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The All New All New Groundspeak UK Pub Quiz

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BASE jumping is clearly quite a dangerous occupation, however there are sports with a higher number of fatalities each year.


Which sport accounts for the highest number of deaths? 


As my little boys who play rugby are always told, The ref is always right, even when he is wrong, so I will be the final arbiter.

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3 hours ago, Boggin's Dad said:

Spot on hal-an-tow a ding to you


More people die playing bowls than any other sport.

That gives me a great excuse to not take it up. The excitement must be too great. I'll stick to racing my sailboard against the other septuagenarians in my sailing club.

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4 hours ago, Boggin's Dad said:

Spot on hal-an-tow a ding to you


More people die playing bowls than any other sport.


According to family tales, I took my first steps on a bowling green (my parents ran a pub which had one at the time) and I have absolutely no intention of providing some sort of narrative symmetry by taking my last steps on one as well  ...


OK, my question :

Who said, on children's TV some years ago    "  @@@ it, the @@@@@  thing's stuck again ! "

Yes, quote censored for bad language here, as it was on the BBC .


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29 minutes ago, MartyBartfast said:

One of The Clangers, but not sure which one :P but when you watch the clip it fits perfectly to the soundtrack.

Ding ( or possibly swanee whistle tootle) to MartyBartfast.


'Twas Major Clanger himself, here's an account of the incident with the script and the mischievous use  Oliver Postgate put that sound clip to years later (about half way down the page) and QI showed the relevant clip. Mind you, in that QI episode Steven Fry says that the Clangers were in an episode of Dr Who , which is a bit misleading,  In one scene The Master was watching TV, and an episode of the Clangers was on the screen.

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17 hours ago, Boggin's Dad said:

It is the most ridiculous quiz ever, I am not sure you would ever be able to pitch successfully nowadays. 


Before Jack Dee took over the chairmanship, who was the long term host?

Humphrey Littleton (or should there only be one 't' in there ? )

What astonishes me about the show (apart from the straight faced Mornington Crescent running joke ) is how the utterly scurrilous chairman's remarks about the delightful Samantha ever got by the powers that be ...

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Ding to MartyBartfast,

special mention to searcherdog for not knowing, but in exactly the right way .


Oh, and I just got a letter from a  Mrs. Trellis of North Wales ... she wonders if it is true that German shoppers are stocking up on sausage and cheese to be prepared for the Würst Käse scenario ?

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As an antipodean the question was out of my knowledge range except that I had seen the air crash one on a tv docco. I could remember it involved an English team and occurred in Germany late 50s or early 60s.

One thing that stuck in my mind about that disaster is that after investigation, it was found that the passengers who survived were in rear facing seats. I think I also heard somewhere that US navy aircraft now have seats facing rearwards in case of such an event happening. As I have done a lot of flying I often wonder if it would be a good thing to have passenger seats facing the rear, it seems to make sense, after all, baby capsules in cars (here) are required to be rear facing.

Sorry about my mind rambling if its OT.

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Thank you for the ding, took us long enough to think of an answer and didn't even think of Hillsborough?


Hope this next question doesn't exclude the non British participants - which long running British TV programme's theme tune is "At the castle gate" by Jean Sibelius?


The piece of music in question 


Edited by me N u
You tube link added.
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