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  1. Solution for Opera perhaps. It worked for me anyway. To access Opera cookies..... From the keyboard Alt+P Advanced Privacy & settings Site settings Cookies & site data See all cookies & site data Then look for geocaching.com and recaptcha cookies then www.geocaching.com and www.recaptcha.com further down the list. Delete all 4 sets of cookies. Restart geocaching.com and accept all cookies including advertising. I tried without but no success. I haven't checked everything but the checker is back and also some of the new dashboard. Hope this helps somebody.
  2. My original post said Opera on Windows 8 and Chrome and Firefox as I managed to borrow another computer with Windows 10. I think I tried Win8 & Opera then Firefox, Win 10 with Opera, Firefox and Chrome. I won't fiddle with the borrowed computer but did the usual refresh / F5 / shut down / restart on the Win8. Then I cleared enough space to load Chrome onto the Win8 computer and that worked although still not with Opera or Firefox. and not Win10 & Chrome. Both computers are up to date as far as I can tell. I also tried my friend's non-premium caching name to see if it was just me but got the same results. I thought of refusing then accepting all cookies which has worked for some people in the past but I didn't have the cookie options. This looked similar to the other cookie based problems which people are reporting recently. Therefore I can wait for the result of those problems to be sorted and I think the captcha will be sorted too. Thanks for the thoughts.
  3. My thanks to all who replied. Yes, I had done ctrl & F5 and also repeated it several times. I thought I was in luck this morning as the checker was back but it lasted for one check only before disappearing again. I went in search of cookies within my account - settings - cookies and found the page blank. No heading, no cookie information, no options. I have been reading the thread about broken profiles and there seems to be some similarity. I have managed to get Chrome onto this aged laptop and that seems to show the checker OK. I will now wait and see progress on the broken profile thread. Thanks for the help.
  4. It's the green and grey coloured solution checker at the bottom of a puzzle cache page. Everything was OK at breakfast when I was solving some puzzle caches. Then, suddenly, the tick box to show I am not a robot vanished and the error message is Recaptcha validation failed. I have waited, refreshed the page, logged out and back in again, all repeated several times but no luck - and it's been around 10 hours now. I'm on limited wifi but have tried to google for an answer without success. I'm running Opera on Windows 8 and have tried Chrome and Firefox too. Is anybody else seeing this or is it only me? Any ideas please?
  5. Quickly explained here https://www.geocachingtoolbox.com/index.php?lang=en&page=w3w BUT not very good when trying to communicate the words over a phone. The difference between for example "receivable" and "receivables" could put you a long way from where you actually are. Using lat long or other co-ordinates method is generally much easier to communicate as it's a combination of 0, 1, 2, 3 etc rather than a dictionary of words. Useful for people who rely on a phone app. Now I'm off to hide....
  6. I am working on a mystery which has several people watching. I refreshed the cache and the number of watchers disappeared. So I can confirm that something has changed. I'm using Windows and Opera.
  7. Sluggish for me too. It started about an hour ago. Perhaps the hamsters have not had enough easter eggs?
  8. This one? GC8NEAT lets-improve-the-outdoors-locationless-cache
  9. I see the same logging screen as Max and 99 using my laptop. As for the Contact Us ... do you mean the banner at the bottom of each cache page which shows four headings and then clickable links underneath?
  10. Thank you. It's possibly time for a harder question. Mars Bars have been produced in many versions and sizes but when was the first Mars Bar made in Slough?
  11. So am I. I use a laptop and find the long, narrow view is very irritating. If this happens on tablets or other smaller screens it must really hamper reading.
  12. And onto music...... Which group with a palindromic name had a hit single that was also a palindrome? Name both.
  13. Eleanor Crosses. One erected at each of the places her body stopped at night on the journey from where she died back to London. Charing Cross is the best preserved and most of the others have disappeared.
  14. Yes! I prefer to use the map and the cache description to pick what I want to hunt.
  15. searcherdog


    Dankeschön hcy. Mit google translate .... Ich sehe auf der Cookie-Seite "Cookie declaration last updated on 07/10/2020 by Cookiebot:" (07/10/2020 = wenn die Listen fertig sind?) und meine Auswahl an Cookies wurde geändert. Durch Hinzufügen von "Statistik" kann ich Listen erhalten Danke Google translate ?
  16. I can confirm that my lists does not open in Opera on either old or new dashboards. It did open until recently. Is this time to ask if this is a BUG?
  17. If you have altered the co-ordinates, a search for caches with filters "not found" and "Updated coordinates only" will help. Google translate: Wenn Sie die Koordinaten geändert haben, hilft eine Suche nach Caches mit den Filtern "nicht gefunden" und "Nur aktualisierte Koordinaten". CORRECTED COORDINATES Show all Updated coordinates only Original coordinates only
  18. I find the new screens annoying. There is so much wasted space and poor layout that almost everything I want is not visible until I have scrolled several times. It seems that my definition of improvement is not shared by those who are creating the screens. I would be interested to know what the questionnaire is asking but it doesn't appear on my screen.
  19. > STOP SENDING ME A QUESTIONNAIRE EVERY TIME I USE MY PROFILE!!! I don't see a questionnaire although I have been in and out of both versions.
  20. Your stats show you attended GC8K0CD. Also see blog https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2019/06/log-your-will-attend-for-the-geocaching-20th-anniversary-celebration/
  21. > Bis zu dieser Anzeige komme ich auch, die Vorschau kann ich abrufen. Zumindest funktioniert die Vorschau!
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