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  1. Ok. I am new to this. Where are the rules posted on hiding a cache. I want to hide one and I want to be a good girla nd follow the rules. BTW love your avatar
  2. Well.. right now since i have only attempted 7 ... I am watching all of them. I will probably stop watching them when someone else finds them. If the cache was extremely difficult for me to find.... I might keep watching it longer so that I can assist asomeone else or go back and help the owner by checking to see if it is still there.
  3. I have only been doing this for 5 days but now I want to hide one. I want to hide one right outside of work where I can glance up through my office window and watch to see if I see anyone hunting it. I talked with my boss and my boss is ok with it if I make the stipulation that though it is accessible 24 hours a day (since it will be outside the gym).... that it can only be searched for during daylight hours. We have an alarm system and a resident coach that gets a little uncomfortable if you search at night. We have been recently burgaled twice (prior to the cameras and securityalarm) and so night time hunts would be viewed as suspicious and you might get a visit from the cops. Actually the added activity in the front might deter the guy who keeps doing smash and grabs in the parking lot. Anyway...... any suggestions on how I can get this point across and tips on hiding my first? Be gentle with me.... I am a geocaching virgin. .
  4. I am in the Houston Galveston Area and I have tried to do the League Park hunt. I can not find the cache to save my life. It is almost an obsession to find it now. I have been back 5 times to see if I overlooked something and I still cant find it. I messaged the owner and they are not responding (it has only been 5 days but still). I am getting very frustrated. If anyone has found that one and is in the area, if you can check and see if it is still there I would appreciate it. If you are not in the area, but have found it, an additional hint would be nice. The GPS that we have been using has brought us within 6 feet of the cache everytime. This one, the coordinates show a zero when you are in the middle of the parking lot. There is a picture in the gallery of this one of a guy holding it. I have scoured this area looking for it. I looked for a fake nut or bolt on the train. I have taken a stick and rooted around in between the slats of the wooden platform to see if it is in there. I have gotten down as far as I can go to look up and see if it is stuck to anything. I have looked for fake sticks in the bushes. I have looked for fake knotholes in the wooden platform. I have opened things in the park that probably only the parks and recreation people should be touching. NOTHING! I am trying to think like a geocacher. Now admittedly... I have a BIG fear of spiders and do not like putting my hand in places that I cant look into first. My screen name is very accurate. This hunt is COVERED in spider egg sacks and creepy crawly things. There is a very large amount of spiders and ants right around the area that I think it is supposed to be (where the guy int he picture is). I want to get this hunt done before those things start hatching!!!! HELP!!!!
  5. Well most of the time if you have GPS on the phone... the phone can send a signal. I know I have mine set to send a signal to emergency 911. So you dont really have to know where. Now even if you dont.... if you can tell them coordinates.... they should be able to pull it up. I have never worked in the 911 dispatch but I assume that they should be able to do that. Most of the phones now a days come with GPS automatically enabled for 911 location only.
  6. OK.... one more question... what is a swag?
  7. Ok..... like I have mentioned before I have only found one cache so far. But I have been told that there are some where you get a trinket and leave a trinket. Now.... I dont want to leave something dissapointing. Do you think that foreign coins are a stupid thing to leave? As a numismatist... i buy coin in bulk and often many duplicates. what do others leave and how do you do it? are the containers larger to accomedate trinkets?
  8. More good suggestions! I use the GPS on my phone. Also use the camera on my phone too. What a handy all in one thing . As for company.... I will always either go with my husband or my parents aka geoldfogeys. I will probably spend more time at ones that I dont have to go too off the beaten path for a while. In Texas we are just about to hit the hot season and I am not an outdoorsy kinda girl. None the less As I have kinda noticed... most of them are only a short walk from civilization... but then again... here in Houston there is not much that is not developed. At least not between Galveston and Houston where I am.
  9. Good ideas! Ok.. and as a new member... what is CITO? I am still working on the abreviations.
  10. I am new to geocahing. Only found one so far. Can anyone make suggestions of things to put in a geocaching kit? Obviously things like Flashlight.... pen paper.... trinkets....but... i found a poker of some sort would have been helpful at one.... tweezers at another.... any other suggestions? Sorry about all the misspellings. I have a splitting headache and my nonvisual typing could use soem improvement?
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