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24 minutes ago, MartyBartfast said:

Well I know he was a The Alamo with Jim Bowie (or was that just in the movie?) so I'll guess Texas.

He was at the Alamo which was then in the the state of Tejas, Mexico  and is where he died but was not born there.  This is a hint of sorts.

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On 9/1/2019 at 6:09 PM, grimpil said:

Not seen any activity on this forum recently but just popped in for a browse & hey!  There is a question to which I am pretty sure I know the answer.  Fingers firmly crossed. . . . . Arthur?

I took the liberty of Googling and Arthur is correct, so as Boggin's Dad seems to be on a sabattical I'll take a liberty and give a DING to Grimpil to keep things moving.


Over to Grimpil

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Complete change of subject & something healthy.


Oranges, apples & tomatoes can be described as basically round.  Cucumbers, marrows, leeks are kind of long.  Pears are - well - pear-shaped.  But what fruit or veg might have "triangular" ascribed to it?


If no-one gets the answer in the next two days I may then be offline for a week so will return here when I can.

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I know - I have tried cooking it myself & had it in an Indian restaurant.  Even when not slimy I just found it disgusting!  However I do love Marmite, which repels many people!  And as a child was always begging to take my brother's dose of cod liver oil as well as my own - yum!!

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On 9/7/2019 at 7:18 AM, Optimist on the run said:

Ah - you mean something from the rhubarb triangle.

And what you get from the triangle is rhubarb of course - so a ding to Optimist!  If you read the question I only suggested "triangular" as being ascribed & not a literal description.


On a very iffy wifi signal here or I would post a link but if you google you will find the triangle famous for rhubarb is between Morley, Rothwell & Wakefield & is a Place of Designated Origin.  This forum is nothing if not educashunal!!!!

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