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  1. We switched to the dark side back in December and have not looked back. We use three garmins. A 60csx, eTrex and an eTrex legend. Each kid had to have their own should you ask. I use MacCaching to download caches into all three Gps units. I also use MacCaching to download notes to the Ipod for paperless and It will generate stats for your personal Geocache page. Plus it has a really cool icon of a Ammo box with an apple for your desktop. Welcome to the dark side. Good luck!
  2. Your making it too easy if you can reach the cache just by taking the cap off. But here is an idea if your not sure if the container will stay put:----> Place duct tape in the bottom pole to make a catch just incase the cache does get dropped into the abyss.
  3. Does anyone else find spending upwards of 500.00 on a GPS a little frustrating that it takes another 100.00+ to add maps? OOPs forgot the extra expense of upgrading a worthless 64MB chip to a 2meg?.
  4. 13.7 miles on the Pittsburgh transplant two trail. Through the everglades. No elevation changes but man the wild life. Birds, hogs, deer, gators galore.
  5. Hey, I know let's make a cache where the wire nut is the container. Sit back and watch the show...... Crimeny.
  6. That picture is not a typical LPC which is hidden under the bolt cover and not near any wiring. It the cache was in with the wiring, I'd say it was a very bad spot though.. A great example of a Cache in very poor taste. My standards aren't that high I'd still log it .
  7. Sweet! I also gave up on looking at the improved version of the TB maps. The recent version is muchmore appreciated. I second the Kudos!!
  8. Thanks for the giggles. They were jokes weren't they?
  9. Sorry can't help ya. You should have bought a Mac!
  10. Here's a 1/5 coming to our area. It's a 11 mile kayak paddle. It'l be a Lu Lu
  11. You can add friends to a "Watch list" If you ask them to be your friend and they agree you get a list. I use it when I know friends are on vacation to see the caches they have done and to keep tabs on progress so I can send a congratulatory email for accomplishments.
  12. If there were no log to sign I'd leave my sock. A little DNA goes a long way.
  13. I haven't experienced the problems you have but I can tell you I really like the Ram mount. I transfer my garmin from truck to kayak to bike and clip it off to carry on my pack with ease. It has never come loose or wiggled free. The Ram mounts are not the cheapest thing on the market but they work great. Good luck. TCS
  14. Check the caching pages of some of your local caches. Some members of local clubs will post their links right on the page. Here's one of our groups in Florida. If ya get this way check it out. Link Good luck on your quest. TCS
  15. Of course if you're in the minority you can use Maccaching and your ipod. We've just switched to the dark side and everything is working great!
  16. Here's a couple of caches where they were put to a great use, GC177VQ Skunk Ape and this one uses various types of tacks: GC162J1 What goes Bump in the night And yet another twist GC17GHD LightApalooza
  17. Looks like your alone out there. I do however enjoy seeing all four wheels still intact upon returning to the truck after a long hike.
  18. Yup, Stupidity should be painful. Darwin lost here.......................
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