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what you watchin?


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aside from the stuff you own (travel bugs, caches), what do you watch?


everything? (I hope not)




only interesting caches


only caches I DNF


only interesting TBs


all TBs I've logged..



I only have a couple caches I really enjoyed, and a few travelbugs on my watch list.

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I watch a couple of great caches I've found, and a couple of neat caches I'd like to find (challenges, etc) for the logs.


I watch caches that have my TBs in them. (To see if they are mentioned as picked up, not there, whatever.)


I watch a couple of jeeps and a diabetes TB I had the pleasure of starting out.


Sometimes I'll watch a cache I've DNF'd for a while to see if it's found after me.


Oh, and right now I'm watching a disabled cache near me, because I think it's a neat spot and I'd like to know if it will be back up, archived, or ???

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I watch the caches local to me that I have found...within a 10 to 20 mile radius. Then if something comes up like a lot of DNF's or needs maintenance, I go and check it out in case the owner doesn't have time or can't get to it if I have a chance. Or at least verify it IS there.....

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Couple of TBs, a few local caches.


But for no good reason, one day I decided to add a couple of kealia's caches to my watchlist. Located completely on the other side of the country, I knew nothing about these caches, and haven't cached in that particular area before. The idea of watching a couple of random caches was just appealing to me.


I've really enjoyed reading the logs for these caches that I know nothing about, and now I'd like to actually hunt for them some day. B)

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I've watched caches that I want to find when they get un-archived (Big Boy springs to mind), "my" U4D bug (I know...), and caches that I have reported as SBA. Those, I watch so I can remove if they can't get the owner to do it.

I'll probably find other caches that I'll want to watch over time, and add/delete as necessary.

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Well.. right now since i have only attempted 7 ... I am watching all of them. I will probably stop watching them when someone else finds them. If the cache was extremely difficult for me to find.... I might keep watching it longer so that I can assist asomeone else or go back and help the owner by checking to see if it is still there.

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Up until a year ago or so there were only about 25 caches that I didn't own within 40 miles of me - so they are all on my watchlist. That and about 5 of the caches I had found to be really neat ones outside the area.


Now there are over 250 within 50 miles of me so that strategy doesn't work anymore.


I also watch about 20 TBs that I really liked and wanted to keep up on. Everytime I think one is missing and gone for good because there have been no logs - it pops up again and moves for a while.

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I like to watch :mad: the tougher caches I've completd so Cudos can be sent to those that complete them. ( PT2 and The Ghost Orchid along with others) A cacher named Geomann1 has some really creative hides in our area so I watch those. Other than those I don't really keep close tabs on anything else. Tb's and coins i do not watch.


Anyone want to go on a kayak trip?

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I watch a few great local caches to save the owners/friends some time/trouble (they live the next town over).


I watch caches I have DNF'd --especially ones I felt sure were there.


I watch a few really awesome caches that always get good logs--some are pretty distant.


I watch some caches that have been compained about in the forums to see if anyone else gripes about them (hasn't happened yet!).


I watch caches on my "to-do" list in distant towns that I think will be challenging.


I watch caches I placed with other people--and keep hoping for "joint ownership" on gc someday.


I'm also watching a cache that just appeared randomly on my list one day for no apparent reason. It gets very few logs, most are positive but not anything special ("Thanks for the great cache. We enjoyed the view. My, the paths are nicely kept here. Left a TB and a whatsit, took a geegaw"). At first I thought the owner may have changed the name and I just didn't recognize it, but that isn't the case. I have no idea why it's there--A couple of other people mentioned getting odd watchlist notifications about the same time, so perhaps it was part of that episode. Perhaps my husband was on my account one day and marked it, although it isn't anywhere he ever goes. I left it "just because" and I just never quite get around to deleting it.

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A few of my dnfs.

Some puzzle caches that look hard.

Caches I think look interesting and are on my to do list.

Travel bugs needed to be found to complete caches.

One interesting one in DC I read about in the forum (A student's Homework.

A couple I think would be interesting to take my Mum to when she is here on holiday later in the year.

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I watch most "real" non-micro caches I've found. I'm only nearing 200 total, so it's not too bad. Plus, I have the messages segregated to a special folder and not my inbox. I also watche interesting TB's or coins I've encountered.


I'll also watch DNF's (to see if it's me or the cache is really missing) and especially interesting one's I'm planning on doing soon.


Also BSG, The Shield, Heroes, Enterprise on SciFi (never kept up with it 1st time around), Ghost Hunters, and The Riches.

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I watch a grand total of four caches:

  1. The first cache I ever found, and which I now help to maintain.
  2. A cache owned by my daughter, which I helped hide and now help to maintain.
  3. The Groundspeak Headquarters cache, to see who visits.
  4. A favorite local virtual cache that's suffered a bit of Google Rape at the hands of the Europeans.

Everything else I'm interested in, fits on one of my many bookmark lists, which are a far more useful and customizable tool. Now, if there was a thread asking me what I've got bookmarked, I could go on and on and on....

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