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Raiders of the Lost Cache Geocoin COINTEST :D

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CONRAT'S The Walkabouts...answe #71


I was gonna sell this one on ebay but I'm just too tired and sick to put forth the effort of listing it.


I messed up while glueing the gems on one of the coins and put a red gem on one side and a yellow/orange gem on the other. So, guess this could be considered an XXLE?


I'll ask a question at 6pm (MST). First person to guess correctly wins the coin.




Can post 1 answer every 5 minutes Just added this rule (thought of my question :anibad:)


Do NOT edit your post.

You can guess multiple times if necessary but only 1 guess per post.

Answers are invalid if you break the rules.

I have final say on winner :anibad:


Ok, see ya in about 14 minutes.


tsun :o

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1 post/answer every 5 minutes

Do NOT edit your post

See post #1 for any other questions


QUESTION: I have 200 coins total, I have been plcing gems in the coins today, how many coins have gems in them right now?


Good Luck! tsun :anibad:




Congratulations....your first guess was wrong :anibad:

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