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On 12/24/2019 at 2:34 AM, me N u said:


Thats a ding to colleda !


Q. The Dugong, similar to Manatee and sometimes called a Sea Cow is closely related to what other mammal?

These sea creatures (dugongs etc) have been attributed as the origin of the mermaid. Being so long at sea did strange things to the minds of sailors.

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Thanks searcherdog.  Just another of those odd miscellaneous facts my brain has squirrelled away on it's hard drive!


To prolong Christmas a little longer (we have until Twelfth Night) here's another seasonal question.


In 1966 the Royal Mail issued the first of its now traditional pictorial Christmas postage stamps.  How was the design chosen?  BTW it was 3d (ie old pennies) back then to send a card!

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That's a quick ding to Boggin's Dad.  They had to select the winners from over 5000 entries.  Blue Peter had fingers in a lot of pies - guaranteed high profile for any cause or objective & all without modern technology & social media on tap.  Anyone still got an Advent Crown?  LOL!!

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