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On 11/28/2020 at 10:46 AM, colleda said:



Who has, on more than one occasion,  been referred to as "nambawan pikinini bilong Misses Kwin"?

Time for a hint?

nambawan = number one = first

pikikinini = piccaninny = child

bilong = belonging to = of

Misses = missus

Kwin = queen


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8 hours ago, mellers said:

I want to say November... because I've been watching the latest series of the Crown and I think it may have come up. But this is only a tentative guess.

That was one month before me - same year. I was lucky not to have been named Charles or Phillip. I was the eldest child of my parents. Next was a my sister named Elizabeth, then another sister named Margaret. :o:o

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Aha! I also remember now where I heard the info lately,.. It was on the latest C4 Diana documentary (yes, I know, another one!) where they mentioned she agreed that her original interview with Martin Bashir should be aired on his birthday, so many years ago. 

Sticking with November and its etymology:

Who or what is the month of November named after?

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Timing is everything!


On that subject timing is essential for navigation, we use it on our GPS receivers to accuracy of feet.


In the past there were many shipwrecks due to the inability to calculate longitude. Who was the man who designed/invented the first seaworthy clock that could accurately keep time in the varying temperature and sea condition? Bonus points if you can tell me the value of the prize he won



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I recall seeing a docco about this some time ago but I'm hopeless at remembering names. Early versions of chronometers were to large, and sensitive,  to be practical. This makes me wonder if the prize required compactness and portability. I'll go check with uncle Google to refresh my memory.

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On 12/31/2020 at 2:53 PM, MartyBartfast said:

It was Harrison who produced the first Marine chronometer, not sure of his first name but James rings a bell.
I don't know what the prize was but it was a LOT of money.


A ding to you MartyBartFast


It was John Harrison, The prize was £20000, quite a lot of money today, let alone in the mid 1700s


This is memorialised by the Show of Hands tune, here played at Abbotsbury in Dorset


Over to you

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That was a stroke of luck for me spotting the question as I only logged onto to here today for the first time in ages.  Prompted by the renewal of my annual subs.  Even though caching has been a low priority in recent months I still wonder where else I could get so much fun for £24.99 a year!  I just paid a roofer £25 for 10 minutes work to replace a cracked tile.


I'll go think of a new question - back soon.

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Staying with "Fools . . . " theme, try this one for size:
If you saw are a keen fan, or if you saw the re-run recently of "We Love Only Fools & Horses" you might recall that David Jason was not first choice to play Delboy.  He was third but who was the second choice.  A clue is that whilst IMHO he was perfect elsewhere as Pamela's husband I just cannot imagine his interpretation of Delboy would have resulted in such a national treasure character.
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LOL!  Almost but not quite!  First choice was Enn Reitel . . . But I'll give you the DING for actually getting the right name in Jim Broadbent as it seems no-one else is even guessing.


I was not aware of Larry Lamb having a screen wife called Pamela - so maybe I confused you.  The Pamela I intended was mother of Bridget Jones.

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