". Noting the trade of other items may be less important ... Happy Hunting!
  21. I agree with Fish Eagle ... Just checked! Happy Hunting!
  22. Ding bat ... The problem is that although we all know this and practised by dedicated Geocachers the problem is that those cachers who has lost interest in the game just vanish from the scene and their caches deteriorates with no maintenance being done. I, and I'm sure the rest of us, have come across many caches described above. I support the creation of an "Adoption List" where we list such cases, according to certain criteria to determine the state of deterioration or neglect, and try to arrange adoption by the nearest active cacher OR get them to be archived and create space for another cacher to place a cache!! A deteriorated/neglected cache is geolitter!! I think it is important to keep these caches active ... without caches we have no game!! Happy Hunting!
  23. CapeDoc ... or just identify the disabled/archived caches and/or caches not being maintained any more ... list them and arrange an adoption by a nearby active cacher and keep them going!! Happy Hunting!
  24. Gerhard, As jy die pad van Melkbos na Darling neem (R307 tussen N7 en R27) kan jy 6 caches optel ... 1.) 'n Multi oppad na Atlantis 2.) Twee by Mamre 3.) 1 by Evita se perron 4.) TD 15 5.) Wind Farm II GCVNRA - TF4 Oranjefontein, tussen Mamre en Darling, blyk weg te wees ... Dan le daar nog omtrent 9 in die Yzerfontein omgewing ... As jy vroeg begin kan jy almal op een dag doen. Ek het met die Yzerfontein Caches 07H00 die oggend begin en was 11H00 met al 9 klaar!! Groetnis!
  25. Wel my TD het my 'n maand gevat ... Die navorsing, eienaar ontmoet, waypoints, ens, ens ... so ja die goed kan tyd vat as jy dit behoorlik wil doen ... Gerhard die Kapenaars lyk vir my maar stadig op die Tonteldose ... Myne le nou al 'n week sonder 'n FTF! Dis net 42km van Melkbos af en ek skat 70km uit die stad ... sooo ... nog 2 weke en dalk is jy gelukkig met 'n FTF op Darling! Goeie week vir almal!
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