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  1. As I've said before, I hope this isn't going to be used as an excuse to get rid of the browse map.
  2. Whatever the motivation for Groundspeak not bothering to fix this bug, I'm also getting increasingly frustrated by this. Come on - do something. That's what we pay you for.
  3. That only works if the pocket query is linked to a list. Many of my PQs are set-up with specific requirements, e.g. unfound caches in the UK, which are not based on a list. And in any case the browse map is vastly superior to the search map, as it has a better range of layers.
  4. I'm getting a blank screen when I go to Play - Cashe owner dashboard (Firefox 87.0). A glitch, or is it just me?
  5. I hope this isn't a prelude to killing off the browse map, which already has this functionality (by creating a PQ of a list). The layers on browse map are far better.
  6. What about websites? A genuine message might be "You can check you qualify for this at Project-GC.com" or (as a Virtual answer) "The website at the bottom of the plaque is..."
  7. This could explain why I'm badgering non premium members to send answers to my Virtual, when they may well have done so, and it's just been deleted by a spam filter. This makes me look incompetent, and is completely unacceptable.
  8. Great idea! I use Excel to keep a database of certain caches, which I currently convert to lists using VGPS (virtual GPS) on Project GC. I can select a column of GC codes, bulk add these to VGPS and export it from there to a blank list. Cutting out VGPS and doing it directly would save a lot of time, though I'll have to create a new column with GC codes followed by commas (unless it's changed to allow spaces as well as others have suggested).
  9. Sorry, didn't spot the response. Sticking with chemistry, which element comes last alphabetically?
  10. Who's missing from this group? Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grubb.
  11. I like it, though there seems to be a bug with the maths with mine. 47+44=90? Edit 7/7/20 - now fixed.
  12. Sorry colleda, I missed that post, or maybe it was almost simultaneous with mine. Anyway, a ding to you there. Henry VII, also known as Henry Tudor.
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