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  1. Please change it so that when a cache owner re-enables their cache they don't have to do a separate log to get rid of the needs maintence attribute. Either that or place the maintence performed action in the admin tools box on the right and make it remove the needs maintence attribute and enable the cache in one go. Went to publish an event and got told a cache I fixed months ago was needing maintence when it didn't. The current way of showing a cache is fixed online doesn't feel very intuative to me at all.
  2. I may have. I tend to log each cache for all of us before logging the second find for the day, but that still doesn't account for all of the points as that is something I do for the first cache but remember to check for the rest of them. Youngest son has fewer points as he didn't help hunt for the last cache of the day.
  3. By the end of the month I expect us to have qualified easily for this souvineer but I don't think we will get it if I have to have all of our finds logged while still on holiday. I prefer to take my time logging once I am home and spend time away with friends and family. :-(
  4. Thanks for your replies @Max & 99 and @noncentric it would seem it goes off when you log a cache as found online rather than the date it was found. As I probably/possibly was still logging last months find when it started.
  5. I have logged one cache for my three sons and myself. As I couldn't get my head around the scoring I had a look at my friends league afterwards to see how many points I/we had. After logging the same one cache for all four of us it would seem I'm not the only one who is confused. Youngest son has 34 points I have 40 points Oldest two sons both have 46 points.
  6. I log for my three sons too. I don't mind logging for each of them as I generally do a separate log for each child that is copied and pasted with small changes for each cache. Then do a long more personalised log for my own. I would love for it to be easier to log pm caches for them because for a while it was not working for me, though I have been told recently that I shouldn't have any problems with how I used to do it so will have to try again. Generally if I am out with them I try to avoid PM caches which is getting harder and harder to do. I pay because I want access to the extra services, such as pq's, and will never make my caches PM. If I want to limit visitors I make them multi or puzzle caches.
  7. thanks for your response pingurus I figure they won't be living with me forever and I want to record their finds for them I have decided to delete this post I don't think I could handle reading a whole pile of comments defending gcs actions
  8. What he said^^^^^^^^ takes 10 seconds The date was locked. The only way to get it correct is to wait till after midnight in Seattle to log it. We happen to be 19 hours ahead of Seattle. So wait several hours, reactivate cache, delete both disable and reactivate cache logs and post a new disable log so as to get it on the right day just because even after years of requests TPTB don't care enough to allocate staff to fixing it.
  9. Thank you. I had thought I was late enough in the day not to have been caught out. The first time it happened I thought I had clicked on the wrong day. Then I went to edit it and couldn't. It is really annoying that although 'they' have known about this issue for years now they seemingly don't care. Why is it so hard to understand I want the dates on my logs to be a correct and accurate record of what I did today. :-(
  10. I live in New Zealand and want to post a disable log for one of my caches for 10th July. The system twice has changed it to the 9th July. It may be the 9th in Seattle but even in New York it is after 2am on the 10th July. I shouldn't have to wait till Seattle catches up to post a log for today!
  11. Actually, there was little or nothing in the survey that would help address the two legitimate concerns, which are the review overhead and the impact of challenge caches on other aspects of the game. What I remember about the survey seemed mostly geared to giving people that don't like challenge caches a platform to express their dislikes dressed up as as if they were legitimate concerns. I agree and was waiting for a chance to offer my positive opinion and felt let down when I got to the end of the survey. They seemed to be looking for a reason to ban them. I love them.
  12. I love challenge caches and I love puzzle caches. Having said that there are some of both that leave me scratching my head wondering why the co placed the cache in the first place as there is likely to be only 1 or 2 people who will qualify or solve their cache. I think challenge caches should be brought back in-spite of these few annoying caches not banned because of a few bad caches. When I go on a road trip (eg son's football tournament) I try and get caches on the way that help me complete certain challenge caches. I need a lot more caches starting with the letter I with terrain 2.5 or higher for one, as there is no time limit I'll do my best to fit those in my families activities. About the only ones that bug me is having to record I am starting or when the challenge cache it self is part of the challenge. What I mean is you have to find 30 puzzle type caches in a row and this cache has to be the last one of the 30 to qualify, so I can't qualify at home in my own time but need to set aside a day while on holiday (with family) to complete your challenge. Thankfully I am able to ignore these sorts of caches just like I can ignore any other sort of cache I don't care to find. As a challenge cache owner I do expect people to have completed the challenge cache before they sign the logbook. If an overseas visitor contacted me and said they were going to complete my challenge on their trip but are travelling the wrong way to get my cache at the end then I would allow it but that should be my decision not the default of I was in the area and signed the log and have no idea if or when I'll complete the challenge but I want to change this note to a found when I do.
  13. Hi everyone I visited the Herstmonceux Science Centre in early July while on holiday. Although I have been back home a few weeks now I am only just getting around to logging the finds from the second half of my trip. It would seem one of them was archived after we found it. The cache was directly south of http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC1AX14_hooked marker near Halley Road. My first thought was to contact the reviewer. The reviewers who published the two closest caches have both stepped down from the job. So I am hoping someone would know which cache I mean and either have found it or know who placed it so I can find out the GC code and log my find. Thanks Catherine from New Zealand.
  14. There are a few caches that I am wanting to find where you have to find one of two travel bugs with keys on them to open the cache. So I put the travel bugs on my watch list. What I have noticed is recently they no longer name the cache that the key is dropped into. I really miss that information and don't enjoy having to open the log to find out how close to home it is. I wonder what the reasoning behind dropping the information was. I don't remember seeing an announcements about it.
  15. because it was free for everyone commenting so far in this thread for years and I would like that option to still be viable for other people who for what ever reason can not afford to pay. I'll go and pay up before my trip so will be able to download everything I need but I do know players who can not afford to pay. No need to start whining that it is about the same price as a cup of coffee each month because some families really can't afford it. This game was easily accessible and free for anyone who wanted to play it.
  16. and what were the benefits of being a PM back in 2002? I do know when I joined there really wasn't that much difference between being a PM or not.
  17. Wow talk about hate towards a non PM player. Surprised to see it coming from so many players who should be able to remember that this game used to be 100% free. I'm not saying that PM players shouldn't have benefits just that this comes under IMO basic game play. Would understand if the limit were 100 or even 50 but 3 is ridiculously low.
  18. Downloading to GSAK I used to be able to but can't any more.
  19. Are you saying that as a currently non Premium member, you can get FULL cache details (GPX not LOC) on three listed hides per day? If so, that would be a previously unknown to me development. I think it would be a great idea, though I personally won't believe it till I hear confirmation. And you have nothing to complain about. Realize that I have launched more than my share of criticism at Groundspeak (and if you have a hour, I could share more), but this site would not exist without funding. How would you propose to pay for it? Yes that is what I am saying. I pay on average 11 1/2 months of the year. There is plenty of advertising on the site which I am happy to put up with. Also there are a number of tb initiatives where companies have basically paid for advertising (jeep, John Grisham, geico, michelin). Not to mention commercial stores/manufacturers paying to use copyrighted images. I have seen other sites use crowd funding when things like servers get upgraded. So I think there are plenty of ways to pay for the site without punishing those without who are not PM.
  20. This is not a downloading limit. This is a downloading via the API limit. The API is relativly new, and full access to it has always been a PM feature. PS, I am in the same situation right now. Normaly a PM, currently a Basic member. It is annoying, but considering how little caching I have been doing recently, it hasn't been a significant problem. (I use cachesence on Android) I have been able to do it in the past so I would say this limit is new. I have had GSAK for years, this is the first time I have had an issue.
  21. Good point Gitchee-Gummee I was downloading the geocaches to GSAK. It also stopped me from using the refresh option. I like solving puzzles and downloading them to GSAK but limiting it to only three in a 24 hour period is taking it too far IMO. I have the paid for app but don't use it.
  22. Most of the time I am a PM cacher but at the moment I am not. Which is how I found out the limit of 3 geocaches (full information) per 24 hours for a non paid up cacher. I totally understand why PQs are available only to paid cachers but consider this limit to be new and uncalled for. When I first started geocaching my understanding was that if you were a paid cacher you would get bonus benefits not that you would be punished if you were not. Downloading caches is a pretty basic part of geocaching in my opinion and should not be limited in this way.
  23. What a nice surprise. I'm only sorry I missed out on seeing your sons travel bugs when I found your cache the other day.
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